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Basicly, in some RTS games, there is a unit that isn't extremely powerful or underpowered, but straight up annoying to deal with.
So I dicided to see which one is the most annoying in BW(Can't believe!Who could knew I would do such thing in this thread?!)
And my choice falls onto...
Its extremely annoying
Sure, it can't kill your 200 limit mech army or 20 reavers alone, but compared to SC2, ling is beast.
If you don't take care of it, it can kill most of production buildings under a minute alone and imagine 16 of those beating the crap out of your production(if they manage to get there).
They also tend to penetrate walls and massacre SCVs with huge success.

Which unit annoys YOU the most?
Most annoying would go to... CORSAIRS!! Seriously hate those things, it kills all my overlords, and flies away from my scourges using the triangle technique. I mean, sure, I could micro manage with the move command, but come on, these things are the bane of overlords.
Zealots as they A-move and never die xD

Also DT as they no-brain always cloacked win games by themselves.
Muta. Never forget the muta.
high temp
Siege tank sniping my !@# from the moon
Probably the siege tank :D, hits at a range before anything else can hit it, especially with increased vision.
to me it's gotta be vulture...very annoying when they sneak into your home and kill your workers..
Siege tank....
08/12/2017 03:38 PMPosted by FolX
Siege tank sniping my !@# from the moon

Dat phrasing made it gold, mate XD
Gotta be the Ghost. It can lock down your units and keep them from doing anything. So annoying.
To me it's defilers... Their Dark Swarm makes it difficult to defeat the Zerg army (especially if you are horrible at microing) and their plague always makes my units shield go down :(
definitely defiler lol
Vultures. Something about the way they look makes them even more obnoxious when you're losing to them
most annoyin unit for me goes to the vulture, why the !@#$ is this thing allowed to be so cost efficient??

2 shots workers, fast attack speed, can basically move while shootin, and it is VERY VERY mobile, even as a fightin unit it is nice, very cheap, easy to mass, plants mines to take map control and force constant detection widow mines only DREAM of, all that for the measly cost of 75 minerals, !@#$ this unit
welcome to starcraft Original use balenings
Strange that I got downvoted, I just said ling is annoying for me and asked what annoys other people :P

How about your units don't fight back and just block the rest of your units, ok?

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