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Hi there,

This might not actually be possible, but I thought I'd bring it up because it might be entertaining and amusing.

With the new observer option in the Starcraft patch - in theory one could put only AIs as the players and observe them. However, the game won't allow you to start without a human player as one of the main players. Could this be changed so that the game can start anyways if there are only AIs? Watching 4vs4 AIs would be funny. Come to think of it - this could even be a useful feature for some map testing.

But if it can't work - oh well. :)

Take care and thanks!
Yeah, this would be a cool feature! It could be put on like TV :)
Yeah it would! Often when cleaning the house or doing some other chores, I like just to just watch AI's fight. I have no idea why I like it - I just do! The experience would be far more fantastic with 8 of them rather than just 6 or 7.

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