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Way back in 1999, former astronaut Daniel Barry took a copy of StarCraft 1 with him as he flew into space. The copy is now framed and is held at Blizzard's headquarters in Anahiem, California.

Blizzard recently did an interview with him, which you can watch here:

I seriously recommend sitting through the entire thing. It's filled with great life advice, wisedom, and tons of awesome insights about StarCraft. this guy the first Terran or is he a member of the UED?
back when video games were good
09/07/2017 06:53 PMPosted by WarLorD
back when video games were good

Zelda: Link to the past, Metroid, Final Fantasy 7, Breath of fire, Suikoden, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Descent (the maze shooter), X:Com Terror From the Deep...

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