Why does WC 3 still get balance patches

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but not BW?

Pretty sure stasis field duration nerf and buffs to shield batteries and scouts won't effect the balance too much.
all we need is nvn matchmaking, not a balance patch.
I also need infested marines and nukes buff and also new heroes and skins and square balls with autopilot and basket with trampolines and Blizzard that use and control e-sport for marketing and dancing jerk warcraft toys in space to please kiddos on twitch.
because warcraft III is not one of the best RTS of all times. That answers your question?
Can i get thumbs down also please
12/28/2018 12:44 PMPosted by UnlimitedXP
Can i get thumbs down also please
There you go, my dude :)
To put it simply: The classic games team spoke to numerous people from both games who continued to play competitively long after the release of Starcraft II. The Starcraft: Brood War players pretty much unanimously said that the game was perfectly balanced and they wanted no changes to gameplay whatsoever. Most players of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne went in agreement that the four races were not evenly balanced and that the game would really benefit from gameplay changes.

While they’re doing what they can to attract new players and players who previously moved on, the primary market for these remasters is the playerbase who were already playing before the remaster was announced. Even the remaster for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction will likely show preference to players who still race to reach max level at the beginning of each season. The new and returning playerbase gets to provide feedback, but not until the game is a pretty good ways into development.

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