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I`m a buyer for a virtual Blizzard pass.
I Checked Consol Skin. I laughed my head off. Beacause, I know, this is all Blizzard's prank. I admire Blizzard's sense of humor. Other users may trick, but you cannot trick me.
And I know you will change this consol skin to finished skin next day. HAHAHAHA!!!
show us lol
What's the prank? Please tell me, I've spent 40 dollars and I'm about to ask a refund.
That's not humor, that's just them being dicks lol.
the prank is you spending $40 on a free game
11/01/2018 09:18 AMPosted by Pr0nogo
the prank is you spending $40 on a free game

Do you even know the meaning of the word "Fan"? I guess not.

P.s. I can afford 40 dollars on the only one "skin" that come out over one year for the only game I am a fan of.
It's like the free matchmaking prank
Or the leaderboard joke
Or the stats page joke, which has been broken for 1,5 years
Or the 2v2 ladder prank
Or the friends management joke
Or all the other jokes

come to think of it, blizz is just a big joke in itself

sigh, I miss openBW and shieldbattery server

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