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I believe the goal should be having the interface completely working via Keyboard as it was in 1.16.1. Below is the issues I faced:

In the Join Game menu below:

The arrow keys control the scroll instead of the selected game. Available workaround is simply type the game name you see in the search bar. But that is not efficient as simply moving with Arrow keys.

In the Create Game menu:

While I have the focus on the Game Name field, pressing tab will simply shift the focus somewhere unknown. I simply cannot change anything. Pressing another tab (2nd one after the first that sends the focus to nowhere) will allow me to change the game speed via Keyboard. 3rd tab shifts the focus back Game Name.

This prevents the user from accessing the Map, Game Type, and whether the game is Private or Public via Keyboard.

Hopefully this gets addressed in the next patch.

Have a nice day.
Also there are a few commands that are still not implemented in the chat commands such as /users(to display number of users currently on bnet), /who(to list who all is in a channel), etc.

You can view the list of commands here: http://classic.battle.net/info/commands.shtml

The command line style chat commands are iconic to bnet so hopefully you will address these issues Blizzard.

Thank you.
No, this game is flawless and axiomatic, who are you to disagree with the pros and koreans? Go play starcraft 2, that game exists so you are automatically wrong

The outcome is decided anyway, so you should be censored, day9 also isn't asking for these changes, so yeah...

This is sarcasm and parody if you couldn't tell
Good points, I also already wrote about that in two threads. Everything in the interface and the game lobby should be able to be navigated with the keyboard
Bump as this was posted on Saturday. Maybe Devs can take a look at it today.

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