Settings Reset After Exiting StarCraft

Bug Report
Many of my settings such as APM display, clock display, console skin, and map veto selection and possibly others get reset to default the next time I play StarCraft (after exiting the game and re-launching).

I also get this message when I exit the game: "Upload in progress. Really quit? ([X] KB remaining)". Also sometimes when I launch the game it will say "Authenticating StarCraft" and then "Download Failed". Not sure if all these issues are related.
Launching from app?
This happens constantly to me. The settings are obviously stored in the cloud and reloaded each time, and are failing to sync. I don't understand why they don't cache them locally.
same to me
02/11/2019 10:21 AMPosted by fileKiraro
Launching from app?

I have similar issue. It does not always happen, but it sometimes does.

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