Patch 1.22.3 Notes

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Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.22.3 has arrived. Welcome to Season 3!

Features and Improvements

New Zerg themed ranked play rewards. S,A,B,U rank portraits and frames.

Map pool update:
(2) Cross Game 1.06
(2) Overwatch 2.2
(3) Medusa 2.2
(4) Circuit Breakers 1.0
(4) Fighting Spirit 1.3
(4) Ground_Zero 2.0
(4) Colosseum 2.0

  • S Rank – Top 1% of players
  • A Rank – 7%
  • B Rank – 21%
  • C Rank – 21%
  • D Rank – 21%
  • E Rank – 21%
  • F Rank – 8%
  • (Note: For the first two weeks ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season's data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.)

    • Overhauled replay information screen and replay file name format
    • Friends presence notifications can now be toggled on and off with the chat commands /f on and /f off
    • /dnd will also ignore presence notifications from friends. Additionally, when /dnd is now toggled feedback will be provided as to whether it’s on or off
    • Added /f o as an alias for /f lo
    • Re-enabled disconnect stats

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug introduced in last patch which caused replays to go out of sync when any player left the game. Note * existing replays created under that patch will not be repaired – they will remain broken

    new map pool, woot woot.
    Matt, already finding an error when trying to play a ranked match. I enter the queue and am receiving this error (seemingly when it's about to pair me):

    "An error occurred while trying to find a match. (Error - 1:7)"

    I've already tried re-queuing many times/logging out/closing SC/closing launcher/restarting computer/etc. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem to be effecting many people, because I can see quite a few people on my friends list already playing ranked.


    An error occurred while trying to find a match. (Error - 1:7)
    It seems like the replay name format is still the same when I tried to make a few new ones, though it does show more information when one is highlighted.
    actually that error happens to a lot of people

    I cant play too
    Pleas dont forget to add more information into replay mode, particularly workers number.
    yeah i have the error too^^

    We are currently looking into Error-1:7. Playing with CB and FS un-vetoed should allow you to match for now.
    Dear Matt Sherman, please make EAPM feature possible!
    Request is here

    Blizzard, please don't ignore. Thanks!
    but I have all maps un-vetoed lol
    i doubt any one wants to veto cb and fs :D
    Ranking percentage is to wide(especially S)
    everybody is S, there is no honor in it
    Plz make it more special
    Please let me know if you are still hitting (Error - 1:7).
    When is the next season?
    Reposting my pet bug. The option to use Cmd instead of Ctrl on the Mac is still only partially implemented:
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS disconnects are back!
    When watching a replay the game timer on the left above the mini map, does not match the time where it says elapsed time. Has it always been like this?
    Why is it always chosen that is not good for Terran? haha..

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