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I want to post some ideas to improve SC: R
This is my personal opinion.

  • Resolution adjustment option is required.
  • Widescreen original graphics
  • Computer AI Enhancement
  • Observer/replay Enhancement
  • Leaderboard System ICCUP
    • - Gosu reps
      - User reps
      - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Rankings
      - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Country rankings
      - Team rankings
      - Clanwars
      - Maps & Race Statistics (iccup)
      - Race Statistics (iccup)

  • Chose Player Color System (Bring back more player colors)
  • Server Lag Improving (Key points)
  • Game Lobbies Revised to Support 16 Players (After Solving Server Lag)
  • Profile Enhancement
  • Language Options
    • -Options that differentiate between text and speech languages like SC2
      -It is also possible with the current SC: R original voice option, but the soundlow quality.

  • Clan System
  • MCA64Launcher System
    • -Name and race of player at the top of the screen
      -Twitch Broadcast Interworking
      -Winamp Music player System

  • Ghost Head Team color error
  • SDGraphic Chat box error
  • SDGraphic zoom-in zoom out error (The graphics are distorted.)
  • SDGraphic Improving
  • New Ramps Edit
  • SDGraphic Fonts
    • -Fonts in SD graphics for other languages, including Korean, are displayed in remaster fonts. Compare it in the game.

    • -Classic StarCraft Website Enhancement and Improve
    Yep! I think everybody can agree on these.
    Dude copied half of my ideas. I support anyway!
    Editor improvements.
    11/11/2018 01:02 PMPosted by Grab
    Dude copied half of my ideas. I support anyway!

    your ideas where just particles in my breathing.
    Those are all amazing! I'd like to add the ability to change the dragscroll speed and make it useful for players that are used to using that tool because of games like wc3, mobas, etc.
    Please. Give us hope.

    I don't think it's people "stealing" ideas lol. It's probably more likely that people are dealing with the same problems and are in conflict with the games current standard.
    Perfect summary of what is required for the completion of this game. Add also the "rank indication frame to be always visible in matchmaking screen" but I guess it fall to the "profile enchantment" you have on your list. Lets all upvote this so the devs can see it and know exactly what there is to be done
    Saving campaing progress on some Bnet cloud,not locally on PC.
    -Alam when someone joins lobby!
    -SD widescreen!

    Please make those happen and will make my day and year and future! BW forever <3!

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