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It took them 20 years to fix that bug, and they immediately canceled that fix in the then-coming patch? And this was over a year ago by now.

I haven't noticed if Valkyires improved or not on custom maps. If they were fixed, then Liquipedia is wrong.

Valkyries will sometimes fail to fire if there is a lot of activity on the map - this includes large numbers of units, intense fighting, or both. It appears to be related to the number of sprites being rendered by the game engine; once this cap is reached, some units won't attack. Because of the number of sprites used in its barrage, the Valkyrie in particular is noticeably affected by this limitation. In long 1v1s and especially in team battles, this cap prevents Valkyries from being used where they would be most valuable - when there are large groups of air units. In an early build of Patch 1.18, this mechanic was rectified and Valkyries were able to attack normally in all situations. This change was rolled back without comment before the official release of 1.18, and the bug persists to this day
The unit (and other) limits were raised around a year ago to a value that you'd never expect to hit unless you're playing a very particular kind of EUD map where there are vast numbers of units.

You'll see in the custom game creation settings there is an option to play on original limits if you so desire, but the new limits have been standard for some time now.
Ah, that's cool. Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure myself where we were standing with this actually...

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