Why map searching has to load?

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i have a huge map folder, and i mean huge, i collect maps since old times and i like going to map websites and downloading all kinds of maps, i want to have them all, my map folder is around 9 GBS, dont you agree is a lot?

The problem is that when i am trying to make a map it takes FOREVER !!! to load, lets say i want to create a game for a friend i want to show the game, something fun like run zerling run, and the map is called zerlingRun2.scx ... i wait sometimes even 3 minutes !!!.

How can i make this loading faster?, shouldn't it load one time and then remember it or something?, cant we have a better system for this?, and also, can we use the search bar to search inside folders also?, getting different ways to sort searches by name, date, type etc..

Thank you a lot team.
this is suck a cool request, i also have a huge map file size but 8 gb of maps?? i don't think even map websites have that much, what is in there? :0

also yes is very annoying to search the maps because it takes a lot to load, the cool thing is that you can organize them and smaller sub folders should load faster for sure
I myself have very big map folders and know the problem.

Splitting your folder into subfolders should do the trick.

I would just sort them by the starting letter.

i have a huge map folder, and i mean huge, my map folder is around 9 GBS,

Thats the reason.
the only thing that i would like is a better system that loads this fast, even if my folder is huge, and a way to search inside sub folders.

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