'ClientSDK.dll missing' error

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Just got the last patch 1.22 through Bnet app and I get 'ClientSDK.dll missing' error on SCR launch.

I tried 'verify and repair' but does the same thing.

Help please :(
Ok if I disable avast agents, the game starts, this topic gave me the idea :


I'll see if I can 'allow the file' in avast.
Ok I added whole Starcraft folder as Exclusion in avast and it worked.

I noticed that 'Updating' SCR through Bnet App creates the ClientSDK.dll file in Starcraft folder, and it's deleted 2 seconds after.. it remains with my change and the game starts.

Strange behavior, first time I have this issue.

I am sure somebody will be grateful that you posted your issue here.
Hi Danicela,

Looks like your AntiVirus is being over zealous and I'm happy you found a solution. Are you able to find the reason your AntiVirus thought ClientSdk.dll was a virus so the dev team can try and get this fixed.

I didn't search more info about the why but I'll try to when I have some little time ^^

I have a 2nd computer that could start the game which cannot anymore without any error message, and a 3rd computer that has Bonjour LAN problems.. have to repair them before ^^
Avast is known to be trigger-happy with things that inject into programs. This happened with WC3 one time. The worst part is that Avast didn't even tell me it was blocking WC3 (old WC3 launches then inject code into war3.exe, iirc), but I reported the problem to Avast (Because excluding it in Avast's exclusion list was not working at the time) and it was fixed pretty quickly (iirc it was fixed almost immediately).

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