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cant message someone because of this? they can message me, i cant message them. its not typing their username wrong either. wtf is this?
This has been happening to me VERY frequently. Today, was trying to help someone with the whisper command; it kept telling them "invalid user" when trying to whisper me. I was able to whisper him just fine however. He relogged, and was then able to whisper me....only now I was getting the invalid user error trying to whisper him.

Bottom line: You can hardly call it "remastered" when the basic functions that used to work, don't anymore. Please stop ignoring the NEEDED changes to the game(12+ unit select,unit pathing, latency-free games). I don't care how shiny your new sprite is if I can't even talk to someone in-game; or the games are too laggy to even enjoy.

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