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Just a quick question. What does racepicking exactly mean? Is this feature allowing what some people call "choice random"? (e.g. playing as Terran against Z and P, but playing as P against T).

or is this a system that allows me choose my opponent's race?
It means that you choose your race based on which race your opponent has chosen.
There's a long time bug that annoys me:

1. Create a game - choose all your options, and let's say 3v5.
2. Play the game, finish the game
3. Go to create a 2nd game - all options are the same (good) except you're reset back to "4v4".
2v2 matchmaking (and to a lesser extent, 3v3) would be amaAasing. Thanks for all the hard work . The updates are helping to keep this classic fresh and exciting for my friends and I. we just discovered you could click on minimap preview in lobby and see it full screen. Game changer . we can analyze new maps before playing now. lots of fun. Used to be clueless on new maps.
12/20/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Grant Davies
It means that you choose your race based on which race your opponent has chosen.

Hello, I am a big fan of Starcraft living in Korea. Please understand that the sentence may be awkward in your view, as I received the help of the translator.

I would like to present my opinion so that Starcraft can be further developed.

- Lag problem in waiting room

This is a major problem in Korea. There's a long delay every time we update our latest custom game list.

- Ability to re-enter recently entered rooms

As you know, there was this feature in version 1.16. It was deleted from version 1.18.

Players who enjoy the Use map setting expect this feature to be restored.

- Problem of advertising room

In Korea, there has been a room for promoting illegal gambling websites for a long time. They make rooms to promote the website and don't start games.

There was a function to filter these rooms in the wlauncher, but there is no way to filter those rooms at the moment. Therefore, many players are exposed to the promotion of websites.

- the need for special privilege to allow more people to participate in ladder

It would be nice to have your ladder grade marked in the lobby. This can motivate many players to join the ladder.

- Sales of more skins

That's what I really want!

- Necessity of tutorials

Starcraft is not a friendly game for beginners. Of course the campaign is doing this, but it's not enough, and it takes too long to be clear.

I really want to add this feature.

Thank you always for your dedication to Starcraft.
SD graphics look much worse than old graphics used to, no matter the Sharp-Filtered level available we pick. They just don't look the same. This is the reason I'm not playing with SD graphics otherwise I would.
I'm back to post additional comments.
I'm sorry if you were confused by too many comments.

- Features that enable the Observer to pause the game

This is what e-sports need. There are often times when an observer has to stop playing the game. But the Observer does not have the right to pause the game. Even if the Observer type "stop," it is not visible to the player. So there is a problem with the game going on that should be stopped.

- The ability to promote a room that you create on a channel

I would like to recommend the ability to display the room that I have created on the channel, and to allow unspecified players to enter the room quickly by clicking the button that I marked.

Of course, the person registered as a friend can enter the room quickly now. It is to extend this function.
I think this will be very useful for players who enjoy 'Use map setting' games. I think new maps that are relatively less popular but fun can attract more players through this function.

Of course if too many people abuse this, the chatting can be dirty. So this function needs a delay for reuse, and if necessary, I think selling the right to use it in Blizzard is a good idea.

- The ability of the observer to change the player's color

When you watch e-sports, there are sometimes problems that are indistinguishable from each other, such as yellow and brown.

We need a function that allows the observer to switch to a color that is more easily distinguishable.

- New YouTube Channel for 'Learning Starcraft's

I am a Korean and I can find many Starcraft lectures on YouTube. But if you don't know Korean, these videos will be useless.

Due to these differences in learning data, it is difficult for non-Koreans to reach Korean skills.

Of course I know that Starcraft is no longer the most popular game in the world. But I think Starcraft's non-Korean player should be given a chance to learn the game.

It would be nice to work with professional gamers in Korea to make good teaching materials.

I recommend the following people. He is a YouTube creator who specializes in Starcraft learning materials.


It would be fantastic to make YouTube videos available in games after you have created them.

Thank you for reading my bad English to the end.
12/20/2018 11:31 PMPosted by HaN
SD graphics look much worse than old graphics used to, no matter the Sharp-Filtered level available we pick. They just don't look the same. This is the reason I'm not playing with SD graphics otherwise I would.

Ah yes, the SD graphics wasn't on the list for some reason, even though there has been an universal and loud outcry about that, and people have posted algorithms too, for fixing it. I myself play on SD as well, and it looks crap in comparison to 1.16. One notch, and the game is too pixely, one notch in the other direction, and it's too blurry.
If you implement Racepiking, please make it kind of like the "Maps piking" so it's a soft priority instead of a hard veto.

Hopefully the algorithm will prevent the non-racepiking-players to not being overwhelmed by mirror matches (the ones that the "Racepikers" vetoed)

The Ranked Portrait Frame is an indicator of players' ranks but it seems like you treated it like a cosmetic feature by giving the option to not show it.

If people have the option to not show it, it loses it's purpose.

I would suggest to remove that option and always show the portrait frame once a player has finished his placements.

Also related to this priority of yours:
[P2] Show opponent's rank in matchmaking pre-game popup
You know what i would also love to see? More achievement portraits especially some achievable through non ranked games. Maybe overall time played.

Feel like portraits are much more valuable. . Every time i see people with those high MMR portraits i think they are royalty.

Give us wayyyyyyyyyyyy more portraits, IDK if it even needs to be starcraft related. Guess that could be up for discussion. Probably should have given out portraits to people who joined blizzcon. Would like them to invest more time on bringing a variety of ways to personalize your starcraft.

The only 2 ways we have ATM which are very limited is through your HUD/in-game themes and your portraits.
Great! Is there any news about the messaging functions? /f m, /w, /r. All that good stuff? Basically, when you send messages... even though it appears to have sent. Some, if not all do not receive the messages. Are you guys aware of it?
regarding 64-bit: I do rely on wine to play SCR. Right now, SCR needs a 32-bit prefix. So I guess all I have to say is 64-bit wine will have to run the 64-bit version, or I am SOL.
Also what about the whole "Your stats could not be updated at the moment" thingie?
12/20/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Grant Davies
It means that you choose your race based on which race your opponent has chosen.

You can already do that in custom games and it won't work in ranked ladder.
Ignore/ squelch button or check box would be nice since there are so many untypable usernames.
1) Widescreen (not stretching but adding area to black borders like in HD) for SD graphics
2) 1.16.1 smoothness for SD graphics

I know there are so many things to do and I appreciate all of them but please, add them to priority 4 or 5. I mean, c'mon, BWAPI can't be more important than this!
@ ConacLover: As I tried to explain to you the other week, what you ask for is technically impossible. Please (pretty please?) take the time to read this suggestion and comment on it...

TITLE: Add "Display Resolution" to "Options" -> "Video"
DESCRIPTION: A choice of the following display resolutions would be added to "Options" -> "Video"
HD (1.280x720)
Full HD (1.920x1080)
Quad HD (2560x1440)
Ultra HD (3840x2160)
Windows Desktop (default)
(look up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_display_resolution for reference)
EXPLANATION: A choice of display resolutions would allow players to customize their SC:R experience. While most players will still prefer the highest possible resolution their monitor can display (Windows Desktop), some may opt to display the game in a lower resolution. This would give players the option to experience a more classic gameplay, while still using the full screen area of a modern 16:9 monitor.

TITLE: Rename "Options" -> "Video" -> "HD Graphics" and "SD Graphics Filter"
DESCRIPTION: The items "HD Graphics" and "SD Graphics Filter" would be renamed to "Original 1998 Graphics" and "Original 1998 Graphics Filter"
EXPLANATION: This would be a more precise description of the "press F5 to see how the game looked before it was remastered" feature, which allows players to swap between "SC:R Graphics" and "Original 1998 Graphics"
(note that the terminology is adopted from "Options" -> "Sound" to be consistent)
Grant, thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. I am really excited about the "relaxed input" implementation. This is a much needed update. Without it, it makes it difficult for users who switch back and forth between SCII and SC remastered because they feel different. Even though I personally prefer relaxed input, I am wondering if maybe it would be better if it was simply something the user could toggle on/off. I am sure a minority of users may still prefer the other feeling of the game.

Could you also look into a problem regarding a Zerg macro issue? It seems there is a slight delay after issuing the select larva command that makes it difficult to macro. I made a video about it here:


I also made a video regarding a bug that happens when you save a game and then continue playing it and try to watch the replay.


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