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That Edmund Duke post-review is so quotable. I recognise that the CG of Brood War doesn't hold up well today for humans, but that doesn't mean completing changing their images. There's not even supposed to be uncanny valley for Protoss; they're aliens. The art team could have kept them on-model and I'm pretty sure no-one would complain about how the Protoss look off, even if they were coming from StarCraft 2 with no Brood War experience.

I'm pleasantly surprised that Valkyrie feels so different but it works well for her.
I think the portraits are not great, but it doesn't really detract from the gameplay. People will get used to them over time.
I don't like the new SCV, he is not the same guy at all.
my opinion kind a find the scv icon not so bad.
the vulture yeah and the tank needs some tweaking

I looked at the tank icon again and I now see what's missing

1) there was like a red light that was directly on the drivers face and its missing now, blizzard needs to add that back.

2) that moustache and beard needs to go. I think it'll look more classic if he was clean shaved.
How can you find Dugalle fine ?
It's just a shame. Dugall was perfectly original, a special nose, very tall and slim. It's directly an inspiration of french general, Charles De Gaulle. In the physic and his skill. A great mind in a special body.

With the remaster, it's the typical most commun american general. Like we can find one in Halo, Starship Troopers et all science fiction univers. He is completely different between the original and the remastered.
I like the remastered Infested Kerrigan portrait, though the braid took a different approach, she now looks greeny as in her BW original loading screen, and the unknowable random green/yellow background turned into ambient lights from side to side, which I find it acceptable. However, I think she wasn't supposed to look appealing as she looks now in the remastered, but rather an infested human: a humanly face with the rest of her body and head reformed by the Zerg. Also she looks... happier?

08/05/2017 06:27 AMPosted by Raziel
I can't stand the Vulture. From biker to neckbeard, it seems the Blizzard artist can't tell the difference.

Especially when he was supposed to have those rounded red, classy sunglasses !!

Siege Tank's face doesn't match the voice of the original.

07/31/2017 02:47 PMPosted by Orcsbreath
Aldaris is quite clearly not Aldaris

Aldaris now looks like the clown of the protoss, a joke compared to someone that gives the impression of being one with the conclave: a former judicator.

Zeratul has always been looking questionable, like if he were behind bars all the time (what's with the shadow bars?)

Protoss portraits aren't supposed to show off their braids.

Faces, naturally are meant to express caution or concentration in their environment, not aggresiveness. Who the hell, other than robots perhaps, stays angry all the time? Jesus.
Could we just start a community-sponsored redesign of the obviously out-of-universe / badly done art? OpenBW was doing an HD project, we could just pick the pieces that they did badly with SC:R and have them improve on those. Then those who value faithfulness to the original could just swap the image files and we'd be good to go, the hardcore fans pleased as well
i wish there where portraits from the main korean players. also why not gif portraits?
Would be great if they could at least swap the poorly remastered Aldaris portrait with the amazing fan-made one.
And maybe make human Kerrigan a little less angry.

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