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Afreeca should make a gofundme and we can buy the license 4 them to host ASL5. I'll donate 10bux.
Posting for support of ASL5 ATB3 and all of the other event organizers who wont host a tournament because of whatever is going on behind the scenes.
please i am a sc fan and i want to watch good games
Bombard the Starcraft Facebook page and Twitter. Wage a social media war.
Why doesn't Blizzard just work with Afreeca better to host tournaments? Why not at least cut the licensing fee in half? If blizzard truly cared for Brood War and it's fans they would listen to us that a lot of us love Afreeca and the ASL's seeing as they are the biggest tournaments in the world right now of the best South Korean players. Afreeca if blizzard doesn't come to any reasonable deals just please don't surrender the ASL!!! First it was the OGN starleagues in 2012 with Blizzard saying BW needed to be let go and everyone move on to SC2. They killed bw's official biggest tournament/starleagues in the world to promote the sequel. Us fans still love bw and want to see the worlds best players compete because it's very entertaining to us. We love the ASL, Blizzard don't ruin possibly our last hope of professional bw starleagues. You already did this in the past please don't make the same mistake again to us fans who do truly love bw and enjoy watching the best pros battle it out!
We demand answers blizzard!
Blizzard, Korean pro starcraft IS broodwar for me and many other fans. Please don't rob us of it again.
Their love letter will become an obituary if they don’t find a way to come to terms with AfreecaTV. Professional Brood War is a massive part of the culture. If they don’t strike a deal with AfreecaTV, there will be no one left to strike a deal with.
01/19/2018 10:51 AMPosted by StaringGoat
Blizzard, Korean pro starcraft IS broodwar for me and many other fans. Please don't rob us of it again.
Posting in support of Afreeca starleague, teamleague, and any other tournaments. Blizzard, please.
Blizzard appears to be run by a mindless robot at this point that bases its decisions off of nothing more than numbers.
Dear Blizzard,

please let the ASL 5 happen. I´ve been watching Broodwar since 2002 on or whatever VOD i could get hold off. Its been a part of my life and i have good memories from these times. It came to me as a shock when the scene collapsed after the matchfixing scandals and sc2 on the horizon.
So of course i was overjoyous when Sonic Star League came around then ASL.
History showed that BW scene is hard to kill. Yet what most of players and watchers feel is that your not giving this game the full support it deserves. Not only that but now you would hinder another season of professional BW only so you can get some quick cash that doesnt even matter in the end.
The community does all the work, you sit back and relax , so please just do that sit back and relax.
What does @Blizzard have to say about this? What is the plan? Why can’t we have tournaments in the game we payed for?
Is it maybe that Twitch is pressuring Blizzard to make it hard for AfreecaTV to work??????? :/ Conspirscy detected.
Posting to Support ASL F@*% BLI$$ARD
Dear Blizzard
Please support ASL5, and other SCR tournaments as well. SCR needs tournaments to help grow the scene, and ASL has been the most hype. This is pretty self explanatory, I dont why there is a problem but I hope my voice can help to alleviate it. Please work with Afreeca and others to create more tournaments Blizzard
Thank You
We want ASL5 and ATB. What is the problem with it? There has to be an explanation. Anyone from inside that can give like an extra-official reason to confirm?
I want to see ASL season 5 so badly.

Blizzard please. . .
ASL Season 5 would be great. If Blizzard can do anything to make that happen, then please do.
01/19/2018 09:18 AMPosted by Szo
Afreeca should make a gofundme and we can buy the license 4 them to host ASL5. I'll donate 10bux.

When you consider that the money is going right into Blizzard's pocket, a lot of people wont want to donate.

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