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Cant seem to post on that thread becasue well, i am denied.

Some things to consider please:

Team Match Making:

  • Just make it so when you press 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 you go to a "VIP" custom game room, different background colors etc (glorified custom game room), this is tied to point 12 "Force players to actively choose their race in a game lobby", only obligate people to chose race inside official Team Match making room
  • Make so players inside this rooms have to press a toggle "READY" for the game to start, otherwise they will be kicked and a new person from the waiting list would join.
  • State from day 1 that you don't necessarily have to have a team mate of your same level, you can leave the room before pressing the toggle "READY" with no repercussion, but the system should balance the match, meaning you can check the stats from anyone joining this official room.
  • Please... and i mean PLEASEEE, make all of this happen, i mean the "official Team Match Making room" to appear just behind the regular RANK button, so we can search for a 1v1 game while we wait for 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 game. Dont make us just search for one single thing at a time, people have no patience TRUST ME.
  • Please dont exclude the FASTEST community, and also dont oblige people that only like fastest to play normal maps. Also as i will say in the next point do not dare to forget about Base Shared maps. This should NOT WORK like a regular VETO, people should be able to say "i either want fastest/normal/shared or not".
  • Please consider adding BASE SHARED MAPS in Team Match Making... you know, (north vs south) (east vs west) etc... this will be a request anyways i can garantee, people are "assuming" Team Match Making will come with this. Is it really that hard to implement Base Share maps? besides the fact that there are not many maps of this kind available?. If so... also make it optional as Fastest/normal maps, people should be able to ignore them also.
  • Please implement punishment for people that: backstab, leave games, drop, troll in Team Match Making. The correct way would be to have a real system that check such behavior but i understand that is HARDCORE logic and programming; just add a warning and a "rule of conduct", and have clear punishable actions for such things.
  • Replay Autosaving:

    Please leave the AUTOSAVE file as default, and let people "copy" that from the new system and change the name move to a certain folder if played on fighting spirit.. or date folder whatever. You are probably doing it like that anyways, but let a copy with the classic number convention always untouched.

    Replay worker numbers, units number and observer mode

    Just want to say that i consider this to be a very important thing to have, is a very strong learning tool, i am talking about worker numbers and not about unit numbers, this last one being not that relevant.

    Another thing not mentioned that i really think is important to have is a way to see the "actions and clicks" being pressed by the players in game. This is not an impossible request because we actually had this before, we used to be able to click numbers and check how the p2layer configured they keys. Of course this is not set to the specific key or grid the player used, but the default key used for that action.

    Also you know that i consider it would be nice to have this for observer mode as and OPTIONAL THING.

    About BWAPI:

    Dont underestimate the power of playing with bots. It can bring new blood and revitalize the whole game, more than you can imagine. If you make this available for the free version or not that is entirely up to you, but is of my strong suggestion you implement this, people will like it... i play BWAPI all the time, and lately there has been a bunch of new bots for 1.16 that are honestly AWESOME, i am sure some of them can kick some serious !@#... cant wait for soulkey/flash/bisu (when he comes back) to play vs bwapi !!.

    Anyways that is a serious good looking path for the future, and i know you clearly said some of this things will inevitably be ditched and ignored... but lets dream for a second. Thanks for the good end of a year, i really appreciate the effort to at least knowledge this features request, i am of the strong believe that Warcraft and then Diablo II remastered will keep SC:RM alive for many more years to come, until all of them merge into a bigger "classic launcher", this type of threads help for future reference for sure.

    Happy xmas.
    You just posted a wall of text that nobody really reads. Learn to be brief and to the point or you will never ever see any of your ideas taken seriously in real life.
    sorry cant be briefer than that, maybe:

    team match making:

  • make team match making rooms to allow the search of 1v1 also while waiting
  • fastest
  • base shared map
  • make contest to make new base share maps
  • make people allow to block fastest, base shared maps
  • make system to punish backstabbing, dropping and general trolling
  • racepicking:

    allow it... but only if both players manually say yes to it. Rank should not be the same as custom games or Legacy Broodwar ladder, please dont kill RANK i like it. Also add an option for random to have a way of telling the race to opponent.

    replay mode and observer:

    besides worker number (which is a really important thing) also consider adding a way to see the actions being taken

    replay autosaving:

    eave the autosave folder untouched, make any change outside of that folder.


    this will make people happy more than what classic DEV`s realize... please put higuer on priority.

    happy xmas..

    you see @Grulemugg when you make things small it loses a certain "je ne sais quoi" that my threads always have. Being a forum guy is not about "being taken seriously in real life" is about being yourself to the end and enjoying the ride, and the whole point is that someone has to tell those things because you people keep posting about things (some of you at least) that really don't matter... like if you live in a bubble. If there where people actually talking about this things i would shut, but they don't, so fack it, i have to be here.

    gl hf.
    I really like that you are forced into a separate thread, because you constantly keep spamming threads with walls of texts that are written poorly, nobody reads, and are honestly silly and not feasible or realistic at all! Here you can post as much as you like, and you are not bothering anyone! So feel free to post a lot here, and you can always re-read your posts and post some more here too!
    thanks ! i encourage you to do the same.

    The fact remains, i am the only one requesting for things that should be there... i dont mind your ways of outsmarting someone online just because either i have bad english or well i like writting long. Both things are not relevat. The fact is that you really want Team Match Making without Shared Bases?, or replay mode without workers numbers?.

    Why cant you people simply stay on topic and stop being toxic i will never understand. Bu you be you i guess.

    Like for instance i would love to hear why you think any of my ideas are "not realistic at all" bu you just are just to troll of a guy to answer that and also lazzy, you just want to damage someone online that's all you do. Stay on topic and grab a book from time to time to exercise the main muscle.
    Your heading toward ending up like hyfrehyfre... banned from all the spam.
    Isn't he the same guy as hyfrehyfre? I think this guys has about 11 accounts at least, judging by the amount of downvotes you have
    You cannot post in the 2019 blue thread? Because i can.

    Did Blizz get tired of reading your constant spam?
    for a forum that is supossed to be 100% about starcraft this thread should be deleted

    stop downvoting and upvoting yourself like babies

    70% of what op said is very bad english even worse than mine but i do want fastest and shared bases also and i see best play vs AI and i think that is cool
    At least he is keeping this forum alive.

    Isn't he the same guy as hyfrehyfre? I think this guys has about 11 accounts at least, judging by the amount of downvotes you have

    He is the same. We discovered this easily a long time ago.
    12/18/2018 07:37 PMPosted by The100YOU
    Just make it so when you press 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 you go to a "VIP" custom game room, different background colors etc (glorified custom game room), this is tied to point 12 "Force players to actively choose their race in a game lobby", only obligate people to chose race inside official Team Match making room

    No red carpet? :*(

    Nothing says VIP like a red carpet, lets try to figure out a way to integrate it into your design, k?
    well they can make the background lava and animated? maybe that would help ease the "VIP" thing?

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