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Wanted to know if at some point there will be mod support for StarCraft Remastered? I haven't seen any clarification from the staff and would like some input.
Modding doesn't need support to prosper.
04/20/2019 01:29 AMPosted by UEDCommander
Modding doesn't need support to prosper.

Apparently it does for this game according to various authors.
I don't think it's their priority, but hey! That would be awesome!
They could add modding capabilities to StarEdit (besides of all the things that are expected to be added).
Mods would open up many possibilites, such as custom games or maybe even our own community made balance changes (For example I can imagine a mod that changes Scouts so they can be viable without changing other things just to test how that would work)
I agree. And I know it's not their priority, I merely just want to know if it's on their to-do list at all.

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