APM how to speed up?

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I have watched many you tube games with flash. How the hell are guys getting 300 apm?
Just force yourself to click really fast and not let your apm drop below a target. First, your brain will be on fire and it will be super stressful, and you won't know what to click to keep up the apm, but you must keep it up, so just do something spammy, like selecting same units, etc. It makes no sense, and will actually make your play worse, but it will develop your ability to click fast.

To fill it with meaning, you just have to know what you should be doing, and in which order. Which you can learn by observing, probably on slowed down speeds, from youtube vods of how pros react to certain situations.

There's also apm/multitask training UMS maps, where you have to constantly micro an scouting scv against a zealot, whilst microing back at home.

Ask on teamliquid.net, these forums are pretty dead, someone will provide the map and useful advice
Skill makes apm, not the other way around.

If you know what to di and how to do, you're going to increase your apm.
The only thing that can help keeping the rhythm is to spam click at the beginning.
APM is stupid.
ive seen people win with low APM.
most of the time the people with high APM just spam click all over the place.

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