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I created a thread yesterday but it got deleted, why? i don't know, this is a coherent request by all means. Stop deleting my threads, Blizzard needs to fix this and i will explain why in detail.

Smurffing is when someone creates a new server name in the same Blizzard main account, so people can have several names with different ranks on different servers. I am fine with that, i don't say "take this from people", by no means, what i am trying to say is that Blizzard should balance this a little bit more.

Yesterday i won 3 games, each one gave me 8 points, against players that at my level are very good, i am 1400 mmr, so 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 mmr points, but then i encountered a player named "GosuDark" i open my stats with Numpad 0 and he is wins: 0 lose: 0 disconects: 0.

So then i ask him: "are you the GosuDark that is playing the pro league?" and he answers "yes this is a new account, i am 2300 mmr".

Well i try to play and of course i lose, then i get to see the mmr and i lose 34 POINTS !!!! how is this even possible? how on earth is this system even possible? and this is considering that i knew him because i check the pro league brackets, how many of this people are lurking in lower ranks?

Please Blizzard fix this:

  • Let people create new Name Tags, but rank them based on their highest account, so if someone has a 2300 account and the main is Protoss make them fight people that are near them, not me struggling 1300 and 1400. I understand that they might be struggling on their main 2300 account, so give them lower level players, but don't go all the way to the bottom to play with me!! that's unacceptable
  • If i HAVE to play them because of the player pool size or whatever then don't make me lose that many points... its unfair, this is like chess players creating new names and winning people that are just trying to learn how to make the basics and taking points from them. IS NOT GOOD FOR THE SPORT, make a system where we will lose less points please, and if we win them lets us have more points also !!
  • , in what situation a pro league player is ok playing someone that is just learning? and if they have to play, why would you take all the points he worked for in the last hout.

  • If another player has a Terran 2300 account, but he creates a new account to play Zerg, then let that pro player fight us, but if he creates a new Terran account how on earth is fair to play a 1400 MMR?, please Blizzard..
  • I know this is a extremely important request, i know i am not alone at this, most of the people i talk over on Discord hate surfing, its been around since forever but at least before you where able to dodge a game by leaving a room !!.

    Please Blizzard be considered, Starcrat Remastered has a new beautiful Raking system, this has happened to me several times, i win 3 or 4 games in an hour and a half of gameplay then i lose everything against a PRO that created a new account "just because he is addicted to winning like a crack addict", please fix this behavior, make the game better, please.

    Most of the good players are old and mature people, but some of them just don't care and like winning games vs noobs, its alright they don't care, when i complained to another guy that i also 2000 mmr he told me "dont complain with me complain with Blizzard!!!".

    yes this has happened to me also, what i suggest is for the responsible people behind remastered to give this a serious look as i have also heard this is a universally hated problem

    new people leave everyday because of this i had my friend purchase the game and i kept encountering him over and over in rank and i am almost 2000 and he has wins 5 and lose 20 , he wont be playing more of course i understand him
    admins please listen to this guy, this problem is making me not want to play no more
    there is nothing to fix if you want to play people of your level create a room and kick anyone with a higuer rank
    08/04/2018 06:45 AMPosted by Final
    there is nothing to fix if you want to play people of your level create a room and kick anyone with a higuer rank

    friend, new account have no rank !!! you dummy, that's like the whole point ^^
    There is nothing to fix. You played someone who is better than you, marvel at the difference in skill and practice. The mentality you currently have is bad for improving, and you will get frustrated because of it.

    Also stop caring about mmr.
    people stop complaining about points and play the game already
    Yea, so what, you met a smurf... does not matter at all.

    If you deserve to have your MMR you will quickly recover from fluke losses. ELO systems - like they are used in SC:RE atm - do not punish you greatly for it.

    Anybody is smurfing until they are placed in their right ELO range. That is not even problematic, that's just the way it is at the start of a new season.
    The only problem is, if they intentionally keep their ELO low.
    i have to agree with hydra on this one, is ok to find people that are using a new account, but i agree 100% percent that you should not lose points against them like if they where the same level, and also if you happen to win them you only get points like if you where winning someone of your same level !!! so no, i don't think its fair, is not smurfing that need to be fixed (btw is typed with on f), its the points.
    whatever you people say this has to be fix, its unfair and it makes the game really cancerous, this is not normal.
    I do not get why people want always even matches.

    1) It is almost impossible to have even matches all the time. Just imagine the queue times...

    2) It takes a lot of fun and experiences out of the game.
    You can ask yourself, if you never want to have the experience of being favored in a match, and vice versa.

    3) It hinders your improvement, if you always get even matches.

    I get that people do not want to get frustrated because they are getting crushed, but that is not the matchmakers fault.

    08/04/2018 06:49 AMPosted by CrispyDrone
    The mentality you currently have is bad for improving, and you will get frustrated because of it.

    That is the issue that you have. Your mentality.
    Your problems are always your problems and you have to embrace the responsibility to deal with them yourself as nobody else is going to fix them for you.

    If you cannot deal with frustration, learn how to deal with it. You have to do it in life anyways, not only in SC. Well, you don't have to, but... that is going to make life a lot less fun - whether you are playing SC or do something in RL. It is much better to not be enslaved by your own ego and live free.

    And the things I said above are probably pretty much why many people cannot take this thread seriously because they think the same as I do about it.
    is not a matter of frustration... if i play someone that is way better than me and i mean 1400 - 2300 = 900 MMR points better !!!, then i think is fair to say that i should not lose like if this was a brand new 1500 mmr account, the system should check what other accounts this guy has that's all i want for god sake, make points fair, if i get to win someone that is 900 mmr more than me, give me more points and i will be glad to play them !!!.
    08/04/2018 10:17 AMPosted by hydra2018
    is not a matter of frustration...

    So why does it bother you then, that it makes you say "unfair"?

    08/04/2018 06:09 AMPosted by hydra2018
    Well i try to play and of course i lose, then i get to see the mmr and i lose 34 POINTS !!!! how is this even possible? how on earth is this system even possible?
    I agree that smurfs should not be allowed. They're killing the ladder. Keep the separate MMR for each race instead.
    Really sucks running into Smurfs that are not anywhere near the same level of skill.
    I understand it's irritating to lose 34 points, or whatever to a fresh account. But ratings are fairly accurate in theory. You notice that big loss, but what you don't notice is that your wins afterwords, have a few more points than otherwise. Also your losses are lessened by a few points.

    If you play regularly, then you will notice hills and valleys due to various factors, including smurfs. Those quirks are quickly absorbed.

    There aren't many complaints about when your opponent up and quits for some reason, giving you a free win. This is just another quirk that is quickly absorbed, similarly.
    just 1 nickname account for each server gg
    08/05/2018 02:55 AMPosted by Heitorr
    just 1 nickname account for each server gg

    no, you cannot go back from a service that has already been delivered to the public, i hope you understand that for Blizzard that means commercial suicide, imagine buying a car that comes with a feature, lets say automatic parking, you use it for a whole year and a year after comes a patch a suddenly you can auto park anymore !!!, that is a nightmare.

    What is being told in this thread if you read carefully enough is something very simple:

    John has a main account that is Terran and he had a max of 2400 but currently he is 2200, with Zerg he is 1800 and with Protoss 1700 also.

    Then comes David (which is sc2 player trying to learn Starcraft Broodwar), he launches RANK and plays the first 5 matches, he lands on E, which is completely normal by the way, he loses a lot, but he also wins becasue RANK as of today Agust-2018 is working fairly OK, almost perfect BALANCE WISE, then he encounters a player he can actually play long games, fell comfortable, he learns stuff and "fells" that he is getting better, he wins 3 matches in a row !!! each one franting 8 points.

    So he wins 24 points !!! he is already 10 more points on becoming D !!.

    But then Jhon wakes up a day and says: I want to have an account where my winning/losing percentages are better so i can show my friends and myself that i am so good, i know i can get that 75% win/lose ratio, and he creates a new account. Its totally comprehensible, and is his right for owning Starcraft Remastered.

    in a side note, if johns creates a new account and he starts laddering with Zerg or Protoss, then the system should not check as the 2400 Terran, but the corresponding best to each race, the same for Random, if he gets terran in Random the person playing against him will lose points in a correct manner, if Random gives him Zerg or protoss just the same much more closer to a new account of course because he is 1700 or 1800 but still not like a brand new 1500 account.

    If John wants to have a BRAND NEW ACCOUNT where people lose points, he must purchase Remastered again. Why would anyone do this tho?, John is getting the same win points!!, the system is just protecting new players from losing to many points against experience players, it fells like middle school bullying

    So...John presses RANK and he encounters David, this is because John has a new brand 1500 account. David of course loses, and when he does David loses almost all his points !!, then he presses RANK again and the same person shows !!! and he loses again. David loses 50 points in total in 2 games...

    What happened here people, is this fair?, John should get his points because he is a good player, he worked hard for years to become this good, John should NOT WIN LESS POINT, but David on the other hand should lose points in a system that checks what the real level of a given account is.

    In the case of Hydra losing 34 points after winning 3 matches or 24 points is a perfect example of why this system shocks so many people. In that particular experience he even recognized the name of GosuDark, which is indeed a 2400 player that lost yesterday on the Pro League, he probably made a new account just to train and FELL GOOD ABOUT HIS GAMEPLAY.

    For everyone in here against what Hydra is saying understand that this is the most interesting thread done in this Forum for a while, personally i don't care, i just press the button and see what comes by... i like learning and i know i suck but get micro-progress here and there, i dont even know what my MMR is, am i still C?, or am i E, i don't care, that is my philosophy, anyways i will be playing Starcraft Remastered anyways right?. But dont expect people have the same idea as that...

    Starcraft Remastered is an E-Sport, and everything done inside this game should be design to encourage players to do their best, currently is very frustrating indeed that players that have 900 mmr or even 300 mmr more can simply find you in RANK and you would lose points in such a disgraceful way...

    I think is a perfectly valid point made in this thread, that the Devs needs to focus a little bit more on the LOSE POINTS side of things, and why not? if a player that is 1300 wins a player which main account is 2400 give them a hell lot of points !!, not just 15...
    08/05/2018 06:40 AMPosted by The100YOU
    protecting new players from losing to many points against experience players, it fells like middle school bullying

    the thing is that the ladder system already takes small points if the other player is very good, the only thing they have to do is the same for accounts that start from 1500 but are from people with a main account that is higuer. L O L basic sense.
    Honestly, blizzard should only allow 1 or 2 ladder accounts per bnet id. I don't mind playing vs higher MMR because if i beat them I'll get more points, but i can see why people who r just starting this game would quit after couple games.

    But yall should know that you only improve by losing and playing against people who are better or much better than you. Watch replay and see how they played and think about how you could have beaten them.

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