Bug Report
If you check out it clearly states that REMASTERED features "Offline LAN and Campaign". The aforementioned section has a "Buy Now" link directly below it...

I bought Remastered solely to play Offline LAN and Campaign in HD but it appears that at launch this feature is missing/malfunctioning.

I login to app or login on Remastered home screen itself and HD works fine but once I quit the game I am forced to connect to the internet to login every time just to play in HD.

Is this a bug or an oversight? Is a "Play Offline" option/button hidden or being added at a later date?

It really is not feasible to have to connect to internet every time just to play in HD...especially when the game was able to be played offline for the last 20 years.
Same for me, offline no HD possible, maybe they meant u can play the campaign and lan when u are online. Wich is pretty !@#$ty
yeah... i have the same problem. i'd like a refund
I'm hoping they just didn't manage to deliver the full featured game on time ... I have to commute to another city once a month and I sit 6hrs on a train. I was like YESS! I can play Starcraft but, nope.
Also I don't wanna buy another game to play with my 11 yrs old. Whatever happened to Spawn installation.

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