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Hello, with the recent changes to BNLS for Diablo 2, the only way to load a bot is through the Blizzard API bot program, or a bot called "SphBot" (Both are extremely difficult to use and not user friendly).

Blizzard, when are you going to fix your API / Bot process to make it more user friendly? I have been using bots for years and I can barely understand how to get this bot MADE BY BLIZZARD online, it shouldn't take a programmer to load a bot for clan / channel moderation in 2019, this is ridiculous....

Sources :

Shortly after the server maintenance on January 4th 2019, a new version check system was applied to Diablo 2 on the server side. We are looking into this but there is no ETA on a fix. This leaves only WarCraft 2 and Diablo 1 working on official servers. This would affect all bots and not just StealthBot, and affects both BNLS and local hashing.

This is for the following errors:
[BNLS] Error! BNLS failed CheckRevision. Please check the settings of your bot and try again.

[BNCS] Warden.dll does not support checkrevision for CheckRevision.mpq 1/4/2019 11:41:42
[BNCS] Make sure you have the latest Warden.dll from
[BNCS] Local hashing failed.

There may be some bots that connected quickly enough after the reset, before the changes were applied, that are still online. They got lucky for now but will likely be kicked off soon during the nightly refreshes.
In-game bots use a different system and I do not know how they might be affected by this. We don't support them here.

If you still need a bot in your clan or op channel, and you do not have a WarCraft 2 CD key, your only remaining option is the chat API. This is the system that Blizzard has for chat bots moving forward. It provides a very limited set of features and won't work for everyone's needs but it's the only thing left right now.
StealthBot is not directly compatible with the chat API but I have made a program that allows StealthBot to interface with it, which you can download on GitHub, where I have full instructions for the process:

This bot is NOT easy to use, please help and make it easier for Clans / channel moderation to work, it is the year 2019, we are not in the dark ages anymore Blizzard.....
Please fix this and read blizzard!
Stealth bot works with warcraft 2 CD keys still.
How do you get WC2 cd keys?
01/16/2019 07:18 AMPosted by telecom
How do you get WC2 cd keys?

Spend outrageous amount of money or get lucky at a yard sale.
Lol if you go hunting make sure it's a bnet edition
There was a Diablo 2 Hotfix for stealthbot which made life easier, because Blizzard can't take the time to develop a simple chat moderation bot after 20+ years, and give Clan support to BW when it is already in SC2, bleh
I don't know how to ban somebody in 2019 either. I think it will take a programmer to figure this one out.
almost as if bots which were made by programmers and mostly intended for use by programmers are not for non programmers
I understand your pain telecom. Keep the fight going.
You'll be hard pressed to find a working bot for any of these 1.0 games, especially if the project is dead and there has been some changes to the connection process. The CHAT protocol is heavily restricted because back in the 90s there was a thing called "warring", trying to be the Operator/Moderator in the channel without the need for a CD-Key. They since fixed that but didn't unrestrict the CHAT protocol. (No idea why). Seems the only protocol that works with local hashing is W2BN still (Warcraft II Edition which was just re-released on GOG not too long ago). I doubt there is a working BNLS server either. Since Blizzard killed off 1.0 in favor of 2.0, this is pretty much it. I also doubt anyone is willing to get a bot working for 1.0 because quite simply it's not very active and the network itself is pretty archaic. It's really not worth it.

Honestly, your best bet is just sticking with Discord and making a server or something to your liking. works and

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