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Feb 8, 2015 Introducing Your Character to the Universe! How there, folks! This thread is for anybody who wants to share a short and brief description of their character, and I recommend that you use this format to share; Character's Name: Realm: Level: Age: Current Residence: Short Back Story: *Short Back-Stories Must Be Under 200 Words! If you must know what this look like well. ---Start---- ---Finish--- Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!Dèstiny1000 Feb 8, 2015
Oct 5, 2017 [Guide] In-Game Roleplay -- The Basics Thank you all for your efforts and hard work, everyone! This guide would not be where it is today without your support and feedback, and I hope it can serve as a valuable resource for people to turn to for years to come! This guide, as stated above in the topic title, will be all about the basics of in-game roleplaying, and will be relatively lengthy. It will include examples for you to see, explanations for you to understand, and links to other very helpful threads and resources to help you learn about the joy of roleplaying. Also, since I do not consider myself the best of the best, I am completely open to criticism intended to correct or better the information provided here. Any suggestions for corrections, additions, or deletions are completely welcome, and preferred. After all, this guide is meant to be helpful and insightful when it comes to in-game roleplaying, not a bunch of drivel that doesn't help anyone or make sense. Even if you're skeptical about some piece of information, question me! I'll be happy to answer, and if I'm not available to respond someone else might be around to do so! Table of Contents I. Basic Roleplaying Terms II. Preparations for Roleplaying - 1. Character Development - 2. And The Things You Need to Know to Start III. Roleplaying Fights IV. Open World RP vs. Group RP V. Griefers and You VI. Using Online Resources for RP VII. Transitioning to Forum RP VIII. Helpful Links CompilationShandrís109 Oct 5, 2017
Aug 11, 2017 Forum RP: Types and Expectations ((Guide)) Hell Yeah! :D Thanks all, hope you enjoy this guide. Before I start. This is a very long guide, feel free to skip to the bits that are relevant to you. If you want to know how to start a Closed RP, go to that section. If you want to know about Expectations of Open RP, skip there. Also feel very free to offer constructive criticism, or criticism in general, every post is a bump :) This, as the title suggests is about Forum RP. If you wish for a Guide on In-game RP, I suggest: The above guide is very easy to read, and a lot of the basics can even be strongly relevant to forum RP. Even if you don't plan to in-game RP, the above is an easy read and comes with a few strong links that relate to forum RP as well. Edit: Second reference: This is another written set of guidelines and rules, check them out for another reference if you like, it's definitely more compact than this and might give you a good summary. And lastly: This is a brilliantly written ongoing statement and guide. It's not only personal, but comes from an experienced and helpful person. Types of Forum RPs This thread is an expression of my opinion. I am not stating fact, but I am hoping that I am vague and general enough for it to be true, even if skewed a little. I am writing this guide, so that people can understand what the different forum tags mean, how you can get into different types of RP, how you are expected to act in them, and how they work in general. First of all and most important: You are not expected to read this whole thing, it is considerably long and detailed and I probably should have condensed it. But, if you read anything, please read the second post, with Expectations and the Rules of RP, this is probably the most important part of this thread! Feel free to post criticism. Even if I disagree, I will post any valid arguments up on my first posts, for anyone else to read, so they can understand the mixed opinions that are present. This guide will also shape and form from structured opinion, I will edit as seems fit. At the start this might seem a little... not good... but with help from our community, it will grow better. I will be focusing on two main types of RP. Open, and Closed. However I will also delve into the variants of each, such as the Tavern RP, and the structured Closed RP. I will try and keep a vague sense, as it is not black and white, especially when getting into the structured aspect of things. Also, remember, I am not telling you how to do things; I am just trying to help. Each Topic will be separated by emphasized titles. At the end of each topic, there will be a short summary in italics. After the Table of Contents, there will be a summary of expectations, as it is likely the most important part of this thread. What this Guide will contain Expectations - Post 2 The "Rules' of RP - Post 2 Summary of RP Types. - Post 3 Open RPs General Feel -Post 3 How to get into one - Post 3 Expectations - Post 4 How to make one - Post 4 The Tavern Element - Post 4 Closed RPs General Feel - Post 5 How to get into one - Post 5 Expectations - Post 5 How to make one - Post 6 The Structured Element - Post 7 Quick Term Summary There are other, better places you can find these, but I will just go through the ones you will need to know here. OOC: Out of Character. Refers to any comment made from you as an Earthling, not from your character, as I am talking now, as opposed to... IC: In Character. Any comment made from your characters perspective. E.g.: Thurman took the blue silken wizards hat from his bed and placed it on top of his head. RP: Roleplay TM: Thread Master. The Person who creates a thread, this is the poster with the most control; role will vary depending on the RP type. OP: Opening Post. This refers to the first post in a thread by someone. The TM’s first post will start a thread, while the posters first post will introduce their character. Generally, the OP will be longer than the other posts, because you have far more to write about, and generally want to put more effort into it. Note Feel free to post criticism. Know that I want your opinion, and if you have your own guide, or bits of guide, feel free to give them to me, and I will add them. We are a community. The credit should go to all of us.Meep169 Aug 11, 2017
Sep 25, 2016 [FanFic Guide]: Building a Better Story! I thought I might as well toss up some guidelines that could give some new writers a path to follow. You can choose to follow what I say strictly, or just completely blow it off; doesn't much matter. It's your story, so be creative with it! I'm just here to try and help. -Table of Contents- I. Story Topics II. Creativity in Writing III. Writing Guidelines IV. Descriptive Limitations V. Hero’s Journey VI. Involving NPCs VII. Adding Flavor Lore VIII. After Publishing ---------------------- I. Story Topics Now, while this is very much your story and your creation, it does have to take place within the WoW universe (Blizzard's rules from the old Seat of Knowledge forum, not mine). People tend to shy away from stories that involve heavy lorebreaking without an explanation. This doesn't include things such as alternate dimensions, changes in the past, nightmares or dreams, etc, but rather blatant alterations that don't serve any purpose other than "I said so". However, so long as you make it obvious that your story is in Warcraft, you should be fine. II. Creativity in Writing Something to always keep in mind while writing your story, is that it is your creation and your imagination that is at work; not someone else's. If you want to involve a giant, undead, fel-corrupted dragon in Moonglade for your story about a teenager with a mechanical arm and a blade that can cut through anything... Have at it. It's your story so you write it however you see fit to capture your imagination and entertain others. III. Writing Guidelines People don’t like to read walls of texts, paragraphs filled with bad punctuation, wrong spelling or broken English, so if you want to hook your readers before they even start reading, break your story apart. Split them up into smaller paragraphs, use proper grammar and punctuation and if you don’t know how to spell a specific word, try using Google’s voice recognition on your phone or laptop to pronounce the word; Google should recognize it, and then you’ll know how to spell it. Trust me, splitting your story into paragraphs and using proper grammar goes a long way with a reader’s eye. IV. Descriptive Limitations While this is Warcraft, there are some descriptive limitations that could get your thread deleted if you break some of the rules. As you very well know, World of Warcraft is filled with blood, gore and torture, all of which can be within your story without a problem (usually). However, I wouldn't go about describing in great detail the victim of some heinous death. Gore can usually be described if you’re detailing an Abomination or Ghoul, but if you’re describing a character's death, keep it to a minimum. People are much more queasy reading about recently dead bodies than they are zombies, even if they're technically the same thing. There's a mental barrier there that separates the two and crossing that line can have more people clicking off of your story. Same goes for describing scenes of sexual intercourse, nudity, non-consensual sex, etc. If you want to share your Warcraft fantasy, there are sites for that, but this is not one of them. V. The Hero's Journey Any great story needs a hero, and any great hero needs a journey. In 1987, Joseph Campbell released a book titled "The Hero's Journey", and it showed people how almost every hero, whether it be Gilgamesh of ancient Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago, or the well-known Superman and even Jesus Christ, all share shockingly similar traits. According to Joseph Campbell, they all follow a guideline of a story element; and for good reasons. People love it. Remember, you do not have to follow the Hero’s Journey to make a good story, but here's a breakdown of the Hero's Journey in a simplified version: Unusual Birth Whether it’s the common virgin birth story or the death of the character's parents, anything unusual that happens at birth or at a young age can fit right in here. Call to Adventure This usually includes a messenger of some sort or a way of the hero being requested for aid in a mission, usually in a faraway land. Refusal of the Call The hero tends to refuse the call to adventure at first, but is then forced to go, convinced to, or chooses to go. Meeting the Mentor It could be a teacher, father, trainer, or even a sibling, but this area usually includes training or preparation for the adventure. Crossing the First Threshold Whether it’s fighting a dragon, tackling a giant, solving a riddle, saving the town or rescuing Timmy from a well, this is the first trial that has to be conquered to achieve the goal.Canniibal21 Sep 25, 2016
Sep 29, 2018 Roleplaying Question Collective Now, I've been on these forums a while. It never fails that many questions get asked over and over and over. I'm hoping to create some kind of resource for people to come to to get their questions answered. They'll include a question(In no particular order), with a general consensus of the forums/sources as to what the answer of that question is, and a link if applicable to where discussion on that topic was held. I'll update for better threads or different opinions should things change. I'm also open to suggestions or links, so post them if you have them. ERPing and how to handle it should you see it. -- Warn them(politely), report them, ignore them if they continue. -- Thread: Using the Vial of the Sands to RP a Dragon. -- It's generally frowned upon, can be proven OoCly and ICly to not work, but if you can find an accepting group and you do it well, it can work. Don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Languages, Translations, and where to find them. -- While it's possible lorewise for characters to learn other languages, you have to turn to an addon to allow you to speak them in RP. -- Thread: "Breaking" and "Bending" Lore. -- Many many people frown upon it, but there is a small community that supports it. Try to find them, don't expect people to accept you or your story/character. Most prefer to RP WoW in WoW. -- Thread: Death, Healing, and mechanics. -- There are many ways to handle death and healing in World of Warcraft. One of the more accepted ways is that Death is final. You can also be ressurected, but you can't cheapen Death by making it easy. -- Thread(s): , Races that don't exist in WoW, in WoW. -- Much like breaking or bending lore to allow things that should be, roleplaying a race that doesn't normally exist(Dark Elves, other fantasy races) is generally frowned upon. You can find those that accept it but don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Vampires in WoW -- Classical vampires do not actually exist in WoW. There are vampiric creatures, there are also vampiric demons or other creations, but a Vampire like you would see in Dracula does not exist. -- Thread(s): , Love in World of Warcraft -- Love can strike anyone at any time. However, you must take into consideration ICly and OoCly genetics, cultural differences, age discrepancies, and physiology. -- Thread(s): , Why Night Elves look different from Blood Elves, and High Elves. -- Usage of Arcane magic drove the Highborne, Blood Elves, and High Elves from the rest of Night Elven culture. Arcane magic altered their culture and outlooks. High Elves and Blood Elves look differently from Night Elves because they were severed from the Well of Eternity. -- Wiki: ; Section: Foundation of Quel'Thalas. -- Thread: Roleplaying a race that you aren't. -- It takes suspension of disbelief, use of addons, and ingame items to pull something like this off, but it is possible. There's limits, but many options are within reach. -- Thread: Dealing with "bad" RP. -- General consensus is that if you see someone RPing "wrong", -politely- inform them, in whispers, that they may want to rethink how they are RPing. Don't push them, but give them a gentle nudge to these forums or other Lore sites. -- Thread: Dealing with godmoders. -- Much like "bad" rp, you can politely inform them that what they're doing may not be entirely correct. Refer them somewhere that they can use to help themselves out. Or you can simply ignore them if they don't listen to reason. -- Thread: Are Highborne Immortal? -- Highborne, like normal Night Elves, are no longer immortal. They used to be, but were sustained by demons and other unsavory magics instead of being naturally immortal. -- Thread: Roleplaying as a Dragon. -- Roleplaying as a Dragon is a touchy topic. Many will tell you to simply "DIAF". However, it is possible, and can be done. You must to a lot of research and be ready to take a lot of heat. I don't encourage or down it, it's an individual thing. -- Thread: Sep 29, 2018
Mar 18, 2018 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera10 Mar 18, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Quest for the Emerald Shore (OOC & Sign-Ups) ... Among various signboards and taverns throughout Kul'Tiras and a few neutral ports in Zandalar a flyer can be found in a simple handwritten script. ... Aorasia sat in the tavern drinking a final mug of ale as she waited her future 'crew' to arrive. She paid the printing press more than she cared to make the flyers so it damn well better produce results. -------------------- Some general guidelines for the RP: The length of the RP should be fairly long as the quest for the treasure will take the group to quite a few different locations. Size of the group will be 5-7 people in addition to myself. Each person may bring no more than 2 characters to the RP. Pets/Companions do not count as characters so long as they maintain a supporting role to the primary character. IE They don't make up a majority of your character's post and/or do not have entire posts to themselves. Posts will be expected to be at least a paragraph and at a frequency of at least once a week. Grammar and spelling matter. These are not strict guidelines, but if it is becoming detrimental to the RP, there are plenty of islands in the Great Sea to maroon lazy crewmembers. Avoid bringing any characters that will conflict with criminal acts. Although committing acts of crime/piracy will not be a common theme for the RP, Aorasia is a known pirate and having inherit conflict from the start will not be welcomed. Feel free to ask about any plans I have for piracy and the like if you think your character might fit but are unsure. Application for the RP: Name: Age: Race: (If different from posting toon) Allegiances/Moral Alignment: (If Lawful Good or part of Alliance/Kul'Tiras military, be ready to explain why they are joining a known pirate) Physical Description: General Personality: Reason for Joining: (This should be done through an IC letter sent to Aorasia explaining why your character wants to go on this adventure and what they can offer. Doesn't need to be long, but it should introduce the character.)Aorasia98 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Are you faction-loyal or a neutral? Gameplay wise you are obviously restricted but lore/RP wise where does your character sit. I'm asking because I'm finding it really hard to get into this faction war after all we've been through. There just seems to be far bigger threats out there other than the other side. And the way the Horde has been acting lately I feel like it really goes against what my character believes in. I just feel like I would fit in better with a Neutral Organization. Actually fighting to protect this world and its inhabitants instead of fighting for shortsighted leaders. Thoughts?Thorkal16 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 WET Community Lounge #163 HIya Welcome to the no longer temporary lounge. Lounge #163 is now open. Guessing blizykins decided to use Goblin programers - no one else can make great ideas go boom like a goblin /giggle Anyways, plays nice, has fun, and don't touch the tauren whiskey previous: Archive: Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Ered’Kiel’s Desolation (occ closed 2) The second occ thread for the all villains rp, what a cliff hanger we left on! I’ll be adding the other information momentarily but also! First icc thread: Second icc thread: First occ thread: The last post on occ 1 ...Isaik203 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Forum Migration Coming, Save All Your Posts! Hey there friendos of World's End, this directly affects us all as all use these forums to roleplay on. If you want to see how they might look you can check out the Overwatch or Heroes of the storm forum. Post someone made on Heroes of the Storm about Trust Levels and how to use the new syntax formatting on the forums. Save your stuff! If you got anything you want to preserve it's best to do so now as things may get lost in the shuffle of the forums. That's what I'll be doing now that I know, don't want to lose anything valuable.Pärker15 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Ered’Kiels Desolation (IC Closed 2) (Previous thread: ) Maleok swung again and again slicing down demonic warrior after demonic warrior, he could do this all day! With a final downward slash Makeok spread a felguards blood across the room, in a beautiful liquid explosion of green! The massive drakkari stood triumphant over another assault of the position he had felt to guard, the mess of mechanical wires and mechanisms behind him that supplied power to the inside of the ship. For a moment everything was quiet... Maleok almost breathed a sigh of relief, if he could breath that is... When he heard the faintest footstep echoing off fresh blood pooling on the floor... “Rogues...” Maleok hissed as he rose his weapon high ready to fight the shadow warriors. In a flash three eredar rogues dropped upon Maleok from the ceiling, the first struck Maleok hard with a mace hoping to stun the massive beast! Slow laughing erupted from Maleok, “Dat was ju plan?” Maleok taunted unaffected by the blow, his head snapped as the blood in his body had frozen over to defend itself! Maleok grabbed the first rogue off his back and threw him hard into the ground below him shattering the bones of the rogue attacker. Maleok turned to strike again before feeling a small pain in his heel, one of the rogues had stuck the drakkari with a poisoned dagger! Maleok only laughed more before grabbing the eredar rogue by the head, “Wha was dat gonna do? Stop my heart?!” Maleok cackled loud as he thumped his chest! “It ain’t been beating for awhile!” Maleok said crushing the eredar’s skull in his hand. Maleok turned to the final rogue standing tall, “Bold aren’t you little one!” Maleok taunted at the rogue! In a flash of steel the eredar rogue lunges forward, ducking under Maleok’s red stained blade, the edge shaving off a piece of demonic horn. Maleok roared turning to face the rogue once more was met with blades in his eyes! Maleok roared swiping his arm in a attempt to grab the rogue in his blind rage. Maleok hissed as he only found air, the rogue eluded him easily while he was blinded! Maleok brought his arms high and slammed them down again in another area causing the floor to shake! Maleok roared ready to swing again when he felt a binding loop around his leg, with a swift jerk the drakkari toppled over with a resounding crash. More bindings looped over Maleok’s body, holding him down! Maleok hissed, his eyes almost healed enough to see when he felt two new daggers being stuck into his sockets! “Ju can’t hold me forever!” Roared Maleok, releasing a blast of blood magic that caused blood to boil, his attack was met with shrieks of pain. “Get him contained, then get this vessel online!! We have atleast a fighting chance if we get this thing moving!” The eredar rogue commanded to wyrmtongue. The wyrmtongue obeyed and begun fixing the wires and mechanisms.Maleok266 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Wanted: Steel Maverick IC (closed) To whom it may concern- It is this very day where I cut my loyalties to that of the horde and become a soldier of fortune to those in need,this day I wave the banner of neutrality. We've fought together as brothers and sisters in battle with petty differences set aside and were able to defeat the Burning Legion,yet here we are once again at each other's throats continuing this asinine,childish squabble as though nothing ever happened. The idea was to once more reunite and make Azeroth a safe place to inhabit once more yet the dogs of war appear to have an unnecessarily insatiable appetite as it had been shown by both parties including your alleged warchief. Her intentions have always come off as unscrupulous to me but now it's clear she only serves herself and I cannot stand by and watch innocents die for HER war. Should those who see this be in dire straits,feel as though they're losing hope,seek me out for those who wish to pursue me as a common criminal then I say bring it on,you only run to your death. The letter closed with a rather unique black wax seal with crossed swords with a pen name marked "The Steel Maverick" Damalys thought back on this letter from his hiding spot placing the goggles to his eyes and mask to his face Snytz,I hope this info you found me was right,if there really is wanted posters out there,it could be a trap. If not,these supplies could be ideal to any refugees who were caught in this mess. I wouldn't be surprised if the banshee bytch started to get paranoid by now lacking trust in anyone who doesn't show full devotion... He pressed a button on his goggles zooming in on the site below seeing a few loyalists on patrol and two guarding the cart that contained a precious cargo. I got just the thing for these gentleman,if I'm lucky and they're really this stupid this should be the ideal distraction.He pressed a button to some explosives he set off earlier causing them to go off. "What the Hell was that" one cried out "I don't know go check it out you idiots the alliance could be attacking!!" Once he saw the trio of patrolmen leave all he had to do was dispense of the guards and make off with the goods to distribute to any refugees be they alliance or horde who wanted nothing to do with any of this nonsense. He jumped down behind one of the guards quickly clamping a hand over his mouth and breaking his neck. The other guard went to grab for the war horn at his side only to be knocked out with a plated gloved fist. "Alright so far so good,these chumps really are as dumb as I hoped!" He smirked under his mask pulling out a hook and chain from his satchel and pressed a button to call his gyrocopter from its hiding place I will admit while I respect Snytz,gnomish tech seems to be a bit more reliable... The patrolmen consisting of an orc,forsaken and goblin made it to the scene of the explosion only to find there was nothing there except the wreckage of an already wrecked hut. "We've been had but what would they be-" Their eyes went wide and in unison put two and two together "The cargo!" The patrolmen ran back but as they were halfway to their destination,they'd hear the sound of a gyrocopter with their crate hoisted in the air. Ontop of the crate stood a masked swordsman who gave a cocky laughter "Better luck next time suckers,whoever trained you must've been lousy at their job!" Upon departure,he'd throw a dagger their direction with a rolled up piece of paper attached to it with that same black wax seal with the number one by it and a big fat zero next to the horde crest. "STEEL MAVERICK YOU BASTARD,YOU WON'T GET AWAY FOREVER!!" one of them cried out. Some time passed as Damalys flew through a cloudbank to keep hidden with the goods and made his landing in a secluded encampment near the oasis. He gave a sigh of relief double checking to make sure he wasn't followed and walked up to the refugees "It wasn't easy but this crate of rations and medicine should last you a while if you divide it up carefully. Take me to your injured friend,this triage kit should be of assistance. I'm no doctor but it should do the job nicely."Damalys21 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Death Knights When they are created/raised by the Lich King just before Wrath of the Lich King, when roughly did they die? Or do we not know exactly?Korrisa11 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Lore Q&A and Character Help 4 A continuation of my other threads, found here: 1: 2: 3: I have a knack for knowing and finding obscure references in lore and, generally, just knowing a lot about it. If you have any lore questions, want some help with a character backstory or anything of the like, leave it in the comments and I will happy to do my research and help in any way I can!Cannibal327 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Dark Iron Questions Hey all, So I'm finally nearing the rep for unlocking Dark Irons (late to the party, I know) and I just have a few RP questions if I decide to stick the toon I role: - Lore-wise, do DI paladins make sense or are they just added for game-play purposes? How did they come to be? Is it possible for DI to have formed their own version of Paladins before the civil war split, or were they influenced by the Humans? - Are they, for the most part, considered "evil?". I mean, they used to be just normal Dwarves, so it's hard for me to assume that their whole clan has turned into a mustache-twirling faction. - As a follow-up, is it possible for a Dark Iron Dwarf to be "honorable"? Are they capable of building compassion for other races in the Alliance? Or are they joining merely out of convenience (e.g. "they enemy of my enemy is my friend") - Are they considered a weaker clan compared to Bronzebeards and Wildhammers? How do they fare population-wise, in comparison? Thank you in advance! If there is anything else you feel like adding, please go ahead and do so.Zerukaj11 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Question about Forsaken Elf A friend just came back to the game (yay!) and we wanted to RP on Horde for a bit, and the idea was pitched to RP Sin'dorei who had been raised in undeath (Kind of like Dark Rangers) Is that possible? Being Forsaken but using a different model?Sunwhisper5 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [Discussion] Your DHs' inner demon? So one common element in Demon Hunters is that they all have an inner demon whose heart they consumed and gained power from. I've seen a variety of demons and their effects on the Demon Hunters who consumed them, such as the Demon Hunter who are a Felhound and is now a good boy (I laughed, it was great). What demon did your character Chow down on and what powers or traits did they gain from it?Rialius24 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Character Backstory Critique Hey guys, So I had an idea for a Tauren Paladin who, in short, was taught how to harness the Light by those in the Argent Dawn/Crusade. I got some good input on it but put it to the side as I wanted to focus on other characters. Now after a while I wanted to give him a shot but I just wanted to make sure that everything in his backstory lined up chronologically and made sense. Also I wanted y'alls opinion about how old he ends up at the end of this list. Do you think he should be older? I'm kind of leaning towards that direction but I wanted to hear your thoughts Basic back story outline 11 Born 18 Family saved by Thralls Horde and his namesake Tried to be a shaman, didn’t work Became a druid, traveled to help fix the Plague Lands Came under attack from the undead, saved by paladins of the Argent Dawn Taught what the Light and wondered how the Light could be used to heal the earth Joined up with the Argent Dawn 27 Father went to Northrend with the Horde, died/He went with the newly formed Argent Crusade to fight Lich King 28 Worked with the Argent Crusade to repair the Plaguelands 28 ¾ Returned to Hyjal to help fight off Ragnaros couldn’t heal land fast enough, picked up shield to defend it until it could be healed 29-31 Remained in Mount Hyjal to help with the healing of the tree 32 Aided in the defense of Hyjal until the Second Well was destroyed ended up leaving to assist in driving the forces of the Legion back from Azeroth 33 Has withdrawn from the Current war between the Alliance and the Horde to focus on repairing the damage done during the Third Invasion/travels to Silvermoon to learn more about the Light and it’s applications to heal nature. So that's it, lemme know what y'all think.Gorcal4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 If your character was a quest giver What quest would you give, and what zone would you be in?Keelivaron15 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Worgen DKs and their Two Forms This is something that almost hunts me at night, something I try to ignore every time I play on my own character but that throws me in a loop every time I see another worgen death Knight with a "Worgen Form" and "Human Form" description in their abouts. Why can Worgen DKs even switch forms in the first place? "Arthas wiped out the animal part in their mind so the human one is fully in control and can change." "While for Live Worgen potions, training, a risky ritual, etc must be done in order to achieve the ability to appear as your former self, DK Worgen are able to shapeshift at will, without special training. Why? The Worgen Form feeds on - and is governed by - one's emotions. [...] Deathknights, as I'm sure you know, don't have emotions." And this are all valid points, I agree with all of them, but they omit one crucial part, and this is driving me nuts: You are a corpse! You are a sack of skin and bones, you can't grow hair, nails, so why could you be able to grow a full coat of fur at will? Isn't the worgen curse rooted in druidism? So why would any of that natural living magic work when you are now on the opposite side of the spectrum as an undead? You can say it's magic all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that shifting forms changes you physical appearance, you can touch that fur and bite with those gnarly fangs, they are not illusions, your body changed and retained the length of your hair, your face structure, it's not a made up form like the one a dragon may have. So the form you died and raised into undeath would not technically be your only form? Please, help me understand!Danmoras6 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Plot Ideas Looking at creating a new RP character on MG and along with that, a very good back story. So far I have 4 ideas, each with their own little taste. I. Paladin: Served in the war against the Legion, came home to study and refine his skills at healing using the Light. II. Dwarf Warrior: Served during the invasion of Northrend. now a miner and blacksmith serving under King Anduin. III. N-elf Hunter: Hunter and leatherworker in Darnassus, relocated to stormwind after the burning of Teldrassil. IV. Mage: Studying the wars of the ancients during their time in Stormwind as an apprentice mage. These are just "rough drafts" of the four ideas I have. Could use some critical thoughts on each, what to improve. Ideas that could go along with them, stuff like that. tia.Gaial2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 WET community Lounge 162 Alrighty lounge 162, same rules apply,be polite,have fun,an array of snacks and coffee are at their usual spot with a new addition of chili fries [will link the archive and link when I'm not on my phone] Also I will request if an issue occurs,kindly take it to an private conversation to resolve it with the respective party. This lounge like the gummi ship in Kingdom Hearts, runs on happy faces!! *drops back into tall grass*Kalithos500 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Your thoughts on Gnome Demon Hunter RP? A few months ago, I set out on a quest to come up with the closest thing possible to a playable goblin or gnome demon hunter starting with my gnome. A few months in and I am deeply shocked just to how amazingly close I was able to mimic what a real playable gnome demon hunter would be like(without shapeshifting an actual DH). I also have come up with a backstory. Posting that backstory here would be to long so I am just going to very very briefly summarize and link the place my RP story is. This goes into detail Now in very summarized terms: 1. We are a neutral goblin/gnome assassin organization not affiliated with the Illidari(Despite the name) that uses demon soul harvesting technology to protect Azeroth and hunt demons. 2. Members consist of goblins and gnomes banished from the alliance and horde for attempting to develop deadly soul harvesting technology. 3. We aren't part demon and don't absorb demon souls directly into our body. We absorb them into our weapons and cybernetically enhanced suits. 4. Our purpose: We believe we have come up with a safer way to harvest demon souls with less risk and danger of the demon killing its host. In our RP lore, we attempted to get the illidari to use this, but were written off as a joke by most. As such our goal is to dismantle all Illidari organizations not using our safer methods before more innocent lives are lost. 5. Who I am: My RP name is Lillian Felheart. Founder of Felreaver Spy Syndicate(Gnomish Illidari Forces) externally. 6. Our timeline starts in Classic up till present. 7. How we see Illidian: We see Illidian as someone of nobel cause, doing what needed to be done and making sacrifices that needed to be made. However we also see him reckless and foolhardy. Doing things that have resulted in unnecessary innocent lives lost when there actually were much safer and less harmful solutions. Similar is the case with most of the Illidari who follow him as we see it. PS: There is no stuff like RPing as inbreeds of saying I am the relative of some important character. None of that. ________________________________________ Overall I wanted to know what you guys may think about this and how seriously it might be taken?Gnomest17 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 whats bfas war called? this has to be one of the major wars so did any npc called it anything yet? is it the forth or fifth great war? did legion count as one?Dawnsworn8 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Magical Hunters? >.> Salutations! I hope you are all doing well this evening. I have been absent from RP for a very long time, years in fact. I'm certainly not current on lore, and I have forgotten a lot of what I knew ages ago, so I'm in the process of re-discovering. Tldr: I'm a lore and RP noob. Gameplay-wise I am really enjoying my hunter. However, from a RP standpoint, I'm much more interested in magic oriented characters. Is there a way to RP a hunter in such a way? I'm open to thoughts, ideas, and opinion. Also, when available, I plan to race change to a KT Human. Thanks much! <3Sorinne6 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 From a ren'dorei to a kaldorei. I understand your pain. I know full well what it's like to lose an ancestral home to the horrors committed by the living dead. The sadness turns to despair. Despair makes you want revenge. And revange changes you. But in this moment of desolation, know that you are not alone. We are distant cousins, with an old history of misunderstandings. But today, under the Alliance, we are once again a big family. Together we will purge the Forsaken from your lands!Valdros19 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Cult of the Black Scales [OOC] I am unsure what I want to do with this concept. Write a character story or use it as a forum RP. I thought, "Well, might as well see if there is any interest." I wont be starting it until the Vault of the Dead is over with, so there will be some time still depending on how fast we finish the final phase of the thread. I will be a little strict regarding sign ups, due to some chaos that has been happening in other threads lately. I love creativity, so I don't like being strict. But I worry that if I am not, things could get out of hand. Going to post the rules in case they turn people away :S Rules: ~ I enjoy a well written character as much as the next person, and even mounts can be written into characters and their stories... but please. No mounts over characters. If your griffon dive bombs a threat, that is one thing, but they shouldn't be able to count as posts by themselves. Remember, when you do that, it is like slipping in another character without the thread master's permission. Ask first. Please. ~ If I have the bad guys spying on you, you are free to notice being spied on, but don't drop on their space without consulting me in the OOC first. Some mooks? Yeah it would be reasonable to spot/sense/smell them. But I would like to be able to make the call if you actually find and engage. ~ Try to keep the thread paced. If you feel something needs an immediate post, fine; but try to avoid posting after every other person. Give people a chance to get their own interactions in. It shouldn't be YOU ME YOU PERSON YOU FROG YOU DAISY. ~ Proper punctuation and grammar is nice. Doesn't have to be perfect, just readable. ~ Posts should be more than a one liner, that goes without saying here really. Why are you on the forums if you want to do 1 sentence posts? Add some character expressions, thoughts, something. Doesn't have to be a fluff filled book, but have more than one line. ~ Don't stall the thread out. Kersia is cold. She will go one without you and not look back. She doesn't feel the need to baby you, answer your every whim and question. She will get bored and move on. One of her best friends is missing. ~ This thread is meant to have a plot and progression. Side arcs between characters are fine, as long as they don't stall out the thread or begin to derail it. ~ I trust you to write combat fairly. If I feel you are going a little over the top, I with politely let you know if the OOC. Even mooks make hits at times. They are not StormTroopers and you are not Jedi. ~ The biggest of the bad here is mine. I will kill him. I will not write to kill your characters, that will be your own choice. However, there will be spots where you may need to do what Kersia says, or you will fall into a large pool of lava. I would advise listening to Kersia. Or any of my other characters. You don't have to, but Kersia certainly wont be fighting for you to reason with her. She says hop on, you say nope, she says okay then and leaves you to fall to your death. ~ And obviously no overpowered/overbearing characters. Mooks are hack and slash friendly; but I will have named combatants and they will not be. Kill a nameless dragon using physics to behead it? Sure. Kill Vanexia that way? No. ~ No controlling characters that aren't yours. I'll let you know in the OOC if you can free for all a current mass of mooks, I'll typically give names to the bad guys I wish to directly control for combat. But don't assume, with my bad guys, or with the characters of others. ----- Sign Up Form: ----- List of Approved Characters with Links to Their Sign Up: ----- Like I said, this is mostly an interest check. I am one for bending the rules, and am open to suggestions. If you feel like I am being too strict, just say so. If you would be interested, but are worried I may inhibit your character or something because of these rules, let me know. I am actually friendly and easy to get along with, I just don't want my thread to derail or get flooded. I will be having Kersia, Vynianyx, and Sylstyx in the thread mainly. Mortre will be there as well, but wont be with good guys till towards the middle/end. Tolbyas will be entering towards the end. Depending on how the story goes. Xinaria and Etzul could make appearances as well. Sterixia will be tagging along. Kersia and Mortre are the stars of this show though. 15 characters tops, 1 per personMortre446 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Quest for the Emerald Shore (IC - Closed) ((OOC & Sign-Ups can be found here: )) ... Aorasia sat in the smallish tavern drinking another mug of ale as she waited her future 'crew' to arrive. She paid the kaldorei inscriptist more than she cared to make the flyers so it damn well better produce some valuable crewmembers. Well... crewmembers would be the wrong word. Highly-skilled slightly-disposable employees would be the better description. All but one of the adventure seeking gloryhounds that contacted her made no mention of ever sailing before now. The remains of her old crew would be enough to keep the ship on the seas. Aorasia just needed the added muscle to reach the end of the quest. She gripped the scrollcase resting against the counter next to her tightly. She had studied it with nigh but a wink of sleep for near on a fortnight once she had acquired it. She studied it so much she even saw it in her dreams. She let go of it once more, letting the protective scrollcase lean against the counter once more as she went to take another drink of her tankard only to find it empty. "Oi Venrik. Me mug is empty. Fill 'er up again." "That was your third mug." He replied simply. "'N now I wants me fourth." She said with a slight growl. She was meeting people. It was better to meet people when she didn't give a damn. Venrik rolled his eyes but refilled the Pandaren's drink. Aorasia tossed some gold on the table and went back to enjoying her brew. She looked out the window and saw the sun moving in the sky. It was about midday, so they would have a few hours for all the adventurers to arrive and get themselves sorted out.Aorasia63 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 [Prompt] Stances You are walking through the streets of your faction’s town (Boralus or Dazar’alor). There is a small gathering. Upon investigation, you see someone standing on a crate. They are preaching something your character is absolutely against. What is it and how do you respond? Do you engage in debate or just keep your thoughts to yourself? ----- This is meant to be a fun exercise, so there aren’t many rules. I ask that posts be limited to two or three, as much longer is more like a short tale probably befitting it’s own thread. Prompts are fun little things meant to inspire. You don’t have to perfect match the prompt. Just let it inspire a thought. I’m going to try and post these weekly, sometime between Saturday and Monday probably. Feedback and prompt ideas are welcome, so feel free to post them in here as well. Some prompts will be more thought provoking, some more whimsical. Respect your fellow writers.Kersia5 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Trolls can live to be 2,800 years old...? Micky Neilson, former Publishing Lead, Lead Writer and Lead Story Developer for World of Warcraft....So there you have it. Lor'themar, as well as Liadrin who was also present in the chapter, are at least 2,800 years old (the time of the Troll Wars), placing them around 1,000 years younger than Alleria, who also fought in the Troll Wars, though this is already average and a consistent lifespan for blood elves. The big kicker, though, is Zul'jin's age. He breaks the record for oldest known troll (previously held by Rastakhan) by around 2,600 years. This seems dubious, considering the drastic shift, and we at Wowpedia are trying to get further confirmation from Sean Copeland or Matt Burns. Until we get further confirmation, it's been noted on the life spans page under Speculation in the mean time: What are your thoughts on this?Cannibal17 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Need some help with a backstory Can anyone help me craft a loose backstory for a Dark Iron Retribution Paladin? I'm set on Ret for my next character for RP reasons, and Dark Iron for PvP reasons--but I'm having trouble making a convincing backstory so that I can really get invested in the character. I'm thinking something along the lines of: my character was a mid-ranking dark iron warrior who, after joining the alliance, witnessed the heroic power of The Light on the battlefield. Maybe a close friend of his was saved by a Paladin's intervention? Something like that. Thanks for any help.Colbert1 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 The Impossible Mission (Closed IC) Quite some time has passed since the incident in Acherus the Ebon Hold. There had still been no leads on the individual responsible for the deaths of Ghosar and the other knights. Once the world was wounded and the Alliance and Horde began racing after the world’s very essence the investigation seemed to be forgotten. Sandara however was determined to see her vow fulfilled and those responsible for the deaths of eleven knight’s be brought to justice. Meanwhile Bryah Starstrider was being summoned by her captain for a new assignment. Her captain sat behind her desk writing down a letter as Bryah entered. “Captain.” She said with a salute. Her captain didn’t look up from her work for a long minute. It almost got to the point where Bryah considered saying it again. “Starstrider.” The captain said abruptly. Her eyes flicked up to the other woman before back to her letter. “You’re late. Again. Don’t give me your excuses, I honestly do not care. However…” She said with a sigh as she folded the letter and poured wax on it to seal before pressing the wax. “I have an assignment that recently came across my desk. One I do not like at all. Do you know about the Specter Cartel?” She asked inquisitively. Bryah replied almost immediately, ignoring the first comments from the captain. In her own mind she was on time. Her current captain was far too strict for her own liking. “I have had dealings with them before. I’m confident they are responsible for a number of crimes against Silvermoon.” She said with disappointment in her voice. “Good to know you are acquainted with them. Some of our intelligence suggests that they recently started collecting and selling Azerite on the black market. The substance has incredible potential and we need to shut down anyone who does not exclusively deal with the horde. So you’re new assignment is one that will be beyond dangerous, but I am confident that you can accomplish it. You are to infiltrate the Cartel.”Distrò105 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Cult of the Black Scales [IC] Please see the sign up thread for rules and to sign up. Sign ups are still open for interested parties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mortre paced in the depths of her caverns. “It just doesn’t make sense.” She grumbled. The contract, the death knight hunt, the stalking. What was going on? The worgen felt like she was missing a piece, a crucial piece, to this puzzle. She had almost worn a path into the stone of the cavern floor. Sterixia entered the cavern. As she did, her form began to shift. It went temporarily incorporeal as she twisted into the form of an elf like creature. Sterixia still hadn’t mastered the ability, as the elf took form it looked like a strange, alien creature. Her skin was leathery and pink, with patches of black silk like scales dotting the surface. Her hair was not hair, yet a long, piece of leathery cartilage that she could somewhat move. Her ears were indented in a way that they almost looked like dragon wings. Off of each corner of her jaw was a small tentacle. Sterixia’s form held no clothing, rather an elegant pattern of black silk scales and membrane. As she came out of the incorporeal state, she smiled at Mortre. Mortre regarded the netherdrake with a slight grin herself. “Getting better. I suppose you may look normal someday.” She chuckled to herself and resumed her pacing. Sterixia sat on a nearby stone and observed. “Sterixia… I just don’t know.” Mortre sighed. “I know someone is out for me… but who. Something seems so familiar, yet so foreign.” She paused and regarded the pondering netherdrake with softened eyes. Sterixia simply shook her head, having no idea herself. The muted woman stood and approached Mortre. She wrapped her arms around the worgen in a hug. Mortre’s face reflected a look of startled amusement, before she ran a clawed hand down Sterixia’s head. “Listen, if anything happens; go to Kersia. I am sure she will keep you safe.” Sterixia pushed away from Mortre and looked at her confused. It was uncharacteristic of her to be so… warm. Whatever had been going on, it bothered the dark woman deeply, and that troubled Sterixia. Mortre was always so confident, so decisive. And here she was. Deeply troubled. Sterixia felt a bubbling worry fill her body. “Well,” Mortre sighed. “You should go get something for food. Try to stay away from settlements okay?” Mortre grinned at her. Sterixia nodded and began to leave the chamber when something struck her. The world around her began to fade to black. She saw chains spring up from the stones, wrapping around Mortre. And then there was only darkness. Mortre watched with horror as something flew from the corner of the cavern and struck Sterixia. “Who’s there!?” she shouted. Chains sprung from the stones, binding her body in place. I don’t understand!? I sensed no one! Has the earth betrayed me!? Mortre looked wildly around the room. Laughter echoed down the tunnels and into the cavern. A figure took form, rising through what looked like liquid stone. He was human in appearance, garbed in what appeared to be formal attire. He didn’t look much older than eighteen, but he appeared sickly and ill. Dark circles could be seen under his eyes. He skin was bronzed in color, and his eyes were golden with elongated pupils. His hair was black and slicked back. He chuckled and shook his head. “Finally found you, after all this time.” His voice was dark and operatic. “Who are you!? What have you done with Sterixia!?” Mortre pulled against the chains, her face contorted into a snarl. He took a few steps towards her. “Oh my, you don’t recognize me? It hasn’t been that long… mother.” Mortre’s eyes grew wide. All the pieces snapped in place. “V-vinarion? You are alive? How?” “Well,” Vinarion walked around her, speaking with a slow and deliberate tone. “After you abandoned us, after father’s death, I took leadership. I lead us all to safety… to livelihood. I created a safe haven! And now… we want you!” A half elf female, garbed in black leather; with the same skin tone, eye color, and hair color as Vinarion, appeared behind Mortre. “Sorry, Mother.” She whispered softly into Mortre’s ear as she stuck a needle into Mortre’s flesh. “Van… exia? You are alive… too?” Mortre felt the world spin around her as she fell to her knees. Vanexia was there, standing above her. Next to her was another high elf, his hair long and loose. He stood with a grin plastered on his face, revealing the jagged teeth that filled his mouth. He leaned against a great scythe as he watched Mortre on the ground. Mortre looked between the three, the borders of her vision blackening. “Vanzer… you too? You all… are-“ The world faded out of view, as Mortre fell into a deep slumber.Mortre479 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 New to RP- Most active Horde realm? Hi! My friend and I are looking to join a realm for Horde RP. Which would you guys prefer that is the most active? Thanks!Alazhar25 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 I'm writing a book about my character Is there anything I should know before I write it?Kelivaron21 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Pharamond Fane , my 1st RP Story Hi so i started getting into RPing in WoW after years of playing it and i decided to start writing weekly stories. this is my 1st attempt at creative writing so any advice is welcome. thank you in advance ^^Nikroaj2 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Mag'har and the Light I know that lore wise a Mag'har priest is a Shadowmoon Orc or trained by one that uses the power of the Void. However could it be possible for a Mag'har Orc to believe in the Light truly, since they had 30 or so years integrating with Draenei culture. Or would a Light using Mag'har be more akin to BC Blood elves where they are using the Light more as a weapon than a religion? Once I unlock them I'd be keen to roll a Mag'har priest so just kinda curious as to where non shadow priest Mag'har fit in, if at all.Azutaaro9 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 [Satire Sunday] Tink's Delightful Kitchen Ep1 ((Back again with a new idea for Satire Sunday. Might make this a mini series.)) “Hello! Hello and welcome to everyone’s favorite cooking show!” Tinkahra cried out in the center of a kitchen. It had a large, enchanted ice box for keeping cold foods cold, another enchanted box to keep warm foods warm, a gnomish stove with an oven built in, as well as a sink and counter space. The counter was made of stone and the cabinets that lined the walls were made of a deep brown wood. Etzul groaned from where she sat at the oak table. Tinkahra scowled and waved frantically at a sign off to the side that said ‘Applause and Cheer!’ Etzul rolled her eyes and clapped sarcastically. “Yaaaay! I loooove cooking!” There was no happiness in her voice. Tinkahra continued on, chipper and oblivious. “Today we are making one of my favorite dish out of Drustvar… RAVENBERRY TARTS!” Tinkahra practically squealed the last part. “Woooooo.” Etzul sighed. “Okay! Okay!” Tinkahra pranced through the kitchen and began pulled out random containers. One, when she set it on the counter, poofed up a bit of white powder. “First! We gotta grease the thing!” She held up what looked like a circle cake tin with a removable rim. Tinkahra took a stick of butter and smushed it around the tin. “Nice and greasy!” She licked her fingers and tossed the remaining butter into another bowl. “We’ll need more butter later! Next we gotta make the batter for the stuff!” She used her hands to scoop four big scoops of the white powder into another bowl. There was white powder everywhere. “Oh titans…” Etzul mumbled as she watched on. It looked like a blizzard went through her kitchen. “Ahaha! I got flour everywhere!” Tinkahra giggled. “Now we have to add some sugar-oops.” Tinkahra accidentally poured in far more sugar than she intended. “Oh well, it is fine! A spritz of salt and then we cut in the butter!” Tinkahra took one of her swords off her back and tipped the butter out of the bowl onto the counter. She used her sword to cut it up and mixed it into the flour mix. Then she got a tub with ‘LARD’ written on the side and scoops a large handful into the bowl with a loud plop. Flour and sugar and salt poofed into the air. Tinkahra giggled and wildly mixed the ingredients, occasionally adding a splash of cold water. She set the now mixed dough off to the side. “We let it sit for a while and heat up the stove.” Tinkahra got some logs and put them in the flame chamber at the bottom of the stove. She caved a glowing green rune into one of the logs with her sword tip and tossed it in. The stove shook a moment later, then a fel green blaze started in the flame chamber. “Green fire is hotter than red fire, right?” Tinkahra asked. Etzul shrugged. “Oh well. We let it heat up then.” Tinkahra pulled out a bowl of ravenberries and ate a few. “While we wait, we cut up these berries!” She took out a small knife and began slicing the berries longway. It took her about thirty minutes to finish. Etzul had wandered off and returned with a table easel and a paint pallet. She was half way through painting the moon in the night sky with a wolf when Tinkahra suddenly made a loud noise. She had plopped the dough out of the bowl and onto the counter. “WE GOTTA FLATTEN THIS!” Tinkahra cried out. She pulled out a rolling board and started going to town on the dough. Once it was adequately flat and not half bad looking, she placed it in the pan. Tinkahra slid the dough into the fel green oven and turned back into the cold box. “There is an amazing cream that goes on the tart crust. Best part in my opinion.” She pulled out some eggs, milk, butter, and cream. Tinkahra cracked the eggs into a bowl, then mixed in the milk, butter, and cream. She threw in a handful of sugar, a splash of vanilla, a few pinches of flour, and mixed them into a nice creamy sauce. By the time she was done, so was the crust. Tinkahra pulled the crust out of the oven using her swords. She then scooped the sauce on top and dumped the berries on that. “TADA! Ravenberry tarts!” Tinkahra giggled and took the rim off the tin. She took a jar of honey and glazed the tart lightly with it. She used one of her swords to cut the tart in half and then started shoving it in her face. ---- Recipe I used to write thisTinkahra1 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 How do blue dragons react To reckless use of magic, especially now? I know that it was basically their purpose to regulate magic, but how did they usually go about preventing this? Also a bonus question: does this include the use of all magic? Like would a blue dragon care about the use of fel, light, and void? Or is their concern only arcaneMithrandys4 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Character Idea: Dual Nature Worgen Warlock. I'm not somebody that delves too deeply into the lore of Warcraft when I'm around. So it is that when I come around I tend to stick to races that have more of an analogue to rl or rl mythology. Undead, Humans, and such are the kinds that are easiest for me to get around their headspace. But Sometimes I have a decent idea that catches traction, or not. My latest idea was to have a worgen who goes through the whole starting scenario as a refugee from Gilneas like most Worgen are assumed by the game to be. That's the direction I've decided to go since it involves the least amount of reading. I had an idea about my warlock worgen, however. That perhaps he made too many pacts with demons and in so doing the demon has left his mind while he's in human form mostly intact, but sorta influences him through some sort of corruption of the wolf spirit. I'll prolly run with this idea regardless, but am open to feedback, good or bad about the idea, as well as any input you may have to add to it. Thanks for reading.Walthorn4 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Orc Backstory Help (New to RP) I'm trying (painstakingly) to create some backstory for my Hunter. I've never RPed before and am trying to learn as I'm going. I do not want to go a path where I say that I am the son of a well-known NPC in game. I feel like something like this could be easily derailed. With that being said, how does the RP world feel about creating "bastard son" characters? The main part of the story I'm working on is that my name is Ragknar, "son of Ragknar", who's father, Ragknar (obviously), was so narcissistic he named his only son after himself. To give my character later flavor in development, I want to tie myself to Ga'nar in some way. Would I be breaking any kind of written or unwritten rules by naming my father, Ragknar, the bastard son of Ga'nar? I have a lot of ideas I'm trying to tie in, but if this main point doesn't work, then I have to scrap everything and try again.Ragknar6 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Dalaran Back In the Ground? I would love to be able to level through that zone with Dalaran where it belongs instead of a massive hole. Imagine how amazing that Warfront would be to play through! WOW.Grayne4 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 [OOC RP Help] Help me speak Troll? I'm new to WoW and to MMO RP (though I've been a D&Der for quite some time). Is there a website someone could link, or help someone could offer, to teach me to do the troll accent justice via text? I am attempting it, but sometimes I wonder if it might be coming off too like...scottish-esque? Replacing any "th" with "d" is easy enough, but saying "ta" or "te" instead of "the" sometimes sounds scottish or irish in my head. Or saying "I be" sounds kind of piratish. So I'm really struggling to do this accent via text. Anyway, any suggestions/help would be appreciated!Telemazu11 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Azeroth High's lost pt 2 and unfinished pt 3 A couple of years ago, someone was posting a sequel to this amazing piece of literary art in the story forums, but the thread ended up getting deleted before the poster finished writing it, and it appeared to be lost from the internet. But when I was poking through my computer last night, I found an old text file I had made where I copied it for safekeeping, and thought you all might appreciate these forgotten chapters. Azeroth High: The summer break party summer time bash in the summer time extravaganza Azeroth High: Halloween Karazhan spooktacular: Prequel: breaking harvest moon If you want all three parts combined together, here's a link to the entire thing. Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 A light in the shadows [Open, IC] The laughter and carnival music seemed to fill the air in the city so that no matter where you were you could hear and feel the joy all throughout. A tall high elf male walked behind his daughters with a stuffed toy in his hand, while his wife stood slightly behind and to his left with a smile on her lips. The two little high elf girls skipped ahead of their parents with a bunch of balloons held in their conjoined hands so that they could share them. The laughter and music seemed to dull suddenly as the sound of screams and loud crashes echoed through the city. The two little girls found themselves swept up off their feet and into the arms of their father as he ran before yelling something back to his wife before shaking his head and continuing to run. The youngest girl began crying and trying to grab the balloons that had flown away when the girls were picked up, their fingers no longer interlocked. The eldest girl looked back behind them to see the scourge overtaking the city, slaughtering whoever got in their way. As she watched in horror, her mother was felled by the scourge and then brought back to help continue the fight. Her once beautiful grey eyes now a glowing blue and locked on her daughter as she reached forward and grabbed her, dragging her away as she screamed... Brisel woke up screaming before throwing the blankets off and checking all over her room for her mother. She hadn't even been a child during the scourge invasion to destroy the sunwell but the nightmare didn't care. Her black cat came padding up to its mistress to nuzzle against her and demand breakfast before padding off to be a lazy loaf in the sunbeams that passed through the windows. Brisel took her time running through her early morning routine before grabbing her sword and heading to the training grounds in Silvermoon City to practice and keep her skills sharp.Brisel9 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 RP Server? Looking for a RP server that’s pretty even on the Alliance vs Horde count. Preferably not High or full but will learn to love full if necessary. I’ve been on Moonguard, Wrymrest Accord, And Emerald Dream And all three are just a pinch too busy for me.Robinmelling5 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 any non-wolf mounts for RP Mag'har Orc i have been using the wolf mounts for this maghar orc, but the way they run, the bounce up and down is weird is there any other mount that would make sense for a mag'har orc besides a wolf?Wally6 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 RP Discord Server! Hey there, World of Warcraft writers and creators! Are you looking for a chill hangout spot to discuss shared interests with fellow WoW roleplayers? Are you tired of joining inactive or unfriendly Discord servers? Do you want a place to share your brilliant writing and creative OCs? Do you need a place to rant about how Vol’jin’s death was completely unnecessary? Or a place to admit that Yogg-Saron is kinda sexy? Then you should give Roleplayers of Azeroth a try! We are an active and steadily growing server, already home to 100+ friendly and awesome members! We’re not themed around any particular faction or race; if it’s WoW it’s welcome! Our server is intended to work as a general hub for anything World of Warcraft RP related, and we focus on providing a welcoming and warm environment to include every kind of player there is! Some of our features include: - A plethora of channels for different topics, ranging from sharing original artwork and writing, to sharing the freshest baked memes. - RP channels that you’re free to join in on as you choose, whenever you choose! - A channel to share as much information about your OCs as you’d like (seriously, post a novel. Do it. I dare you.) - Holiday themed events and competitions! - A hate free atmosphere, where we put equality first and encourage creativity and original concepts. - Two in-game OOC RoA guilds on WrA And more! Interested? Don’t be shy, feel free to join and check us out! Invite Code: MsW54MK Thanks for stopping by!Moonflight2 Nov 8, 2018