Patch 1.22 Hype!

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New ramp doodads! That's cool enough to merit a "hype". :) (though I've been rolling them around in the editor, and many are not very straightforward to place).

Any chance there's a change in some triggers coming next? For example, adding/subtracting health/shields/mana instead of only setting them to %? :)
Oh nice god dammit, the best thing to happen since release !!!
can't log in to the yet and can't use hd graphics.
Cool. Now the ramps can be as wide as you want and point to all direction.
so its just the ramps? where you people read this?, its also the ladder right? it has to be i am asking to leave work earlier today, dont tell me i did that just for ramps.
yes, it is also the ladder update.
Ok thank you, i am in a taxi drive home right now, i dont have access to the Blizz app can someone copy what it says there please if possible? still no thread.

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