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01/18/2018 02:53 PMPosted by Columbo
we need openBW as soon as possible and never look back

I don't know if that will be the ultimate answer. But when you have a company placing obstacles around what everyone else wants, everyone else eventually finds a way to route around that company. openBW is one possibility.
Nothing strange from Blizz, RM and its bad released product was a nail in the coffin for BW, the game never went down before in gametrics from 3%, now if it is at 2% is a very good day, stop being greedy guys.
I love broodwar. No other game over measured up to it in my mind.

Even when I stopped watching and following the scene in 2010 to focus on school, ASL got me back into it. ASL is like a dream I didn't dare dream about.

I want to see the ASL continue and the community to grow.
After what happened with D3 and Kespa I swore to never buy a game from Blizzard again until they actually go back to their roots. Didn't happen yet. Quite the opposite actually.

What's wrong Blizzard? For how long are you going to !@#$ on your base. Atm. it might work because the gaming community at large is a bunch of sheep but times will change. Charging high fees for free advertisement in form of a tournament is ridiculous and blocking tournaments goes a step further. It's a farce. If you can't leave BW alone then at least allow us as the community to enjoy a highly competitive game that has been thriving on community efforts for almost 2 decades now. Don't block ASL5!
Try to think that through logically, if Blizzard is charging 100k for licensing Remastered events, do you seriously think they'll just allow tournaments for the free standard version that they gain absolutely nothing from? They were already blocking standard Brood War events months before Remastered even released.

Let tournaments happen = game still continues = positive exposure for company to fans and players

Block tournaments and servers with insane fees = kill game completely and leave a bad vibe towards everyone involved

So which do you think benefits Blizz more?

I'm hazarding a guess that Blizzard wants to hand-hold Afreeca regarding any money that ASL actually makes and be "partners" or something similar, probably while also making Afreeca foot the prize bill and so on, all to maintain control of IP. Perfectly legal and practical business sense in normal cases, but really.. this is not a normal case. Afreeca can't possibly recoup costs here.

It's a shame, because at least they're trying to give us remaining fans something to love.

Blizzard! Stop being frownie faces! :(
I have lost my faith in Blizzard too... Completely!
An industry out of no where appeared
Many koreans with micro so feared
But time passed
And then that's
When our revered ESPORT disappeared
I love watching broodwar and ASL has been so much fun for the past seasons. Very disappointed in Blizzard for previously not allowing the 2nd AfreecaTV Team battle to happen and delaying ASL5. With no communication as well... I just hope our favorite players can keep competing.
Why is that? Why ask so much from a 20 years game? You should earn enough from it already, focus on your new games, leave our old hard BW fans alone. we need ASL start ASAP.
Posting to Support Afreeca.

Getting sick and tired of Blizzard ruining the only real game we have left.

When I found out ASL is hosting a broodwar tournament it was a dream come true now Blizzard is taking that away from us. I refuse to watch that snoozefest that is called SC2.

Blizzard just let us have our SC and go continue destroying your franchises with every release.
*puts hands on hips* Classic Blizzard! Remember when that name actually meant something positive?
01/18/2018 10:32 PMPosted by Szo
*puts hands on hips* Classic Blizzard! Remember when that name actually meant something positive?

Yup. Remember when blizzard would announce a game and your ears perked up?

Now it's just bad vibes.

What happened to this company?
Hello ,
I am writing this email in a furious state of mind and if I come across as toxic I would like to apologize in advance.

I have been dreaming my whole adult life to go and see a Brood War tournament final in Korea.

It was something always out of reach because of financial reasons.

And then it was out of reach because Brood war died and I had to accept that .

But now it's alive again and I overcame the financial obstacles .

It's a 14 hours or more flight but me and two of my best friends might be able to make it.

And all I really need right now is to plan and overcome practical difficulties (family, work ) and ASL 5 is

not happening and I have a feeling it's because of Blizzard .

Why are you doing this ? What is happening ?

The first money I was able to save after I got a job was for SC1.

But by then SC2 was just out so I bought that one first.

I bought Brood war too , and SC remastered and war chest because of the support for the scene and nothing else.

I bought them for my friends too even thought they have even less time to play than I do.

I know I'm a single guy sending one email to a robot email address but trust me on this :

if you sacrifice fans for corporate greed I know I have only one thing to do : decide how I spend my money .

And I will do that . And I am not a developing teenager that can be brought back with a cookie .

If you sacrifice the people that made you what you are today, if you are holding back the people that want to keep
showing love for the game that you created , not just me but my children and my friends children as much as
I can help that will not buy a single Blizzard title in their entire life .

I can not control what you do, I can only control what I do and I can live without your games if you guys force me to.

You took Kespa out and I don't think the scene is better for it, now you have the opportunity you always wanted , and
so far it's not looking like you really know what you're doing. It doesn't look like you are prepared .

Please don't ruin this for the people that love your game so much ! They will still love the game but they can hate the company !

You made fun of EA . What's the point if you become them ?

I'm used to being dissapointed by corporate greed, especially from America but this is the best I can do ,

This hurts me deeply and it's my fault because I am old enough to know that things(person) that you love the most are the things(person) that can hurt you the most.
Your pathetic blizzard, no respect for the community, no heart. Hiding from what youve done! Wheres the community response???
I am again very disappointed in this company which was my favorite game developer when I was a kid.
You used to be the best around. You used to have soul, you used to show that you cared about what was being brought forward. You used to care about the games you made.

Now you've become Activision.
Nobody likes Activision.
Nobody likes you anymore.
It's a damned shame that the only thing I can tell people about this once-amazing company is "they make pretty cutscenes"
posting to support Afreeca, ASL, and most importantly, a healthy Brood War ecosystem.

seeing as though --> "remastered was a huge blow to Korean scene tbh. May be on back to recovery now but it did more damage than harm as early bugs and problem drove viewers and streamers away from bw as it was nigh impossible for some streamers to do group clan wars that attracted lot of viewers for lesser streamers. The group clan wars created ecosystem where big streamers were able to spread viewers and donation around to lesser streamers and encouraged organic growth. But with that not being available for few months due to bad lag, a lot of smaller streamers suffered, and took this opportunity to "branch out"."

Blizzard has to right its wrongs!
Posting for support of ASL5.

Please Blizzard give us some real love, not fake one for sake of social media appearance.
Posting for support of ASL5.
also posting to show support of ASL5

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