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02/10/2018 12:29 PMPosted by JFDeimos
and most of the people are sick to play with newbies with 200 apm and a perfect timming

How is having a perfect timming something about N00bs?.

Also i think that is a BIG misconception, the new Ladder System will probably keep how the old RANK works, this means, it will prioritize waiting time and lagless games, though it will have a build in feature to make game "balanced" as it always does...

But know this for anyone reading, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE LIKE SC2, where you only play people from your rank.

probably badges are going to be something similar as follows:

0 to 699 = Z
700 to 1099 = E
1100 to 1299 = F
1300 to 1500 = D / NEW (New is for new players)
1501 to 1799 = C
1800 to 2099 = B
2100 to 2399 = A
2400 to 2699 = S
2700 to 2999 = SS
3000 to 3100 = Pro
3100 to 3299 = GOSU
3300+ = NUMBERS.

but that is just my guess.

Sometime important to consider is the fact that ICCUP and FISH ladder where way to hard and hard to climb, it would be nice to see people that are not good to have AT LEAST a range of 3 letters to move and differentiate. Based on this maybe the first numbers should be more like this:

0 to 1099 = Z
1100 to 1200 = E
1200 to 1300 = F
1300 to 1450 = D / NEW (New is for new players)
1450 to 1550 = C
Any info on when 2v2 ladder will be finally up?

U guys really don't feel a little ashamed that for so much time there is no such simple thing as 2v2 matchmaking? X_x

Many, many people stopped playing this game because it was unprepared to go live and after such a long time we stil didn't get simple things done ;/

I appreciate ur work on 1v1 ladder but that's honestly non enugh. U can't even keep promises from pre-launch advertisements.
i don't care
08/16/2017 06:07 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell

Once we have things more stable we'll look into the matchmakers logic for how it starts expanding distance from who you are playing against.

Thanks for the report.


No fair! Why do you get the awesome archon gif portrait? :'(
Pumped for dat 2v2 sons.
Still waiting for 2v2!
Make 2x2 ladder faster please, we all waiting this type of ladder to many time already

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