Can't type @/ [ ] etc in Broodwar

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I can't login to original SC. I can't type many different things like [ ] or @..

Why is that? As you can see it obviously works here. When you upgraded the launcher to a more modern one with the blizzard app friendlist intergrated into BW it went ape for me.

Also if I change a setting in-game even as normal as the latency my graphics change to something that looks like MINECRAFT textures.
When I login I have to copypaste @ from the desktop to type in my freaking email.. So bloody annoying.
You mean AltGr key doesn't work?
Me too, really annoying. FIX PLOX
I also just use AltGr. Ctrl + Alt + 2 doesn't work for me
I use ctrl alt + 2 which does not work. All symbols on my keyboard are shift or alt + ctrl. I should not need to adapt to a new way of typing just because it's bugged in brood war. It needs to be fixed.

Not acceptable.

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