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I have been trying to locate Starcraft manually, since the launcher seems to have forgot suddenly that it is installed - even while I was playing. A friend of mine also has this issue.

I located the game files, then the launcher says: 'install', then 'Play' (which is greyed out) and then goes to 'update' and then switches back to 'install'.

Trying to install the game produces an error message. So that also is not possible for me.

While I am typing this, another friend of mine asked me to play, and he is experiencing this issue as well now. He was ingame before too.
Same happened with one of my friend and me. : (
The game does not even let me start it when I am trying to do it manually from my game folder. "Starting" - Do you want to guess where I am already online?

Feedback to Blizzard:[u][/u]

Firstly,that is why people are very annoyed about the "always online" policy: Even triple A companies fail often enough at providing service that has already been paid for. Even though I am already "always online".

Secondly, forcing people to use something they don't want to use in the first place, or in a way the do not want to use it, does neither make your customers feel cared about nor creates a consensual relationship with them.

Thirdly, it creates frustration and anger within a community, which is what I believe to be a foundation on which Blizzard is building upon.

I really hope that Blizzard won't start acting like other oligopolies, like e.g. cable companies because Blizzard has been a company that I have liked and supported so far. At a certain point, you just might have to realize though that times do indeed change, when companies are being bought and taken over by bigger fish and different CEOs.
I feel like a lot people are using Blizzard services because Blizzard has the rights, in the case of Starcraft, of a 20 year old game and are forced into it instead of actually wanting to.
same problem here
Hey all,

Blizz is on it. You can post/follow this thread in the Technical Support forum:

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