Starcraft Remastered In-Coming!

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What do you think of it? Have you pre-purchased it?
Getting cheesed is just as frustrating as getting cheesed in sc2.
incoming is not hyphened.
KTF is coming sooner!
There's not really much from my time watching people play matches on YouTube to say other than it's a shinier version of Brood War. So I'll stand by my original statement of Brood War and say it's great. Lines are blurred between who's good and evil between the Terrans and Protoss, and the Zerg are a badass kind of evil. Makes me involved in the story, and I feel like I'm leading an army because I am the main character. Everyone needs me to do stuff for them, and I'm the one leading the race to victory. Even the "main characters" are just people I can control. It's awesome.

I have no gripes with any mechanics. They are fine in Brood War, and they were just "improved" for accessibility in StarCraft 2. I'm still disappointed by CCMU, but such is life. Maybe it'll be patched later. Waiting sucks, but that's just how it is.
I've put my preorder down and I've recruited some friends to join me making our way through some custom games. I'll be making my way through he campaigns and then proceed to get run over on the ladder.
I've talked a lot of smack about the game with critical issues like turn rate, but honestly if the graphics and network stay the same (pls dedicated servers) as they are now for the Remastered closed beta, I'll be super happy.

My only concern with changes are the race HUDs. I've seen like five different versions of the Terran and Protoss HUDs.

I did pre-order, and I have no reason to even consider a refund. It's fifteen bucks, that's nothing. I played StarCraft for years on pirated systems, they deserve my money no matter what.

Overall, I'm pretty excited!
I got it preordered. Now that I got 1.19 working on WINE again, I'm hoping SCR doesn't break it again.

If not, then I still have a windows VM to fall back on.
No regrets on this purchase,I still like playing starcraft to this day,beats every other RTS. I just wish some of those portraits came out differently than they did.

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