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It's been a while, and with all of us playing SC1 fairly consistently, I wanted to see how people feel about the art now that we've had a lot of exposure to it.

Personally, I really like a lot of the remaster, but I would still want a lot of the portraits to be updated and some of the models to more closely resemble Starcraft 1. I think it would really give the game it's own charm and that would revitalize it.
I don't understand what happened with the Aldaris portrait. Looks nothing like him.
I think whomever did the Aldaris portrait followed the style of SC2 Protoss and so Aldaris' SC1-centric face didn't cut it. I strongly feel that it would be better to have the portrait changed.
Zerg still looks like trash, aside from drones.
What about the Zerg don't you like specifically? I feel like they really lost their slimy, alien look with the remaster.
Having played through the campaign, I’d say the new art is alright, but not good enough to live up to the hype. I don’t see it taking enough inspiration from existing work, whether Starcraft 1 or 2. My main criticisms would be how angry and dimly lit all the Terrans are and how little difference there is in the shapes of the Protoss faces.

Kerrigan is the main character I felt was an improvement in both her forms. Her hair is defined a lot better in her Ghost portrait and her Infested portrait is a lot closer to the way she looked on the box art and in the cinematics.

I also liked the way the interlude art flowed even if the quality wasn’t what I expected.(They also got Artanis and Fenix mixed up in one of them.)

I’m pretty sure the art team has moved on to Diablo II and Warcraft III and that the people still working on Remastered are more focused on the multiplayer now. I don’t think it’s likely but I would be in favor of some touching up, especially with the interludes. And it’s not an art issue, but there are some noticeable typos in the subtitles.

I don’t regret my $15 investment, but I’m in agreement that the work on the campaign is lower quality than I expected.
i would like to have other backgrounds for Btnet, why is terran by default? shouldnt be there a zerg and protoss Btnet GUI?.

Also in my humble opinion also would be nice if they release a new button like EXTRA when you finish the campaign with 3d models, art, behind the scenes, Metzen sketch works etc...
The Art is good , but the artists did follow some of the SC2 Art Styles that basically ruined the idea of some units.

Terran : Super cool!
Zerg : the Zergling looks nothing like the one from the original game.
Toss : The good thing about them in the original Brood War was that they looked badass and actually like a ''Alien Race''.
Every unit looked like ''another person'' , same as the Terrans (every face was different) ... but in Remastered they followed the bad Art Style from SC2 and made ~90% of the Toss Units - a ''Clone'' that we see from a different angle.
Of course ... they even butchered some of the original units overall concept - like Aldaris , The Zealot , Scout , Corsair , Tassadar etc ...

The Toss art in SC2 just makes me sick.
Apart from a few elements like the huge yellow pipe on the Terran 16:9 console or some units like the Zerglings silly hands overall Blizzard really did a great job with the art style on SC:R.

Special mention to the maps I think they are the perfect upgrade from the original.

My biggest gripe is the real time lightning, I genuinely think it makes most of the game look worse.
There was a lot of confusion regarding their plans for the campaigns. Not much information and what they did provide was easy to misinterpret. I was really relieved that they didn't try to "fix" anything. A lot of us had questions about whether they'd re-record all the dialogue, change the cinematics, have splash screens pop up in the middle of conversations during missions, or show Artanis hanging out in the background in full executor armor during the original Protoss campaign.

I would have liked the campaigns to get a lot more attention. But for the most part I'm just happy that they didn't mess with it in any "Greedo shot first"-type scenarios.
If you ask me, I've just cannot get used to remastered portrait of Jim Raynor - imho the new style doesn't fit the main character and recorded voice-over at all ;P
I actually enjoy most new art. Except for the Archon. It looks like trash :(

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