The lag is real

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People who play sc1 and are outside of Kr, US, or EU face horrible lag (I have a fibre optics connection that is really good, but it is not helping that much). Is there anything to do (besides moving to Korea) to improve players in-game experience?

Does VPN really help!? That would be a simple solution!
vpn with good routing will help,otherwise it will make your experience worse
The game uses peer to peer system, it means that you connect directly to your opponent, if you leave far away from everyone else, you will match people from far away as well, which means you both will have lags, for me 8 turn rate is far away, 12 is ok, 16 almost perfect.
Another minus is that ISPs usually dont give priority routing to direct connections, so some good vpn/routing might help. But just living in a badly connected and far away area will place a limit on the connection nevertheless.
Why didn't they do the remaster with SC2 like networking? I'm afraid to buy this game because of lag.

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