i'm F rank and get placed VS 180+ apm players

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I'm getting constantly placed against players who are significantly better, and i'm at the bottom of the barrel with my F rank. 10-22 Win-Loss.

Last season it wasn't this one sided. I usually got placed against a player of equal skill.

Also..F rank?? I mean..i'm not good but i've made it to C on iccup a couple times, years ago..hard to believe that the average low level player is that much better, now.
C on icc is at least C in mmr, which is why your playing against people of 180 apm, which is entirely normal at c. Which you would know if your telling the truth. You would also know apm is a better determinate of ability, so whyd you bring it up?
Yeah the ladder isn't matching appropriately 100% of the time. I think it will take time until it gets better, but theres a chance that it won't due to the player base being quiet low at least in North America.
08/14/2018 02:15 PMPosted by Dazed
Which you would know if your telling the truth.

It's been a while since I visited these forums. I forgot the cancerous nature of some of the blizzard posters. Thanks for reminding me. Might want to brush up on your people skills.

Also it's "you're telling the truth, not "your telling the truth".

I'm not a C level player anymore. That was almost a decade ago. Now i play on and off at a comparable iccup D rank. I mentioned it to make a point that i didn't just pick up BW with the remastered release hype. I've played it since '98, so I'm not just someone unfamiliar with the game mechanics. Much like riding a bicycle, you can be out of shape, but you don't forget how it works. I still occasionally play matches with friends who range from CPU to A- rank (not sure how that compares to the remastered ranks of today), so I have a sense of what to look for when gauging a player's skill, especially in the lower band of the skill spectrum.

As mentioned earlier, before the league reset the ranked match search feature placed me against opponents of similar skill most of the time. I haven't gotten any better or worse in the past year, which is why this season's matchmaking system has left me baffled: the opponents the matchmaker places me against now seem to be of a much higher caliber than last season.

08/14/2018 02:15 PMPosted by Dazed
You would also know apm is a better determinate of ability, so whyd you bring it up?

If you didn't have the memory of a dead goldfish, you will note that the answer is in the title: i'm in F rank and the matchmaker keeps placing me against opponents with an apm of 180. That's a bit odd if they are supposedly players in the lowest rank of the game. It wouldn't be a problem if it was just the occasional sandbagger, but I'm being placed against these guys far more often than players of similar skill to my own.
apm is nothing..I have 240-260apm and still struggling at B(1600-1700mmr), I constantly defeated by people who only has 120 apm and I got no chance.
Maybe the discussion in this thread could be interesting for you: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/starcraft/topic/20767387064?page=1

Also, feel free to add me if you're not solely interested in ranked games and can relate to this:

I'm hoping that the ladder will improve for those of us who are below the curve. I'm using some of the online resources to work on improvement but that's slow when I have a full-time job and a child. I don't know if it's a question of the matchmaking tools or just not enough beginners on the ladder but I'm hoping there will be improvements regarding both those factors. So far I'm nowhere close to winning half my matches.
When I scrolled through the ladder I was surprised how many players were listed around the MMR I have. Of course not all of these might be active but chances should be still high to be matched against similiarly skilled people (smurfs aside).

On the other hand, when I enter a particular gateway something like "924 players are online and 86 games are being played right now" is displayed which seems ridiculously low.

I hope Blizzard will not only work on improving the ranked system but also on getting more players (back) into the game (#noobfriendly).
Simply put, there is just not enough people to fill the minimum criteria for a good MM experience.

1. Find matches fast.
2. Find closest skill level.
3. Find good latency.

With such a low player pool, you can only have two!

08/14/2018 09:56 PMPosted by dukepersie
apm is nothing..I have 240-260apm and still struggling at B(1600-1700mmr), I constantly defeated by people who only has 120 apm and I got no chance.

Because you aren't A- material until you have at least 300 APM, and S-tier until about 400. Thems the rules. :^)
1) it’s a low player population so they’re trying to strike a balance between mmr and wait time.

2) apm isn’t necessarily a good measure of skill. It’s a factor but it’s definitely not everything.
Strike a balance is being pretty generous to the wildly different approaches we've seen thusfar. In the current iteration after going above the estimated wait time (which is generally around a minute playing from NA) matchmaking has no problem creating a statistically (based on the principles of ELO) pointless matching of players. Within 2 minutes we now commit to wasting 10+.

Isn't that a bit silly? If starcraft games were 0 length then I couldn't fault the approach. Seems like we have lots of players that have specific preferences regarding wait time/evenness of the match/latency. Would a matchmaker with some form of preference sliders help find a sweetspot? Or maybe that's technically nightmarish to implement so instead you could just check a box in an advanced options somewhere to decrease the weighted effect of regional matchmaking in favor of global matchmaking at the cost of potentially laggier games (maybe this global ruleset would only come into play if other candidates are found that also have this enabled).
I experienced this myself, and I figured out the reason. I am a 250-300 apm terran player, ranked somewhere around E-D. Dropped to F few times due to bad play/not caring/rage.
I was so frustrated, I have decent mechanics, how do I still meet people better than me at E? But then I analyzed the replays.

They actually weren't good. Missing BO timings, not building workers, bad army control, etc... But their strategy directly (blindly) countered mine, so it felt like I had no chance, and the guy was so much better. But he wasn't, he just got a huge early game advantage/picked a better BO.

So when you meet those players "who own you", make sure to watch the replay, see where things went wrong, why did you lose, was he really so much better?

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