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Hey all, It would be really nice if they can add some sort of visual effects to the units with upgrades. For, example for goliaths the trailing part of the missles changes color as you go up the upgrades ladder. Something like that per unit.
Ideally, it would be best if they can change the unit shape just a little. But I understand that requires a lot more work than just changing the color. Changing the color should be no problem.

It seems to me this will help with easily seeing what upgrades the other opponent has but also makes it feel better having those upgrades instead of just a number increasing in the corner.

What do you guys think?
Makes the visuals more convoluted imo
You are trying to make a solution for a non-existent problem. Nobody has issues telling what upgrades somebody has. Partly because most upgrades already have a pretty obviously tell (Zerglings move faster... Marines play a sound effect with Stim... Siege Tanks transform... Zealots move faster... Dragoons have longer range...) or they know the timings.
Just click the units and check their upgrades that way. I don't see why that should a problem for you or anybody else.

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