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can you make it so that replays are autohosted on TR8? It enables more ppl to watch a replay together and since you dont play, you dont need good turn rate anyway. At the moment it autohosts it on TR12, which is kinda laggy when ppl from America and Europe watch replays together.

Thanks in advance.

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if you set high latency = -6 TR
if you set extra = -10 TR
Yea I know that Latency changer is much more important in that scenario, Mr. BSL Champ, but still TR12 EHL is still laggy with 4-5+ ppl watching a replay from American and Europe and there is just no necessity for replays to be above TR8, since no one is actually playing the game.
is not a bad idea, as soon as a file with the extension .rep is chosen it should default to turn rate 8, and make the turn rate change greyed out. I never thought of this one. Nice addition to the dream that will never be.

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