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so i am able to progress through game but everytime i go back to reload a game it just goes back to an older save. what can i do to fix this or is this a bug isnt yet fixed?
The same is happening to me.
To elaborate a bit more, I can save a game with a new name and even overwrite that savegame gain, or maybe two times, but I can't overwrite it again after that and the game isn't save.
It is visible in the way that when the save is succesful, a quick window opens saying that the game has been saved, barely visible, but it appears. If the game is not saved it does nothing and goes back to the game.
The same happens when deleting a savegame. Sometimes they can't be deleted.
Please, fix this!.
Thank you.
I've been testing this a bit more and here are the results:
- I create a new savegame.
- This savegame can be overwritten ONCE.
- After that, this savegame can't be overwritten (or deleted) at all even if another savegame is created after it.
- If the game is restarted, the savegame can be overwritten exactly TWICE.

Same Problem here. Fix this !@#$, Blizz. :-|
so far what seems working for me is make a new save game every time. Annoying cause it gets cluttered with save games, but that work around does seem to work.
Same problem here.
Same problem
Same issue here.
Same issue here. Lost about an hour in the campaign before I realised the game wasn't saving. Very disappointing. Please fix it soon!
Same problem unfortunately.
Yeah, I saved in Terran 7, a day later loaded it and the save was from Terran 4. GG

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