May we please add more account names?

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Please, allow us to have up to 20 names.
It's not fair that on Diablo II you allow more characters than you do on SC.
When originally, I could unlimited accounts.
I know you had problems with bots but that's not truly our fault.

Some of us use more than one character to role play or for clans.
I understand "smurfing" does exist but the point that I am trying to make I do not have enough characters to play on each server and join a clan.
Thank you!
1 main character east
1 main character west
1 main character korea
1 main character asia
1 main character europe
1 clan character east
1 clan character west
1 clan korea
1 clan asia
1 can europe
1 smurf east
1 smurf west
1 smurf korea
1 smurf asia
1 smurf europe

Thank you.
If you merged the servers, this would not be an issue...
Are you a chameleon?
Well, we don't need like 20 accounts but about 5 would do me :).
It would be also ok if we could delete an account without loosing its points for the pictures.

But i would also like more names!
I think we already have 3 accounts per each region?

I would like a bit more, maybe 5 is fine. Laddering with different races can be fun.
Thanks for listening!
5 is the right amount. If I don't care about ladder & HD graphics I just make a new e-mail and play on it.
03/28/2019 08:02 AMPosted by RuiN
1 smurf east
1 smurf west
1 smurf korea
1 smurf asia
1 smurf europe

Dude, they should do everything to prevent smurfing. It's not fun to play against smurfs at any level.

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