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Neo Sylphid
i would argue that Myst is another Iccup map that i am having so much fun lately.

Vote for different tilesets.
i honestly think is time to bring back Colosseum, every season has brought classic maps so i think is time for that one...

as a 2 sided map you know my vote is for Myst some of you probably never heard of it but is not an easy map to play yet the cheese is strong on that one, no quick third gas tho... which makes it interesting. also the natural on Myst is really hard to contain against things like Terran push, lurker contain etc, and there are some weird thing in this map like bases you can take one side or the other depending on your situation... protecting that third base is one of the most complicated things ever so late games are tiring to say the least.

As a "non conventional map" which every season should have i think Chain Reaction is a nice not really unconventional it is like playing Heartbreak Ridge somehow...

and another map that i think it would be great to have in the season is third world, just because is honestly just fun to play, really hard tho. Maybe each sason should have a more "known" map, i wouldn't care bringing back Match Point or kkeping Aztec...i know people hate Aztec... but i like seeing people play maps they normally would not play no a custom private game.
Crossing Field (ASL4)
Gold Rush aka Skull Desert (ASL4)
Camelot (ASL3)
How about some island map, Sparkle? (ASL5)
I would like to see FS and CB go because they have been played since launch on match making. After playing like 800 matches on each, I cannot stand playing on those all the time anymore. That is why I decided to veto them, even though I have become quite knowledgeable on them.

Also it is evident that the KSL map pool is decided by the current ladder map pool (or vice versa with the ladder in mind!).
Many people have been complaining afaik that FS and CB have been played sooo much in tournaments already. Looking again at KSL, to name only one tournament, FS and CB are played on most of the time. I would like looking forward to a KSL without those maps in it.

The other maps in the pool are always very refreshing, and I would not even mind having a few of the new maps remaining in the ladder map pool.
Every ladder should have either fighting spirit or circuit breakers, i mean not everybody ladders every single day, and i trust that people would like to have a map they know and enjoy. So dont count on they removing fighting spirit any time soon, changing circuit breakers for lets say Colosseum, gladiator or something like that seems more plausible.
A compromise would be to either have FS or CB. But both of them feels too much to me.

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