Developer Update - April 4

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Hello everyone,

Check out our latest developer update video, in which Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies gives a quick update on StarCraft: Remastered. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback!
It's great that you're always looking for ways to make the native P2P model as efficient as possible. It's come a long way. I can't complain about anything that helps.

And YAY for the key+mouse input change! <3

Although not SC related, nice to know that you're upping to the few forum format soon! Much nicer environment.
Thank you, these vids are amazing!

Looking forward to start playing sc more regularly on with racepicking added !
Fantastic! I'm eagerly awaiting everything to become 64bit since that will reduce the ammount of trouble implied in setting up Wine and making sure all multiarch :i386 librarlies are present on the system, for everything to work well to play StarCraft on LInux.
When can we expect this to go live?

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