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I think that Zerg buildings look disconnected from the creep i think they lack wetness and a bit too bright and it makes them look dry.

IMO blizzard should add more Zerg goo/saliva and some reflection on the creep and buildings to make the zerg buildings look like they can't exist without creep underneath them.

Zerg looks like fake skin compared to the more organic looking original.
Really, the buildings just need better shading. That's what's making them look disconnected. The edges of the creep looks off, too, imo. It looks too flat; creep is supposed to be several feet thick (look at the splash screen for the last Zerg mission in Brood War).
make them m o i s t
08/04/2017 05:51 PMPosted by Syf
make them m o i s t

I don't know why, but I laughed uncontrollably when I read this
08/04/2017 04:25 AMPosted by SneakyCat
Zerg looks like fake skin compared to the more organic looking original.

you and and all the other 10+ threads about this.
To sum that up:
Make zerg Wet. Including Kerrigan PogChamp
T H I C C creep
I don't know I really like the grungey 90s look of it all, over textured and hard colors giving each Race a different look and being super gross, while it may look more polished if they made Zergs units and buildings blend together there's something about that 90s look that is just charming. So many games were gross back then and today everything's too pretty.
idc if they are wet or dry, it's still the zerg.

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