SC is NOT registering keystrokes properly

Technical Support
Dear Blizzard Developer Team,
Grant Davies, Matt Sherman, Mark Chandler, Pete Stilwell, Mickael Bohin and other Technical Support Members.
I ask You to take into account the Critical bugs described below and fix it as soon as possible.

Issue 1. The core cannot register fast keystrokes.
This bug is more relevant to zergs. If you try to 6sh7sh8sh9sh0sh quickly, some key inputs will be missing. The only sollution is to go slower (with some delay between key inputs).
Watch this video for your good understanding
This critical bug must be fixed.

Issue 2. Holding down the left/right mouse button completely blocks all keyboard inputs from being registered.
For example: You have 3 control groups of units you want to 1a2a3a.
Step 1. You press 1, you press "A", you click on the map.
Step 2. You immediately press 2, but you haven't yet released your mouse from clicking on the map from step 1. This results in your 2nd control group never getting selected.
What we need: when key pressed it shouldn't block mouse; when mouse pressed it shouldn't block key.

Hope I bring the all above accessibly.
Information was taken from Teamliquid forum.
You can't mash mouse/keyboard inputs. It's part of the game, not a bug.

"What we need: when key pressed it shouldn't block mouse; when mouse pressed it shouldn't block key."

You were able to do this before because you were using a third party launcher.
mouse blocking keyboard is not a bug
Sincerely hope both issues are fixed. Issue #1 is a huge impediment to zerg macro.
Has there been any update on this issue? This still this the single most frustrating issue when you lose a game because the game just ignores your input because the mouse button was not fully released yet :-( lost so many games (and the fun in playing) when you send two groups of Marines and one group eight medics and tanks only to find out that the latter did not even start moving because when hitting "3" and the mouse click from sending "2" was not released..
Look like Issue 2 will be fixed soon.
"Relaxed input"

Thanks Grant Davies!
What about Issue 1 ?

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