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Please Don't intercept it.
They just want SCR dead, and wish this would pull up some other Blizzard games.
What a good logic.
AfreecaTV and Blizzard obviously can't share what the problem is for the usual legal reasons but these issues have been going on for months. Licensing and creative control are the most likely issues considering where Blizzard stood with their much more transparent feud with KESPA years ago. Both companies need the money and product exposure that the ASL provides and no one knows how much time Flash has left in his career. So they're going to have to come to some sort of agreement and hopefully it won't just be short term. They've been able to cooperate on the GSL without any signs of struggle.

And no, this isn't about Blizzard sabotaging their own product so they can promote other games. SC2 isn't about to steal away any SCR viewers or vice versa and AfreecaTV makes sure the ASL and GSL schedules don't conflict and has even combined big events for the two leagues. And Overwatch is a completely different genre. Blizzard wants as many South Korean gamers playing and watching SCR as possible but they're pushing way too aggressively considering they originally had no involvement at all in getting the Brood War scene going there.

And Blizzard, while we're on the subject, we need more than just the ASL. Please try to work with Jin Air to keep the SSL Classic going. And put some serious effort into supporting the professional scene outside of Korea. Any progress you make can also assist WC3 in growing again. I miss the days of Brood War and The Frozen Throne being featured in double elimination tournaments at BlizzCon and the World Wide Invitational.
It's clear Blizz wants more $ and charges them, Afreeca doesn't wanna give 100k $
+++ each tournament (which is even bigger than entire prize pool itself lol).

Blizz folks must be out of their minds when they first asked that amount of money for 20 year old game. This isn't LoL, DotA, CS or Overwatch. You don't do jack s h % t , don't organize anything and don't let others to organize. What a greedy bastards! Hope you will be punished when your other games start dying and you get bankrupt.
And of course no answer from Blizzard. It must be very frustrating even for the Moderators who are not allowed to answer on this topic because Blizzard would have to agree they are just greedy and don't care about this game.
Dont expect an answer from the pathetic cowards in blizzard "entertainment"
Blizzard, what the heck is going through your minds right now? Are you trying to see how much you can squeeze out of us?

Don’t forget your words saying you made RM for the community.
Where is your response, Blizzard? I paid 15 bucks for a still unfinished product. You want to kill the scene so you can control it with !@#$ty tournaments organized by yourself afterwards? Nah, doesn't sound like Activi$ion Blizzard at all.
Are you guys serious? Anyone expected a response to this? You guys know that the classic team couldn't have any less to do with the stuff in question right?

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