melee mode = predetermined spawn order?

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so i was playing some melee games with my friend on medusa.
i opened the game (1st slot) and my friend was in 2nd slot
i overlord scouted counter clockwise in all games.
in all 11 games, i scouted him first.

for the 12th game, i still hosted the game but we used the observer slot to change our order. So now my friend was in slot 1 and i was in slot 2.
now he managed to overlord scout me first (counter clockwise)

so did a recent patch mess with the melee spawn order or did i just have been 50%^12 = 0,02% lucky?
This needs more testing. Did you use UMS? Is there a chance spawn locations weren't randomized if you used UMS?
Spawning on same locations all 12 games is weird but it can happen on 3 player maps.

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