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I'd love to see another ASL, or really any large-scale Korean tournament for BroodWar. If Blizzard isn't going to help with prize money, sponsorship, productions costs, etc., it should step aside and let the Koreans handle it. Adding a fee for holding these tournaments does nothing to promote their brand. All it does is harm their reputation, deny potential free advertising, and really disappoint a lot of loyal fans to not only their brand, but to the e-sport that started it all.

In short, we want more professional Korean Broodwar tourneys. Either help or get out of the way.
Blizzard, Help Or Step Aside.
Apparently you can't hyperlink to outside sites here? Weird....or paranoid? So I guess you gotta copy and paste.

help or step aside yo
ASL5!!!! and more to come!!!
To whom it may concern at Blizzard,

Over the years I have supported your company financially, and in many other, less obvious ways. I feel a strong connection with some of the games you have created. They resonate with me and have brought me real joy.

Over the last decade you seem to have lost some of the magic that had made you great, and that is expected. Nothing that great can hope to last for long. You have an amazing legacy with competitive Starcraft, and while I hope that this would be obvious, I am starting to think you either don't realize it or don't care. I am starting to think that corporate greed is the only thing that matters to this company.

The Afreeca Starleague might just seem like a business venture to you, but to me, and to many other people on this forum, it represents the legacy of competitive Starcraft. Have you ever actually watched Lee Young Ho or Kim Taek Yong play Starcraft? Have you ever actually sat down and witnessed the raw mechanical and strategical prowess of these people? Every time they step onto the stage they are putting their chisel to the marble slab. They are creating art.

Do any of the people representing Blizzard in the discussions with Afreeca even play Broodwar? Do you realize that this game transcends the realm of simple distraction, that it is a piece of video game history? Starcraft is a !@#$ing masterpiece, a real work of art. When people look back at what made PC gaming great they will talk about Starcraft: Broodwar. It is up to you now, to decide what they will say when they mention "Blizzard".

Bring some joy into our lives one more time Blizzard. Let us have our arena, so that we may spectate our champions doing battle. Please.

I know it will not be easy to break with the precedents you have set down in your discussions with Afreeca. But I think it will ultimately be for the best. You will have our undying gratitude and the loyalty of the Starcraft fanbase once again. And how can you put a price on that?
Please let ASL 5 happen and please let future tournaments happen.
Also if you Blizzard attend on hosting some type of starleagues why hasn't this already happened or why don't you just let ASL host it until you host something better? You can't possibly be this greedy?
Why doesn't Blizzard just work with Afreeca better to host tournaments? Why not at least cut the licensing fee in half? If blizzard truly cared for Brood War and it's fans they would listen to us, that a lot of us love Afreeca and the ASL's seeing as they are the biggest tournaments in the world right now of the best South Korean players. First it was the OGN starleagues in 2012 with Blizzard saying BW needed to be let go and everyone move on to SC2. They killed bw's official biggest tournament/starleagues in the world to promote the sequel. Us fans still love bw and want to see the worlds best players compete because it's very entertaining to us. We love the ASL, Blizzard don't ruin possibly our last hope of professional bw starleagues. You already did this in the past please don't make the same mistake again to us fans who do truly love bw and enjoy watching the best pros battle it out! #HelporStepAside
Give us an answer atleast, Blizzard!
Blizzard, please. This is important.
01/21/2018 06:49 AMPosted by unozerg
Give us an answer atleast, Blizzard!

They’re not going to wage a social media war with Afreeca. They’ve little to gain from it and will likely only come out looking worse.
Blizzard. Just do something to let your game be. I step up for ”AfreecaTV Starcraft League” Season 5. Blizzard, give green light to ASL and ATB or step aside.
ASL 5!
keep bumping until we get some answers!!!!!!!!
I never wished to see SC die...
I just wanna watch Professional Korean Brood War god dammit ...

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