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be protoss and get your free wins! We all know toss is the easiest race at all levels of play and it looks like it's the most played race. Pvt, turtle to reaver drops keep turtling then recall your army in their base. Pvz, corsair dt or corsair zealot and then a-move your zealot/goon/archon army and hit the storm hot key if you need HTs. Oh and be sure to also turtle!

Toss is a joke in both games. Blizzard knew that which is why they made sc2 toss just as ezmode as sc1 toss. In both games the other races need to do so much more to win.

So just be the ezmode/OP race.
07/29/2018 07:25 AMPosted by Eonzerg

It's extremely frustrating playing against toss in this game especially if you are zerg.
Ok... so i am protoss in ladder and i can tell you some things about it.

Starcraft Broodwar is a game that is balanced for 15 years or more, so you saying that a race has a particulary so called "scientific and probable" advantage is simply wrong.

The long answer is more complicated, it depends on the game level. Let me explain a bit:

In games that are 1000 to 1500 mmr normally the Advatange is for Zerg, protoss and Terran, in that particular order, now if the map is 2 or 3 sided a simple 4 or 5 pool is VERY STRONG, and i have a 1700 zerg account that is chesse only, i only speed ling 4 pool or 5 pool, then kill with mutas, lurker drop, or just mass zerlings, drop etc.

I am a very bad player, my mechanics are bad, i am 31 years old and my multitasking sucks i am old and probably will never be able to play like young peole do: taking care of the minimap, while changing rally points, being on time with the build and also doing harm while taking a base. I just cant do that kind of stuff..

but i can get to 1700 mmr just by doing chesse...

With protoss well i am much better becasue, YES ITS TRUE, protoss is more simple, you build pylons to make space for building structures while getting your production at the same time, the micro is not particularly easy for protoss, but is nothing compared to a bio terran attack or using defilers as zerg in mid and late game. The closer a protoss has to do is send that observer back while atacking, and clicking on Templar to storm, being able to not lose that Reaver and not losing Arbiters...

So longs story short, i think that the easiest race in lowers levels is zerg...

but if you get to a late or middle game managing a Zerg army is more hard, that is why Zerg players need higher APM sometimes, even having 4 groups of zerligns is much more work than having 3 groups of organized protoss units... it will always be worse to manage.

Being Zerg is much more complicated, and i have more respect for Zerg players as they accomplish things mechanically that players that are protoss simply don't imagine or know.

Is protoss an overpowered race?? no my friend.. you are mistaken, protoss can die quickly against the most noob of zerg just by having no idea of how to make and secure a wall, block a ramp, not scouting zerg for tech, that hidra puch at minute 7.... no way i will accept that fact that "protoss is overpowered" i mean... LOL you guys have a lot to learn. The people that get the most wins are always zerg... until the point they start meeting people that know how to counter zerg chesse.

Want to hear something funny?, at the most higuer level people are saying that TERRAN is the most overpowered race. So who is right? you, me or them?. the answer is simple, we are all right, starcraft has NOT TO BE a perfect balanced games, understand that Starcraft is an organic game: Build and perfected by the community over years, right now there is a new meta showing that Protoss go against Terran with quick carriers, this is because there are maps with ridges etc..., please take in consideration that the game is played and build by people, that is a fact that is great about this game, people has learned to build map, Blizzard never instructed anybody how to build maps??, Blizzard never thought about the importance of ramp blocking, worker numbers, etc... this are fact build by the community.
dude I know how you feel, my ZvP was 22% for weeks and got lately up to 32% witch is still bad! But do not let your self down. Practice, get better and play against more Protoss ;)
I agree with The100YOU completely.
Zerg at the lower level is just too powerful.
Even a hydra/lurker early push can win a game when you don't have the experience and/or apm to counter it.
Tanks/goliaths are good too and shred armies even if your micro isn't perfect.
I know this thread is old an no one will see it. but anyway, toss is hard to play against as zerg, templar storm could be nerfed a few hitpoints, but terran goliath/tank combo with a few rines unbeatable as zerg. lings and hydra get picked off before they get even close and anything air with goliaths is useless. a couple observers to hurt your eco and any air units countering, its too easy for terran, if you don't get them early-mid game good luck
pvz used to be the hardest matchup dude,just practice and stop whining.
weird thread to bring back from death, considering that rain gave us a new build with dts that killed larva, and i test it it works like a charm lol, long live protoss might.
07/29/2018 07:29 AMPosted by Candy
07/29/2018 07:25 AMPosted by Eonzerg

It's extremely frustrating playing against toss in this game especially if you are zerg.

My god, I cannot describe how true your words are. I have been playing Zerg and 90% are just fighting Protoss, and god, they're so cancerous to fight.

Edit: Yes, I know that I need more practice against them, but even if I ever get good against them, I will never get over how much torture they have putten me through.

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