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I've created a flipped perspective on the final map of SC that pits 3 players against a souped-up AI script that runs Kerrigan's base. As of right now the map is not final and will continue to be updated, but I figure it functions well enough to open it up to the general public.

You can find out more about it here: http://www.staredit.net/topic/17537/

Or you can just download it here: https://mega.nz/#F!GtxzhKiC!RfKRG9AyLRGdaaNLZJVatA
Update: All heroes have received significant buffs to their attacks.
Big update!

Firebat -> Flametrooper; regenerates health, enhanced survivability, attacks ignore armor
Siege Tank -> Salvo Tank; air and ground attack in tank mode, longer range but more inaccurate in siege mode, friendly fire
Wraith -> Phoenix; durable heavy fighter with short-range missiles vs all targets
Science Vessel; casts restoration instead of EMP

Battlecruiser -> Dreadnought; single-target homing rocket attacks, extra armor
(more changes pending)

High Templar; new attack vs. air and ground, concussive damage
Scout; reduced mineral cost by 50, increased base armor by 1
Arbiter; reduced gas cost by 100, increased base armor by 1
(more changes pending)

Now defends with heroic units in the late-game

More ground pathways have been opened up, and more preplaced units and structures will allow the AI to interact with the player more in the early game

Open to further suggestions re: balancing and new stuff for the players.
New patch has hit. AI expands better, uses heroes to greater effect, defends better with guardians and devourers, and has access to new units:
-Infested Zealot (fast-moving melee)
-Skitterer (cloaked scourge)

Various tweaks to the players' new tech are in and building armor is now on the engineering bay and forge.
New patch has hit.

-Now build Spectres instead of Ghosts; explosive damage, can cast Feedback.

-Now build Scythes instead of Vultures; normal aoe damage, permacloaked.
-Now build Purifiers instead of Goliaths; same as normal but with an added flamethrower for close range targets.
-Now can cast Lockdown on biological targets and buildings. (reduced duration)

-Can now cast Disruption Web from Scouts.
-Can now use modified Interceptors for increased air superiority. (corsair splash)
-Can no longer build Corsairs.

-Cycles through various defense profiles. Will definitely need tweaking to ensure performance isn't hit too hard.
-No longer sends attacks to players that have lost the majority of their base. Resets after all players have lost the majority of their base and checks again for any would-be roaches.
-Has enhanced targeting for dark swarm.
-Researches plasma shields for infested zealots.
-Takes back mind controlled torrasques after a few minutes.
-Has frailer queens (120 -> 90 hp) but casts spawn broodling more frequently.
-Harasses in lesser-traveled locations.
-Attacks slower in the early game, faster in the late game, and with a generally more dynamic army composition.
-Probably something else
New patch up!

-Reworked a few ramps.
-Increased supply cap to 300.
-Added a 4th infested command center.
-Added detection to all player heroes.
-Fixed resource layout in Dominion main.
-Plague and Ensnare last a shorter amount of time.
-Added 500-2000 gas per geyser depending on their proximity to the zerg.

-Vultures may now attack air targets.
-Goliath air attack now does splash damage.
-Phoenix attack now deals increased damage.

-Scythes may no longer attack air targets.
-Purifiers have a slightly smaller area of effect for their flamethrower attack.
-Fixed Ghost Lockdown targeting on organic units.

-Lowered cost of Mind Control to 125 energy.

-Now train Infested Templar from Infested Command Centers; can cast Mind Control and will do so primarily on enemy zerg units.
-Now train Psikolisks from larva; flying heroic Defilers that can cast Psionic Storm and Feedback.
-Now use Spawn Broodling less frequently on SCVs.
-Infested Zealots can now cast Hallucination.
-Now take longer to reach maximum strength.
I have reworked a significant amount of the AI script and mod. To preserve the latest version, it has been separated from this new, experimental commit. You can find links to both in the staredit.net thread. The old URL will remain valid for finding the latest version.

Additionally, I have been silently updating the MEGA link several times, which could easily lead to version mismatches and unnecessary confusion. From now own, pre-release versions will be placed in the 'Pre-release' folder in the main directory, and the main package will remain unedited until I post new patch notes.

Lastly, I plan on archiving release versions from now on, in case I need something in an older version.


-Removed most AI guards, replacing some with a separate computer player's. The new player does not have an active script and will not restock the guards.
-Removed most of the AI's starting base, keeping some static defense for creep and anti-cheese. The AI will now build up its tech from a humble beginning.
-Relocated the Infested Command Centers and added two total. The outlying ICCs will arm Nuclear Silos as time goes on, and the AI will use them to nuke (hopefully).
-Added the framework for two new infested units.
-Added an extra proxy position for the AI.
-The AI will no longer target the same player with back-to-back large attacks. Harassment attacks will select as per usual.
-Added a few additional prepare and target zones for the AI.

-Their Comsat Station now scans a nearby expansion at game start.
-Made a drop zone unbuildable to prevent the AI from "defending" the Dominion base.

-They now start with an Observer overlooking a nearby expansion.
-Added an extra Pylon and rearranged a few base structures.
-Replaced Scouts with Skywings.

-They now start with a Marine guarding a nearby expansion.
Patched to a new version that takes care of some balance issues re: Infested Zealot and UED Scythe. Unclogged the request log for the better portion of the early game, reinstated Queens, and added a lot of code that should make the AI soft counter binary comps depending on what the players build, though it hasn't been debugged yet. Max AI expansions down from 12 to 9, and cleaned up the proxy Hatchery code.

-Improve nuke protocols (how frequently, what to target as priority)
-Add more harassments
-Experiment with more smaller attacks vs. less larger ones
-Debug adaptation code
-Audit request log, unclog if necessary (remove guards, probably)
-Add counterattack protocols (will be stupid to do, as AI can not attack without micromanagement if they're in the process of defending)
-Transfer ownership of P5 guards to P4 once they expand to a nearby area
-Add code to increase defense strength once the main cluster is threatened, and revert to a calmer state once the threat is alleviated

Once the AI is in a satisfactory state I will see about implementing the boss battle idea I have in mind for Kerrigan. This would also shorten the macro portion somewhat significantly as the only requirement for activating it would be to destroy Kerrigan's Hive, so I'll have to keep that in mind going forward.

Thanks to everyone who has tested and chimed in with feedback!
This is awesome, gotta give this a try!
Watched the stream when ya tested this with Jay and Delton, and the one thing I will say is that I think you need to figure out how Defiler Plague fits into the level. I dunno if it's because the combo of you 3 was just too good to reach the point where Plague was supposed to come into play, but it just seemed like it took too long for the AI to start using Plague after you nerfed following the AI being too Plague crazy in the first couple attempts.
In the current patch they research it quicker than the 3rd/4th attempts show, and infested terrans will attack plagued structures. They're good for cracking tower farms and the like. I'm not sure how active they are but I don't mind making them more aggressive with it as time goes on. There are some other issues I'd like to resolve before tackling that, though it is pretty low-scope.
The script has been rewritten from scratch and now uses updated defense/attack systems that will prevent it from ever receiving a request it can't satisfy. I will eventually replace train and place_guard commands with this tech as well. Currently the script is unfinished, with the main thread's attacks looping after 20 minutes. I'll finish it once I verify that the AI functions as intended. The AI is likely overtuned but I'd appreciate feedback/videos/etc if anyone has the time to give the update a run.

I've also added new upgrades courtesy of Neiv's recent update to the mtl plugin. Shield regen for protoss units, life regen for Dominion infantry, and energy regen for UED spellcasters are among the changes.
A quick question. Do I have to run the OMEGA.exe file every time I want to play the map? Or can I just follow the instructions on the txt file you created once and then I can just run the map through the Battle.net app?
You will need to run the exe every time. I've just updated it so it should work with the latest patch.
OK. And where do I find the latest patch? Is it in the link you already provided on this discussion spot I'm replying on right now? Or is it in another spot that you have in mind?
The mega link in the first post of this thread points to the latest version of the game.
Interesting idea! I too have been experimenting with vanilla missions, changing the player's race and rewriting the plot and dialogues accordingly in order to create what-if scenarios. Of course, my project is nowhere near as ambitious as yours, as so far I have been trying to stay as faithful as to the original's gameplay as possible.

One thing I do not understand about your project, however, is the heavily-modified tech trees. I can get why you would want to give the UED its own unique tech tree, since Blizzard could not be bothered with that, but why does everyone else's have to be altered as well? Was the original mission not challenging enough as it is?

That being said, I would like to play Episode V with your custom UED tech tree.
06/23/2018 05:53 AMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
but why does everyone else's have to be altered as well? Was the original mission not challenging enough as it is?

I imagine its for fun and intrigue.
The changes were mostly to experiment with the modding opportunities available in remastered. Once I introduced new units to the zerg, the other races needed some sort of answer to them.
I guess that is fair.

Why makes Dugalle a Vakylrie hero, though? Would it not make more sense to give him a special Battlecruiser (i.e. the Aleksandr) armed with HALO cluster rockets?

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