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Come on, people of blizzard. Let ASL 5 continue. Get your money elsewhere.
Dear Blizzard,

what was your point in remastering the game, if you start killing off the newly- pro scene that had thrived already before?

You sold remastering SC:BW as service to your fans. However your behavior on this topic tells me otherwise.
The things you do matter more than the things you say!

Therefore I am not buying it, i just cannot: Why can't be Blizzard honest about their endeavor of making money even at the cost of the community? At least I could call them an honest company then.

Please somebody who speaks Korean, post on the Korean forums and get them to post here in this thread. Show them how many foreign fans of the game care about this.
I would really like to see another ASL again!

Come on blizz!
Blizzard please make an official statement about this
posting to support ASL. ASL needs to start right now. Afreeca TV has announced that they are 100% ready to start ASL5 rightaway, but needs permission from Blizzard.
I've been waiting for ASL 5. I went to the finals LIVE with a friend and someone from TL. I would love to go again, but when is ASL 5 happening? Why would Blizzard piss off the fans like this?
Dear Blizzard,

I didn't grow up with your games. I played like an hour of Diablo and didn't like it. Same goes for WC3. I fell in love with WoL in 2011 and after you guys kept changing that I discovered Brood War and fell in love with that. It's such a beautiful game and haven't you guys done enough already?
When BW was struggling due to the matchfixing scandal you guys couldn't support it no. You went ahead and sued OGN/MBC/Kespa. And for what? For not supporting the eSports scene for a decade? You can't just march in and expect everyone to pay you. Hell they had been advertising your game for free. Countless young men had sacrificed their 20s as well as their future to become the best at your game. And all you guys could think about was cash...
And even worse you forced them to play another game. To stray away from the game that had made them throw away their futures for a shot at becoming the best.
But Brood War refused to die. So slowly and steadily everyone came back. All you did was destroy the kespa team infrastructure that was created over a decade. Now there is only 1 kespa team left. Good job Blizzard.
And still it wasn't enough. BW was coming back by itself. And just once it seemed like you actually cared. Like you wanted to support it. And so you released remastered. And yet, it took you guys months to patch it into what should have been the launch version. You accepted fish as an official gateway only to kill it off.
And worst of all: You refused to let Afreeca run 2 ATB team leagues. A tournament that only advertises your game? Why? And as if it wasn't enough we learned that you demanded 88k for someone to run a tournament. So much only so that they can advertise your game? What kind of sick twisted love letter to the community is that? And sure enough you took a new OSL from us and SSL hasn't done any BW content either. But we still had ASL. The tournament that took over after Sonic had kept BW alive. The tournament created by pationate people who refused to let BW die. It doesn't even make money for Afreeca. Yet their CEO is glad to do BW. He loves it so much. Yellow who founded Kongdoo, who have been involved in every ASL, loves it so much.
And now we learn that you are the only reason ASL 5 hasn't started yet. I don't understand why? Doesn't Overwatch make enough money to feed your greed? Doesn't hearthstone do it as well? What about heroes? Aren't you still milking the few remaining wow subs? I'd honestly much rather have no Starcraft Remastered and sit here with countless 3rd party apps to run it on my modern pc and use the traditional system to host games and have ASL + ATB. You know blizzard, Brood War was so big before you came and then you tried to kill it. And just when it got back on it's feed you had to slap it down again. Why do you hate Brood War so much?
01/18/2018 12:15 PMPosted by CognacLover
2010 -> Killed KeSPA scene by forcing everyone to switch GarbageCraft 2.
2010-2017 -> Gave zero F about SCBW for a decade.
2017 -> Released half !@# beta BugCraft Remastered.
2017 -> Killed Fish, let iCCup die, shutted down remaining 1.16.1 servers.
2017 -> Denied tournaments saying you want them to happen when SC:R hits live.
2017 -> Allowed barely ASL S5 by charging 100k$ fee for 20 year old game.
2018 -> Denying tournaments again.

What's next?

blizz plzz
get a grip

we want to watch ASL. let us do so
On July 9, 2008, Activision merged with Vivendi Games, culminating in the inclusion of the Blizzard brand name in the title of the resulting holding company. On July 25, 2013, Activision Blizzard announced the purchase of 429 million shares from majority owner Vivendi.

Patch 1.16.1[edit]
Release: 2009-01-21

Feature Changes[edit]
In-game Speed Options menu now has a "Enable CPU Throttling" checkbox. Enabling this option will allow StarCraft to consume fewer CPU cycles. By default this option is off.
Bug Fixes[edit]
Fixed an issue with the reply feature where any character followed by a "r" was being treated as a reply.
Removed an unnecessary delay when processing palette cycling updates.
Lessened the imposed delay in the CPU Throttling feature.[1]
Patch 1.16[edit]
Release: 2008-11-25
i remember 1.16.1 especially because it caused problems for alot of iccup players when they accidentally patched their game.
Not that anyone is particularly doing it, but let's not blame the devs for Blizzard being !@#$ty. The devs probably want an ASL 5 as much as we do, or at the very least are ambivalent to the idea.

Now I know Blizzard views BW as dying and wants to carve out as much money as it can via licensing fees. But my view is that SC:R was more than an economic move, but also a way to regain their somewhat tarnished image to show that they haven't lost their roots. Starcraft holds such an important place in the history of esports, and the active disruption of tournaments provides only short-term monetary gain.

A middle finger like this is enough for people who played the game for twenty years to wash their hands of Blizzard for life. Besides, Blizzard will forever be known as that company that revives an old game and subsequently cannibalizes it for profit. I don't even want a Diablo 2 remaster if this is how you treat fans and the developers that worked on the remaster.

I doubt Starcraft will ever grow anywhere near the size that it once enjoyed, but it has a large and passionate fanbase (just look at how packed ASL tournaments are). For a game over twenty years old, a Korean middle/high school tournament hosted by Odeinc had 1200 applicants. These kids weren't even born when the game was made. Larva's foot stunt (I personally think it was disrespectful, but whatever), has over a million views on Twitch alone. Remember the time Flash vs. Jaedong was trending on Twitter?

The point is, there is a lot more interest in Starcraft than meets the eye. In the right environments I think Starcraft could rapidly rise in popularity. ASL is the largest tournament we have at the moment, and putting a DLC tag on it worth a hundred thousand dollars seems extremely shortsighted, and just a general *%*!@%%# move.

%^-* you.
How can they make SC:R and then try to kill the competitive scene? Blizzard please, we want ASL 5!!!
If you can't realize that the community is what made YOU, then you will be a lost case in a few years, Blizzard.

Support Afreeca in ADVERTISING you, and enjoy the fame and hype. Support small tournaments, remove the god damn fees and instead use the tournaments to play some advertisement clips or whatever. Stop being in the way of the most passionate community around. You can still have your cash cows WoW and Hearthstone aside, but don't let your best ever competitive game die like that.

I can't wrap my head around this from a marketing perspective. It's just a disaster.
pls blizzard make ASL5 happen.
I doubt Blizzard even cares what we're typing here
Please allow ASL. SC:R coming out needs to revive the greatest game ever, not be a nail in its coffin.
I like Grant Davies. He can have my babies.

But yeah, I really want to see ASL 5 and this is nothing less than disappointing.
2010 -> Killed KeSPA scene by forcing everyone to switch GarbageCraft 2.
2010-2017 -> Gave zero F about SCBW for a decade.
2017 -> Released half !@# beta BugCraft Remastered.
2017 -> Killed Fish, let iCCup die, shutted down remaining 1.16.1 servers.
2017 -> Denied tournaments saying you want them to happen when SC:R hits live.
2017 -> Allowed barely ASL S5 by charging 100k$ fee for 20 year old game.
2018 -> Denying tournaments again.

What's next?

Hmmm, why weren't you downvoted 20 times for pointing out obvious flaws?
I don't even know what to say. From absolute legend, making only quality games to absolute disgrace, dishing out cashgrab after cashgrab, starting from WoW, when you found a way to print money. I will spread as much negativity about you as I can and I will never invest a dime into one of your products again. Disgusting.
Let us watch the beutiful game!

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