Prevent "xxxx has entered the game" messages?

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How do i stop the announcements you receive when your friend enters a game? /DND doesn't work. Appear Offline doesn't work. Logging off will kick me off the high resolution mode. That last one is a topic for another time, but seriously? I paid (again) for this game and it restricts my content if i'm offline? The heck..

Anyway, i'm recording some gameplay footage in single player and LAN mode, and i keep getting those "has entered a game" messages every few minutes (sometimes every few seconds). Would prefer if i could turn them off.

Unfriending would work, but i don't intend to do that, and it would be a really stupid solution to such a small problem.
In the Options menu, there is a "friends presence notifications" option - uncheck this to do what you want.

I think it would make sense for DND mode to ignore these messages too - something we can look at in the future.
Thank you, Grant.

I had assumed that it would have been in the program options menu, which is why i couldn't find it.

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