Game found! Not.

Bug Report
This is the most frequent problem I encounter. I que for matchmaking, it does its thing and finds a match. Timer counts down from 5, when it hits zero the entire game lags out super hard for about 30 seconds, can't move mouse. No message or anything. Just starts searching for a new game after about 30 seconds of lag. Sometimes it happens multiple times in a row.
I even made a video showing exactly what happens. It took me two tries to make. That's how often it happens.
Ok so this is happening more frequently than ever. The same thing is happening to me, and watching dracos stream today it happened probably at least 20-30 times to him in a 4 hour session. Vod here if you want to see for yourself:

If you require additional information from me i would be more than happy to provide it.
Yup happening to me too super annoying.

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