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Hi there,

I'm just wondering if there are places other than Battle.Net where players get together online to play games? I'm asking because now - just as ten and fifteen years ago - I face the usual problems of getting a meaningful game of six players going (whether a standard game or a variety of Use Map Settings maps - it doesn't matter) where someone doesn't leave in the first minute, give up, or quit for some other reason. It's impossible to filter players in a meaningful way, and after days (sometimes weeks) of not being able to play a single game...well, it's rather frustrating.

Are there people out there who are willing to actually commit to a game? To play it through no matter what? To try different and new things? To play something a few times to really learn it and understand it and really communicate with one another to develop powerful and emphatic strategies that make a game fun and rewarding? I love this - but I find no one online who is willing to share this kind of experience; and sadly my friends mostly aren't gamer types, so LAN parties aren't a thing for me. :/

Where might I go to find people actually willing to play a game?
Hello, the Foreign BW Discord, are both great places to meet people. The CPL (Coach Pupil League) has it's own discord / thread on teamliquid (TL, shortly), and there are more low ranking people there. Also, the "looking for practice partner" thread on tl.
Discord is probably your best bet outside of
Hi there,

Thanks for the tips. Are these paid services? Does one join games as in B.Net, or do you have to share IP's to create a game together?

I guess I'll take a look.

Take care!
These are not paid services, and you can't play games on them. It's just chat servers and forums where you might find people to play with, and then host it on If you want alternative servers, iccup should still be running on 1.16, but most people are on with whatever is the newest version. - Team Liquid - Foreign Broodwar discord server - CPL forum thread, should be a link to their discord there.
If you're looking to get people together for Use Map Settings (UMS) games, we have an UMS Discord with about 1100 members currently:

This link will take you there.

Discord is a chat program (basically, it's like these forums, but in real-time with hundreds of other users, you can embed pictures/videos, voice chat etc.)

You can access the Discord server without needing to download Discord - it has a browser form that is more than adequate unless you want to voicechat - then you'd want to DL Discord app, it runs better anyway. :P

Occasionally I find cool new Korean UMS and translate them, or find a new hard map, and gather up people in Discord/my friends list and we play it til we beat it (or determine its impossible lol)

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