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Feb 8, 2015 Introducing Your Character to the Universe! How there, folks! This thread is for anybody who wants to share a short and brief description of their character, and I recommend that you use this format to share; Character's Name: Realm: Level: Age: Current Residence: Short Back Story: *Short Back-Stories Must Be Under 200 Words! If you must know what this look like well. ---Start---- ---Finish--- Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!Dèstiny1000 Feb 8, 2015
Oct 5 [Guide] In-Game Roleplay -- The Basics Thank you all for your efforts and hard work, everyone! This guide would not be where it is today without your support and feedback, and I hope it can serve as a valuable resource for people to turn to for years to come! This guide, as stated above in the topic title, will be all about the basics of in-game roleplaying, and will be relatively lengthy. It will include examples for you to see, explanations for you to understand, and links to other very helpful threads and resources to help you learn about the joy of roleplaying. Also, since I do not consider myself the best of the best, I am completely open to criticism intended to correct or better the information provided here. Any suggestions for corrections, additions, or deletions are completely welcome, and preferred. After all, this guide is meant to be helpful and insightful when it comes to in-game roleplaying, not a bunch of drivel that doesn't help anyone or make sense. Even if you're skeptical about some piece of information, question me! I'll be happy to answer, and if I'm not available to respond someone else might be around to do so! Table of Contents I. Basic Roleplaying Terms II. Preparations for Roleplaying - 1. Character Development - 2. And The Things You Need to Know to Start III. Roleplaying Fights IV. Open World RP vs. Group RP V. Griefers and You VI. Using Online Resources for RP VII. Transitioning to Forum RP VIII. Helpful Links CompilationShandrís109 Oct 5
Aug 11 Forum RP: Types and Expectations ((Guide)) Hell Yeah! :D Thanks all, hope you enjoy this guide. Before I start. This is a very long guide, feel free to skip to the bits that are relevant to you. If you want to know how to start a Closed RP, go to that section. If you want to know about Expectations of Open RP, skip there. Also feel very free to offer constructive criticism, or criticism in general, every post is a bump :) This, as the title suggests is about Forum RP. If you wish for a Guide on In-game RP, I suggest: The above guide is very easy to read, and a lot of the basics can even be strongly relevant to forum RP. Even if you don't plan to in-game RP, the above is an easy read and comes with a few strong links that relate to forum RP as well. Edit: Second reference: This is another written set of guidelines and rules, check them out for another reference if you like, it's definitely more compact than this and might give you a good summary. And lastly: This is a brilliantly written ongoing statement and guide. It's not only personal, but comes from an experienced and helpful person. Types of Forum RPs This thread is an expression of my opinion. I am not stating fact, but I am hoping that I am vague and general enough for it to be true, even if skewed a little. I am writing this guide, so that people can understand what the different forum tags mean, how you can get into different types of RP, how you are expected to act in them, and how they work in general. First of all and most important: You are not expected to read this whole thing, it is considerably long and detailed and I probably should have condensed it. But, if you read anything, please read the second post, with Expectations and the Rules of RP, this is probably the most important part of this thread! Feel free to post criticism. Even if I disagree, I will post any valid arguments up on my first posts, for anyone else to read, so they can understand the mixed opinions that are present. This guide will also shape and form from structured opinion, I will edit as seems fit. At the start this might seem a little... not good... but with help from our community, it will grow better. I will be focusing on two main types of RP. Open, and Closed. However I will also delve into the variants of each, such as the Tavern RP, and the structured Closed RP. I will try and keep a vague sense, as it is not black and white, especially when getting into the structured aspect of things. Also, remember, I am not telling you how to do things; I am just trying to help. Each Topic will be separated by emphasized titles. At the end of each topic, there will be a short summary in italics. After the Table of Contents, there will be a summary of expectations, as it is likely the most important part of this thread. What this Guide will contain Expectations - Post 2 The "Rules' of RP - Post 2 Summary of RP Types. - Post 3 Open RPs General Feel -Post 3 How to get into one - Post 3 Expectations - Post 4 How to make one - Post 4 The Tavern Element - Post 4 Closed RPs General Feel - Post 5 How to get into one - Post 5 Expectations - Post 5 How to make one - Post 6 The Structured Element - Post 7 Quick Term Summary There are other, better places you can find these, but I will just go through the ones you will need to know here. OOC: Out of Character. Refers to any comment made from you as an Earthling, not from your character, as I am talking now, as opposed to... IC: In Character. Any comment made from your characters perspective. E.g.: Thurman took the blue silken wizards hat from his bed and placed it on top of his head. RP: Roleplay TM: Thread Master. The Person who creates a thread, this is the poster with the most control; role will vary depending on the RP type. OP: Opening Post. This refers to the first post in a thread by someone. The TM’s first post will start a thread, while the posters first post will introduce their character. Generally, the OP will be longer than the other posts, because you have far more to write about, and generally want to put more effort into it. Note Feel free to post criticism. Know that I want your opinion, and if you have your own guide, or bits of guide, feel free to give them to me, and I will add them. We are a community. The credit should go to all of us.Meep169 Aug 11
Sep 25, 2016 [FanFic Guide]: Building a Better Story! I thought I might as well toss up some guidelines that could give some new writers a path to follow. You can choose to follow what I say strictly, or just completely blow it off; doesn't much matter. It's your story, so be creative with it! I'm just here to try and help. -Table of Contents- I. Story Topics II. Creativity in Writing III. Writing Guidelines IV. Descriptive Limitations V. Hero’s Journey VI. Involving NPCs VII. Adding Flavor Lore VIII. After Publishing ---------------------- I. Story Topics Now, while this is very much your story and your creation, it does have to take place within the WoW universe (Blizzard's rules from the old Seat of Knowledge forum, not mine). People tend to shy away from stories that involve heavy lorebreaking without an explanation. This doesn't include things such as alternate dimensions, changes in the past, nightmares or dreams, etc, but rather blatant alterations that don't serve any purpose other than "I said so". However, so long as you make it obvious that your story is in Warcraft, you should be fine. II. Creativity in Writing Something to always keep in mind while writing your story, is that it is your creation and your imagination that is at work; not someone else's. If you want to involve a giant, undead, fel-corrupted dragon in Moonglade for your story about a teenager with a mechanical arm and a blade that can cut through anything... Have at it. It's your story so you write it however you see fit to capture your imagination and entertain others. III. Writing Guidelines People don’t like to read walls of texts, paragraphs filled with bad punctuation, wrong spelling or broken English, so if you want to hook your readers before they even start reading, break your story apart. Split them up into smaller paragraphs, use proper grammar and punctuation and if you don’t know how to spell a specific word, try using Google’s voice recognition on your phone or laptop to pronounce the word; Google should recognize it, and then you’ll know how to spell it. Trust me, splitting your story into paragraphs and using proper grammar goes a long way with a reader’s eye. IV. Descriptive Limitations While this is Warcraft, there are some descriptive limitations that could get your thread deleted if you break some of the rules. As you very well know, World of Warcraft is filled with blood, gore and torture, all of which can be within your story without a problem (usually). However, I wouldn't go about describing in great detail the victim of some heinous death. Gore can usually be described if you’re detailing an Abomination or Ghoul, but if you’re describing a character's death, keep it to a minimum. People are much more queasy reading about recently dead bodies than they are zombies, even if they're technically the same thing. There's a mental barrier there that separates the two and crossing that line can have more people clicking off of your story. Same goes for describing scenes of sexual intercourse, nudity, non-consensual sex, etc. If you want to share your Warcraft fantasy, there are sites for that, but this is not one of them. V. The Hero's Journey Any great story needs a hero, and any great hero needs a journey. In 1987, Joseph Campbell released a book titled "The Hero's Journey", and it showed people how almost every hero, whether it be Gilgamesh of ancient Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago, or the well-known Superman and even Jesus Christ, all share shockingly similar traits. According to Joseph Campbell, they all follow a guideline of a story element; and for good reasons. People love it. Remember, you do not have to follow the Hero’s Journey to make a good story, but here's a breakdown of the Hero's Journey in a simplified version: Unusual Birth Whether it’s the common virgin birth story or the death of the character's parents, anything unusual that happens at birth or at a young age can fit right in here. Call to Adventure This usually includes a messenger of some sort or a way of the hero being requested for aid in a mission, usually in a faraway land. Refusal of the Call The hero tends to refuse the call to adventure at first, but is then forced to go, convinced to, or chooses to go. Meeting the Mentor It could be a teacher, father, trainer, or even a sibling, but this area usually includes training or preparation for the adventure. Crossing the First Threshold Whether it’s fighting a dragon, tackling a giant, solving a riddle, saving the town or rescuing Timmy from a well, this is the first trial that has to be conquered to achieve the goal.Canniibal21 Sep 25, 2016
May 19 Roleplaying Question Collective Now, I've been on these forums a while. It never fails that many questions get asked over and over and over. I'm hoping to create some kind of resource for people to come to to get their questions answered. They'll include a question(In no particular order), with a general consensus of the forums/sources as to what the answer of that question is, and a link if applicable to where discussion on that topic was held. I'll update for better threads or different opinions should things change. I'm also open to suggestions or links, so post them if you have them. ERPing and how to handle it should you see it. -- Warn them(politely), report them, ignore them if they continue. -- Thread: Using the Vial of the Sands to RP a Dragon. -- It's generally frowned upon, can be proven OoCly and ICly to not work, but if you can find an accepting group and you do it well, it can work. Don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Languages, Translations, and where to find them. -- While it's possible lorewise for characters to learn other languages, you have to turn to an addon to allow you to speak them in RP. -- Thread: "Breaking" and "Bending" Lore. -- Many many people frown upon it, but there is a small community that supports it. Try to find them, don't expect people to accept you or your story/character. Most prefer to RP WoW in WoW. -- Thread: Death, Healing, and mechanics. -- There are many ways to handle death and healing in World of Warcraft. One of the more accepted ways is that Death is final. You can also be ressurected, but you can't cheapen Death by making it easy. -- Thread(s): , Races that don't exist in WoW, in WoW. -- Much like breaking or bending lore to allow things that should be, roleplaying a race that doesn't normally exist(Dark Elves, other fantasy races) is generally frowned upon. You can find those that accept it but don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Vampires in WoW -- Classical vampires do not actually exist in WoW. There are vampiric creatures, there are also vampiric demons or other creations, but a Vampire like you would see in Dracula does not exist. -- Thread(s): , Love in World of Warcraft -- Love can strike anyone at any time. However, you must take into consideration ICly and OoCly genetics, cultural differences, age discrepancies, and physiology. -- Thread(s): , Why Night Elves look different from Blood Elves, and High Elves. -- Usage of Arcane magic drove the Highborne, Blood Elves, and High Elves from the rest of Night Elven culture. Arcane magic altered their culture and outlooks. High Elves and Blood Elves look differently from Night Elves because they were severed from the Well of Eternity. -- Wiki: ; Section: Foundation of Quel'Thalas. -- Thread: Roleplaying a race that you aren't. -- It takes suspension of disbelief, use of addons, and ingame items to pull something like this off, but it is possible. There's limits, but many options are within reach. -- Thread: Dealing with "bad" RP. -- General consensus is that if you see someone RPing "wrong", -politely- inform them, in whispers, that they may want to rethink how they are RPing. Don't push them, but give them a gentle nudge to these forums or other Lore sites. -- Thread: Dealing with godmoders. -- Much like "bad" rp, you can politely inform them that what they're doing may not be entirely correct. Refer them somewhere that they can use to help themselves out. Or you can simply ignore them if they don't listen to reason. -- Thread: Are Highborne Immortal? -- Highborne, like normal Night Elves, are no longer immortal. They used to be, but were sustained by demons and other unsavory magics instead of being naturally immortal. -- Thread: Roleplaying as a Dragon. -- Roleplaying as a Dragon is a touchy topic. Many will tell you to simply "DIAF". However, it is possible, and can be done. You must to a lot of research and be ready to take a lot of heat. I don't encourage or down it, it's an individual thing. -- Thread: May 19
Mar 18 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera10 Mar 18
23m Ered’Kiel’s Desolation (IC Temp closed) Salkeen thrust his hands outward as he peaked the containment of his fel energy! Varicar had barely entered the room with a series of pink vials before the souls inside were pulled from them and thrown into the heaving fel magic coming from Salkeen. He directed the swirling ball of death and fel towards Jericha’s disembodied soul surrounding her in the hell of torment! Slowly the souls and fel seemed to harden and create a body, simple forms were made first, the skeleton, the muscles and sinew spread like webs over the burning corpse! Lastly the skin slowly crept along the body giving life to Jericha’s soul beneath... Even as the body seemed to come to a rest the skin still seemed to move and creep on its own... “Do you hear them Jericha?” Salkeen gave a wicked smile as he asked the question. “If you listen closely you can hear all the souls I trapped in the new body of yours... They cry for freedom and pain of death... Everytime you would die, one will take your place, now you have a body as strong as your other spirits....” Salkeen stepped back to let Jericha try to get up, being reborn wasn’t exactly a fun experience...Salkeen152 23m
36m WET Community Lounge #138 "Welcome Everyone! Have fun, and remember the rules." *Cyndilou sets out a platter of her 'Famous, Home Made, Dragon Baked, Fresh From The Oven, Plate-Sized, All Natural, Chocolate Cookies' for all to share.* /grin Link to the last lounge: The Archive Of Chill: 36m
42m Writing Prompts - Word of the Day Learn new words, have fun, exercise your writing. I post 3 words daily. You don't have to use all three. Any word on this master list is fair game. Any style of writing is fine except explicit adult writing (Just cuz blizzard says so). Splitting the word archive into posts with two months and links to them. This post will eventually cap out lol. Word Collection: 2018 April and May: June and July: 42m
2h Ered’Kiel’s Desolation (OOC Temp closed) This is the ooc thread for the villain rp between Salkeen, his minions, masters Jericha and other denizens. As of right now the thread will probably not be receiving newcomers as the villains gotta settle in a cause some destruction before heroes can rise to the call to push them out.Salkeen155 2h
5h LF RP Partners Hello! My last RP partner is rather busy and I hate to push him to do anything more for me, I also generally have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone in guild events. So, here I am! Since it's summer I'm basically on all the time until I have to sleep, but once August rolls back around I'll be having to go back to school for most of the day. I also have guild events almost every day of the week, but I don't attend all of them so I have plenty of free time, especially before 8PM EST. I'm basically looking for anyone and anything, cross-faction included. Thank you-Sarnor3 5h
8h Lore Q&A and Character Help 4 A continuation of my other threads, found here: 1: 2: 3: I have a knack for knowing and finding obscure references in lore and, generally, just knowing a lot about it. If you have any lore questions, want some help with a character backstory or anything of the like, leave it in the comments and I will happy to do my research and help in any way I can!Cannibal126 8h
9h The closest I can get to a Sith Lord I'm a huge fan of of Star Wars, and I've always loved the sith, particularly Sheev. I was wondering if anyone could give some help on a race class combo and some pointers on how to this well without making it a rip off Yeah I know there is a Star Wars MMO out there, but I'm not a fan.Kórok17 9h
9h A letter arrives to the Orgrimmar Embassy... It appears printed from a press in Orcish. ...The employees seem confused. They have no citizenship renunciation protocol. Accompanying the more formal letter is a handwritten one, this time in clear Common....Cannibal19 9h
10h Is Roleplaying a Dragon looked down on? In recent days, I've been looking forward to roleplaying a black dragon that is disguised as an elf, though I'm a little nervous on how others will think about it. I've seen many people roleplaying as dragons in disguise before, although they made it very obvious that they were some " Greater-being" and they came off as arrogant and unrealistic. I'm just curious, is Roleplaying a Dragon in disguise ( If I were to try my hardest to hide it ) looked down on in Roleplay? Will people find the idea to be stupid?Ðallenar4 10h
10h Inter-Clan Relationships among the Dwarves Maybe this is the wrong place to post this, but I haven't been wrong yet. I've gotten some decent answers on here thus far (you've all been a tremendous help in developing my RP character) but as the title suggests I've hit another snag. Part of my current explanation as to how my Ironforge dwarf practices shamanism is her ancestry, that being a Wildhammer clan that refused to leave Dun Morogh following the War of Three Hammers and instead settled away from the Bronzebeards while still maintaining social contact with mainstream Wildhammer society. Taking that into account, my initial plan was to have her be 1/4 Wildhammer, 3/4 Bronzebeard, with her maternal grandmother teaching her most of what she currently knows. This marriage would have occurred about 100 years before the Cataclysm, and her birth about fifty-five years later(albeit in Gilneas City). I recall reading some dialogue at one point in which an Ironforge dwarf refers to Fenran Thaurissan as a "half-breed" as an insult and insists he would never serve him. Is this more of an exception than anything else, or does mainstream dwarven society take issue with inter-clan marriage even when a throne or clan line isn't at stake? Would this differ based on location? How would her family be treated in Ironforge? I know some nuance is probably necessary given that enmity between the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer isn't exactly as high as with the Dark Iron, but I still thought it might be a potential issue. Any comments or corrections would be welcome. Thanks all!Skedi2 10h
11h Help with a character concept So my demon hunter has had her tongue cut out by the legion. For this reason she cannot speak, however I thought it would be an interesting concept if she could speak demonic, despite her missing tongue. Is there a way I could make this make sense with lore?Adreitheta1 11h
12h Looking for RP Professions Advice Hey guys, Just wanted to get some opinions on some profession ideas for my characters that I've been debating about. My current setup is this: (haven't really leveled professions yet so I'm not bound to anything): Orc Warlock: JC/Mining Pandaren Monk: Inscription/Herb Orc Shaman - Alchemy/Herb My rationale for this setup was: Warlock with JC to sort of RP his expertise in creating soul shards, though the actual recipes and things don't really have much of a "dark side" to them. Monk with inscription for a lorewalker type of vibe. Shaman with herb/alch as sort of the classic combination helping to commune with the spirits, etc. What I've been debating about doing: Orc Shaman: Mining/JC Pandaren Monk: Herb/Alch Orc Warlock: Herb/Inscription My thoughts on this setup: Warlock with inscription due to the magical nature of inscription and runes being frequently used in demon summoning and the like. Pandaren monk herb/alch for the brewmaster type vibe and their use of teas and herbal medicine and that sort of thing. Orc shaman JC/Mining with the thought of utilizing materials from the earth to imbue power into his gear and weapons, though I'm not sure if mining would sort of be seen as going against what a shaman stands for. What setup would you guys roll with? Which do you think fits better? My other characters cover the other professions so it's really just these that have me stumped. Any input would be welcome!Gurdrek4 12h
14h BTS Impact (Spoilers) So, I usually post on the story forums, but I'm curious, how do folks feel about the implications that Sylvanas has the Forsaken in an Orwellian state and they're so fragile they can't clap or take much physical action?Skytotem2 14h
19h Mag'har priest name Hello guys I would ask your help to find a good name for my shadowmoon Orc that I intend to play in Bfa. He will be a mag'har shadow priest. I looked for several sites that generate names, but the good ones are already being used.Blitzle1 19h
21h A letter to an old friend.. What I am about to share is not a bug report, neither is it another feedback from a player. This is a letter to an old friend. No frills or puns intended, this is just me writing to a friend I miss dearly… Seven years ago, when my first account was unjustifiably banned by GM, I tried appealing and asking help from everyone, desperately trying to save “her”, but in the end she was doomed to leave me forever. Today, when I was browsing through Armory, I found another player is already using the same name as “her”, even though He was a Goblin Priest. Naturally, he’s not as pretty as you my friend! My dear friend, so many things has happened over this period of seven years. From the day you vanished, I recall the nights I spent crying over your loss. You meant some much to me, a student then alone abroad, a hundred thousand miles away from home. It was because if your company that eased the loneliness and made life more meaningful to me. I still remember every morning we would venture to Duskwood to complete our quests at six in the morning, trying to avoid being slaughtered by the Horde. Time has passed by so quickly, my friends have all encouraged me to move on and just create a new account and being a new adventure in Warcraft. They say that there is no need to pine over the loss of a fictitious game character…and I tried. I’m currently playing a new account and a replica character with your exact same name, who has received many new mounts and succeeded in many Achievements that was once not possible with you. Did you know now our dresses can undergo Transmogrification? It’s super cool! I thought that all these new discoveries and achievements would help ease the loss of you, but when I stood at Stormwind and watched the quiet streets of the city, I realised all that I have now still can’t compare the sense of accomplishment and happiness when I bought you your first mount: Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber. Many new weapons are out there now, but I still think you looked best with Benediction, and how awesome it felt when we took down Molten Core’s Ragnaros together with our guildies! One year after you left, my computer was affected with virus, causing the hard drive to be non-functional. I was super upset! Because I lost all the screenshots of you that we took over the years. I cried and cried and cried for so long, it felt as if all my memories in the past seven years were wiped clean! I felt so empty and desperate..I tried to appeal again to reinstate you to existence. But I failed and fate remains that we are apart. My dear friend, in 2014 when I was diagnosed with cancer, I really felt I have reached the bottom pit of my life. I was terrified when I entered the Operation room, feigning smiles to my loved ones and telling them I will be alright. My vocal cord was damage during the operation and it took me long time to get recovered. My friend, I think I lost a sense of myself somewhere, because I feel like a changed person after the operation, I avoid meeting people and prefer staying at home. In 2016 my grandfather past away quite suddenly, which was shocking for me. As we packed away his belongings, a thought suddenly came to my mind: if one day I die, what will happen to all the WoW posters and my physical copies? I started to write a will to make sure our memories are persevered even if I am gone. As if bad luck never ends, two months after the passing of my grandfather, I was diagnosed with possibility of a malignant cyst. Needless to say, I was sent back to the Operation room for surgery, and that was one painful ordeal I tell you! But I told myself, I must recover! Because Warcraft was releasing their new movie in the following month, on my birthday! I must watch it! I have waited for ten years, I can’t miss this epic launch! Perhaps my prayers were answered or the angels had taken pity on me, the biopsy confirmed the cyst was benign, and I could go back to normal living. To celebrate, I donned a customized t-shirt with a picture of you (my dear friend, the one with Vengeful Nether Drake) to watch Warcraft: The Movie. I heard the familiar calls of the Murlocs, the leveling places we used to venture together in Elwynn Forest, and the beautiful, heart stringing music of Stormwind that send shivers down my spine…it was phenomenal. It was an almost perfect evening... if you my friend could also witness it. One month later I was back in the hospital for treatment again. Reality is horrible, but I don’t have much choice because no one will be able to understand my plight, and even if they do, there’s probably nothing they can do about it either. My dear friend, I still have so much to share with you…but for now, I just want to say to you – I truly miss you.Pinkyqt0 21h
21h Me’nurir Blockade Just a small fan-fic i wrote , hope you folks enjoy.Magravos0 21h
1d Canonical Common Alphabet Lion's Rest, Varian's gravesite, has a massive marble stone behind it. Carved into it is Common, which utilizes a variant of the the real-world Elder Futhark runic alphabet from ancient Scandinavia. I learned a version of Futhark in high school and, for some reason, never forgot. So I decided to translate the whole thing. The foremost tombstone immediately behind the grave, pictured here: I figured out the Common alphabet from this:... Now, for the main plaque, literally translated it comes out to this:...Which I've managed to translate better into,...The larger portion, the main wall behind him, includes numerous artist employees' names that work at Blizzard. I won't post them all, but examples on the first paragraph include Ishmael Hoover, Cole Eastburn, Jessica Clarke, Jessica Dinh, Andrew Matthews, Daehi Kim, Matt McDaid, Patrick Burke, etc. Hope this is helpful everyone.Cannibal1 1d
1d New to RP: Purely Chat RP? (OOC) Hey all, I'm pretty new to RP but I've always been interested. A few questions I have, first! Are there any RP's that are purely in chat, or do you need to have your character near someone in person? Also, what kind of Addon's are usually the bare minimum for RP's? Thanks for the help! Battletag Snowcone#21144 if you want to add me, looking to make new friends.Valerie1 1d
1d Racial language I think it would be pretty neat to learn other racial languages kinda like Star Wars Galaxies such as learning from another player of that race or maybe a quest line, achievements etc.Bragox3 1d
1d <The Sylvanae> Rumors abound. The local gossip says he overheard the bartender who overheard a drunk who overheard a fishmonger who over heard a red clad woman say to a masked stranger that... "The real war will soon be upon us. A war to end all wars... not simply a war FOR our world from some common and outside threat but a war with the true enemy which will determine who truly reigns over Azeroth. Too long have we tolerated the presence of one enemy for the convenience of an ally against a common foe. Through each the True Enemy has remained... The Alliance. Soon we shall begin to test their strength, responsiveness, and defenses. Soon we shall begin a series of sudden brief strikes to destroy supply chains, inhibit resources, decimate their stores, and maybe even light a fire or two." The local gossip seems to think this day will soon be upon us and beseeches us to stay tuned when in fact it began this past Saturday with a successful raid upon Teldrassil (with many more to come). Will you stand against the true enemy or be content to let braver sons and daughters of the Horde do your fighting? ((See our other post for details on The Sylvanae: ))Srinshee0 1d
1d Storyline RP? It's mostly clarification that I ask for. I see "Storyline" in the currentlies of TRPs all the time, but I'm not entirely sure what it entails. Is it all pre-planned or something? How do I go about making one myself or joining in another's?Sykessa4 1d
1d Fragments Of You. (FanFic) ((So this is what I've been trying to clean up over the past few days when I had the time. Been too long since I shared anything. I hope y'all enjoy it. Like I usually do, I'm going to ask you to not post until I say I'm finished here. As always, comments, criticisms, etc. are welcome.)) A heavy knocking was upon the door. Richard grumbled, getting himself out of bed. The sun had yet to even rise fully, barely peeking out in the morning sky. Who on Azeroth could be awake at this time of day? “Coming.” He half yelled, half murmured to himself. As he swung open the door he was ready to lay into who had arrived, “You better have a...a..” He stopped himself short seeing who it was, someone he hadn't given much thought too in a very long time. He seemed pale as if he'd seen a ghost. It looked just like Marie, but it couldn't have been, it could never have been. He rubbed his eyes for a few moments before realizing who had actually stood before him, Marie's sister. Bright, curly auburn hair draped her face, shrouding her green eyes. The nose was different, but she looked just like her. Last he saw of this woman she was quite a bit younger, no more than twelve, but the family resemblance was there. “Eloise?” He breathed, a bit unsure as his mind whirled with the improbability of it all. “Yeah, Richard, it's me. You seem....well.” She scanned him up and down, holding a small wooden crate full of an assortment of things. “Might I come inside?” “Oh, dear. Of course. Come right inside.” He wasn't even fully dressed yet, still in his night gown. “You can sit there on the chair beside the table in the kitchen while I get myself prepared. Don't mind the Panther, she won't bother you unless I tell her too, if she even bothers to wake up.” He gestured to Synthara sleeping soundly in the corner on a giant bed he'd laid out for her. He quietly lamented the few dirty mugs he'd left sitting out on the table. He grabbed them quickly with him as he went upstairs to prepare himself. A few moments later he returned downstairs to find her idly tapping her fingers on his table. “It's been...ages, nearly a decade in fact.” He said, sort of averting eye contact. “Yeah.” She replied, avoiding his as well. “Look, I won't be in for long. I know we hadn't seen each other in quite some time and you don't know long it took to even track you down. Heard about that illness you had a part in taking care of in the Stormwind Gazette, so here I am.” “I move around a lot.” he replied, although if she had heard him she didn't seem to respond. “Either way, these were...hers.” She pointed to the crate she had laid upon the table. “Both mother and father have passed away now and I found these up in a closet tucked away in a dark corner. I suppose they couldn't bear to let them go. I thought they would be better suited for you to have.” Her words were quick and tasteless upon the air. “What's in there?” Richard asked peering at the crate. “Letters mostly, a few other personal belongings. If that's that, I really should be going. I've got places to be.” She got up and made for the door. She was about to open it as his hand caught hers. “ you been?” Richard asked. “That's none of your business really, now is it.” She hastily replied pulling her hand away. “O-of course.” He stammered, backing away and letting her leave, which she so did. He watched out the window as she descended down the path from his home before returning to sit down where he was. He wanted to look inside but his hands were shaking. “Some tea would be nice.” He said to himself, so he put a pot on. As it was brewing he went over to his pantry pulling out some of the salted meats. He put some slabs down for Synthara in her bowl, causing the Panther to perk her head up. “Ah, food could always make you rise.” He smiled down at the panther whose tongue licked her gray muzzle. She began to eat the food rather quickly, age didn't seem to ever slow down her appetite. A little more content Richard waited until his tea was ready. Pouring it into a cup he sat back down at his table. His hand gingerly stretched towards the box. He pulled the first parchment from it and began to read it.Pärker3 1d
1d Dk ooc warrior IC? Hey, I'm new to wow rp. But I was just wondering how playing a dk could effect me. Could I play a death knight and rp as a normal human? Of so, how would I do that? How would I get around the eyes?Baárd7 1d
1d Disappearances in Dalaran IC closed. A day passes since the murder and kidnappings,Tandrina rode in the sidecar of Jeimel's motorbike and as they rode,t appeared Jeimel had a deep look of concern on his face. Seirus was normally a man who kept to his schedules but for some reason had not come home the previous night. A sight of peacekeepers surrounding the testing field made the rogue swerve and park his bike abruptly approaching one one of the peacekeepers "I'm Jeimel Brightdawn,retainer to the Dawnflower family and freelance agent,might I ask what happened here?" The peacekeeper looked to the half elf with a grim look "I'm afraid an incident happened on academy ground,the murder of a teacher and what looks like the abduction of two other instructors,do you recognize these glasses?" Jeimel and Tandrina both went pale as they had noticed the familiar spectacles "Oh dear gods,those are papa's!!!" Tandrina exclaimed in a tear choked voice. The half elf's blood began to boil but took a deep breath not wanting to upset the younger elf next to him. "Don't you worry Tandy,I'll see to it we find your father,Word has probably made its way so on top of whichever investigators get called in,I'll take the liberty of writing a missive for anyone willing to enlist. [Note: This was just a little before the missive was posted] Any other leads to a potential suspect,? I could be of some assistance." he asked keeping a serious expression. "Well,aside from the broken corpse of Thomas Kennsington,this strange block of ice meaning one of our suspects involved could be a rogue death knight. We'll keep you posted once we know more." Jeimel gave a nod "Thank you I'll be in the area,in the meantime I think I'll see to it my young mistress here is taken somewhere safe." ----- Two death knights had blundered into her while she was roaming the wastes. Some apparent patrol it would seem. While one was willing to join her the other was less than cooperative. He struck out at Distopia while his comrade merely stood back to see how things played out. Distopia side stepped his attack. “Fool you could have joined us,we are siblings in death!” She declared. “Traitor I know of you Distopia. Though you have changed your form your soul is just as wicked as it once was.” He said raising his blade. “I serve the Deathlord now and I will see you dead traitor!” He gowled. She sighed in dissatisfaction. “I had hopes for you. You claim to be free yet you serve the Deathlord and who does the Deathlord serve? The Lich King yet again. You’ve willingly bound yourselves in chains. I will see them broken!” She proclaimed. A great darkness took shape behind her and everything for the defiant knight went black. Ghosar sighed as the report of the missing patrol came in. “Not fully missing one body was discovered. Signs of a struggle.” “I would hope my knights would put up some kind of fight.” He rubbed his head. “Get me Sandara... on the double.” Somewhere on the Broken Isles, a blood elf death knight pulled her sword from the body of her latest victim. She grinned as she looked over at the night elf beside her and saw a long line of demon corpses stretching behind them. "It was so nice of the Legion to invade and give us this all you can torture demon buffet." "Especially after how quiet it's gotten." The blood elf frowned as her eyes scanned the horizon, looking for something. Her frown deepened as she turned to look behind her. The invasion seemed to be dying down for now. Only the commander, a tall, busty female demon with six arms, remained. Sandara nodded to Delilyah. "Go for it. I know how you love making her kind scream in fear for the first time." Sandara stood back and watched as the night elf sprang into action. Something was bothering her with how quiet things had gotten in Azeroth. With the bulk of the world's forces focusing on the battle against the Burning Legion, she would have expected the criminals, cultists and so on to take advantage, turning Azeroth into their own personal playground, but they weren't. A beep from her cloak had her reaching for a communication orb that she carried with her. "This had better be good Tommy." "Ghosar wants you back here on the double." His voice faded for a moment as if he had turned to look at something behind him then turned back to the orb. "Better make that on the triple. I can't work out if he's worried or pissed. Maybe both." "What's going on?" A hardness started to creep into her voice that she was getting concerned herself. "He won't say much. All I know is that the last report was about a patrol where one person has gone missing and the other was killed." 1/2Tandrina446 1d
2d Disappearances in Dalaran OOC 2 First OOC thread capped and we're hitting the home stretch!Kalithos46 2d
2d Shadows of Sholazar (OOC -- Closed RP) Posted on a bulletin board in a city near you: Adventurers wanted! Several disappearances in Sholazar Basin that need investigation—cultist activity suspected but not proven. Please send applications to Morician Blackborne of Defenders of Truth. Greetings, and welcome to my first RP thread! This will be mostly a mystery-adventure type thread, with about 5-7 people. Both Horde and Alliance characters are welcome. Adjustments will be made here as needed(writing this late at night and it'll likely need a bit of polish later). One character per person please, though exceptions can be made if it makes sense for the story and multiple sign ups can be posted(though only one is likely to be selected). Basic Rules/Expectations No god-moding or Mary Sues. It's not fun for anyone. No derailing the thread—while I don't mind some character conflict, everyone is expected to be working together as a group. If someone's being problematic it will be dealt with, either through discussion here or removal from the thread. While perfect grammar isn't necessary, I do expect effort to be put into your posts. Posts need to be legible, more than a few sentences long on average, and posted in a timely manner(1 post a week, at minimum). At the same time, don't flood the thread with posts either--exchanges between characters are wonderful, but make sure you aren't drowning others out in the process. Apologies if this seems a bit strict, but I'd rather lay down the groundwork now to keep things in better order later. Sign Up Format Name: Age: Race(if different from posting toon): Allegiances/Moral Alignment: Physical Description: General Personality: Reason for Joining: (This should be written as an IC application letter—doesn't need to be long, but acts as a rough RP check and possible springboard for starting posts)Morician217 2d
2d Warlocks and their names I'm wanting to level a warlock, and I'm a roleplayer, I've found a couple of awesome names, but they don't sound like a name that would be given a human infant. Then I thought about how in a great deal of mystical texts, and even a quest in legion, that knowing someones "true" name gives others power over them if the right spells and rituals are used. So. Long story short(too late), would a warlock take on a false name perhaps? Something dreadful sounding to protect themselves from their real name being used against them?Evivisti4 2d
2d Shattered We Ren'dorei are an uneasy part of the Alliance. I'm a priest, and yet when I go into the cathedral in Stormwind City I am asked to leave because I control the Void. I was disgusted at this flat-out racism in the capital city of the Alliance -- thank the Light that King Anduin is a better leader to the Alliance than the priests there are to me and my kind. But I resent being a part of the Alliance. Stormwind is not my beloved Silvermoon, where I feel -- or felt, rather -- most at home. Granted, Telogrus Rift is crawling with Silvermoon scholars who make sure that we get the comforts of home, showing that Silvermoon, at least, isn't as black and white as Sylvanas may hope. Either way, though, Silvermoon City is currently a Horde capital and I can't go there without being killed on sight. So as I stand now in front of Alleria Windrunner's statue in front of Stormwind City and read the inscription by her sister Sylvanas -- the Banshee Queen, now Warchief of the Horde -- on her fellow Alliance hero's statue plaque, my heart is as broken as my beloved Azeroth. It's broken for my world, for my elven sisters, and for my city. Where will be my home? Telogrus Rift is certainly no option. Perhaps Suramar, where Thalysra would look the other way at my existence for my role in helping free her and her people from the Horde? I won't get into the Nighthold, certainly, but.... Or, perhaps Thunder Totem, where I could help the Bloodtotem survivors start over now that the Feltotem are gone. In Highmountain the air is crisp and clean, as is the water, which is so cold you'll get frostbite if you're not careful; and standing on the top deck of Thunder Totem and looking out towards the hunter's peak to the west, then southwest to Riverbend and then back up to the mountains and the tauren city to the north -- again, certainly Mayla would also look the other way if I lived here. I have earned such. Or will my home be somewhere else? Somewhere I've never been? For now I rest in Shal'aran.Rusja0 2d
2d Languages in RP Hey everyone. An old in-game RP experience I just remembered has prompted this thread from me. I'd love to have a discussion about this, mainly out of curiosity about what most people think, but also to see if someone can change my mind about this topic or vice versa. Here's the RP interaction in case anyone is curious. Random Goblin: "So, Pandaren. You know how to speak orcish?" Random Pandaren: "Uh... I've been speakin' it to you for the past half hour ain't I?" Random Goblin: *Clearly is lost OOC on how to proceed because the headcanon of both players just clashed in a way that's hard to reconcile.* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What language do you think the majority of the Horde speak? Common? Or Orcish? I was always under the impression that it was Common, and I'll explain why. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, as well as your thoughts on MY thoughts. 1. There seems to be a large and jarring distinction between Common and Orcish whenever NPCs use it. They'll spout a huge wall of text that's in plain English, and then shout "Lok'tar!" at the end. If the English was just translated from Orcish so the reader could understand, that would be fine, but why wouldn't the Lok'tar also be English and just say "Victory or Death"? Are they arbitrarily choosing not to translate one section? Or is the Lok'tar legitimately spoken in Orcish while the rest is Common? I think the latter is a more realistic and sound explanation since Lok'tar is a very common Orcish battlecry. It makes sense for an orc to address a non-orc in Common but still shout their customary battlecry in their mother tongue. 2. There seems to be very little language barriers between NPCs. I can recall multiple quests where there are verbal altercations between Horde and Alliance members. This is true of cutscenes as well. I THINK this is true in the older Warcraft games too, though I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure when Thrall and his orcs came upon the Darkspear trolls, I'd imagine the two had no real issues communicating despite it not making sense for the trolls to speak Orcish, or the Orcs to speak Zandali. Both of them speaking Common is the best explanation I have for this, since we know it's a nearly universal language while the other two are not. 3. Common is depicted as a very easy language to learn and it's also been depicted as something nearly all intelligent races just 'know' how to speak, and this is broadly applied. The -only- races depicted speaking broken common are very unintelligent races, or very unintelligent outliers from a race that normally can speak it. (Orc peons). It predates modern human civilization as well, meaning it's not a language that all Alliance members are just using to accommodate humans. 4. It's been said that many things in World of Warcraft are just implemented for the sake of OOC game mechanics. A good and often-cited example of this is Chris Metzen talking about demons being hauled around in cities. Realistically guards would react, but they don't for the sake of OOC game mechanics. Taking the prior 3 points into account, I think it's a very fair assumption to make that the fact we default to Orcish in-game on the Horde side is for the sake of OOC game mechanics as well, and not necessarily something that should be applied to RP. Those are all the reasons I can think of off the top of my head. What do you all think? Am I in the minority here? Do you think I've said anything incorrect? I'd love to hear.Natsuaga21 2d
2d Night Elves and Girl Power I am mostly a Night Elf RPer, and even my Non-elf characters tend to be bad @ss ladies. I have always subscribed to the idea that Night Elves are a Matriarchal race, evident of a nearly all Female army, having female leaders for nearly their entire history, their faith centered around a Goddess, and their clear Drow inspired aesthetic, who is also a Matriarchal race. While I believe this point to be inarguably true, it doesn't stop people from trying. Just the other day, I heard this from another RPer, OOCly: "Women are weaker than men. Female warriors will never be as strong." I raise you the Norse Shield Maidens: Such as Hlagherth, Queen of Norway. I raise you the Celtic Queen Boudicca, who topples the Roman Capital of Britain. I raise you the Onna-bugeisha, female samurai who existed in a very male dominated culture, and still managed to be major figures in various Japanese civil wars. I Raise you Artimesia the first of Caria, who raised several Greek city states to the ground during the Greco-Persian War. I raise you Ching Shih, who went from a Brothel worker to a pirate admiral of 300 ships and terrorized the entire coast of east Asia for years. I am no activist or SJW, but it always suprises me how many people are so resistant to the idea of a female dominated culture in a fantasy setting. Or just the idea of women being warriors. Very strong and willful women tend to be hated by the average RPer, ICly and OOCly. I am curious if anyone else has had this experience? Note that I am not accusing anyone of misogyny or sexism, simply noting my experience while roleplaying strong, willful women versus roleplaying a strong and willful men. I have done both, and where a strong, willful man is usually charismatic and liked, women experience a lot more resistance and disdain.Akiyass97 2d
2d Writing Prompt #8 Gnome Raves Nobody knows it but gnomes are secretly party animals. Write about what might happen at a potential gnome rave. This is a more fun topic for y'all to do. Sorry this is way past due.Pärker0 2d
2d How to RP Draenei with Lightforged around? Hey gang, I had a question for all the Draenei RPers around. With the release of the Lightforged Draenei race, how do you cope with the idea that there is essentially an "upgraded" version of your race? It's not exactly a stretch to say they are as such just based on appearances - their horns are longer, their hooves and tails are gilded, they have glowing runes on their head, and shiny tattoos you never see. Their racial abilities aren't exactly better, it's true, and so I haven't seen many LF Draenei around compared to the normal ones. But how does an RPer reconcile the fact that they exist without feeling inferior w/ regard to the light? Personally, I had to race change my priest, because I just needed him to feel as "lighty" as possible, but the question comes to mind. Would you rather have an LF Mage or a regular one? Does it matter to you? Do you craft a story for yourselves to say you are just as attuned to the light, or is your Draenei more of an arcane affiliate? Tell me how you cope! I am an inexperienced RPer.Bankotsü20 2d
3d Twinaxe's Legacy [Story] Two axes lay on the bunk of the bed in Lunarfall's inn. A massive figure sat upon the floor. Memories flashed through his mind. His rite of passage, slaying a great beast of Gorgrond, and returning to his village and the feast held in his honor. The arrival of the strange orc that was Warsong but not... And then... the green one, who stood tall, proud, despite the clear weight of guilt on his shoulders. The one who had the same name as him. No, the one who was Twinaxe. A knock on his door stirred him from his thoughts. It opened to reveal a draenei. One who was not Yrel's. He lifted a hand calmly. "Yes, Nymia?" He asked. "... Geshik... I... are you sure that--" She began, but he couldn't listen to her further. "The man I saw as my own father knelt and begged for me to send him to the Elements. Yes. I'm sure." He stood up. "They are ready to see me?" Nymia nodded. "The portal is ready... the Alliance is ready to receive you." Geshik stood, holstering one axe, and holding the other. "Good. I am ready to stand against the Witch of Undercity." He declared, marching out. The flag he would fly would not be red. Not when red belonged to tyrants and those with no honor or compassion.Geshik0 3d
3d [Lore]Nightborne Priests Apologies of this is a bit random, but I was hoping to figure out where exactly Nightborne Priests get their ability to channel the light (and to a lesser extent, shadow). If anyone has any ideas on it I'd be glad to hear it. As far as I've figured it out thus far, there's three main methods I can see: A)Nightborne priests are entirely a new thing, and learned how to use the Light from one of the other Horde races. Maybe they're borrowing from the Sunwell, maybe they learned of the normal version of the Light from Forsaken. This laves them in a vague place like goblins or gnomes though B)Their priests have been around longer, but rather than being actual priests, they're simply mimicking the use of Light or Shadow through arcane means, treating it as no different from Fire or Frost. This I feel is a bit more farfetched, but fits them well C)The most drastic possibility I could think of was that when the dome cut them off, there were still quite a few relics and blessed objects from Elune around the city that retained their magic. While likely not very powerful, such artifacts may have allowed for some basic usage of Light Magic, though not strong enough to contest the Legion or be seen as more than a dying Faith. I'm certainly reaching with this one, and it does bleed into the other two once the dome lowers. I'd be interested to hear what other people think about it though, as it's q very curious addition to their class selection without any major basis in what we saw of their society.Syraneth5 3d
3d WET Community Lounge #137 "Welcome Everyone! Come in, relax, and remember the rules." *Cyndilou sets out a platter of her 'Famous, Home Made, Dragon Baked, Fresh From The Oven, Plate-Sized, All Natural, Chocolate Cookies' for all to share.* /grin Link to the last lounge: The Archive Of Chill: 3d
3d "Quarantine" (IC-rp thread) Dalaran is bustling with activity, people most likely having a party due to the fact that the legion is dealt with and enjoying there time, though for some odd reason the ledgerman Tavern seems to be the most busy as of late, enough for suspicion. "So i heard this guy is hiring people for a extremely dangerous job!" said a goblin patron in the tavern. "Yeah right, you suppose this human mage is the key to find the place and hiring mercenaries?" said another patron, most likely a mage guard off duty. "It's True, i met him once, he only takes the toughest people for hire without care, and gives warnings to those who are seen as lesser mercs!" said a random gnome patron. "How dangerous can it be... he's probably wanting the best for easily done payment, bet he hires anyone just to make the lowest bunch walk away without thought." the rest of the conversation is drowned out, most are talking about the rumors, the rest are discussing about the meteors landing in gilneas, or concerns about the the small war in there, only to be interrupted by a small fight between an orc and a worgen, luckily however, the fight rolls out into the streets. However that is not there main focus, the gossiping is however. The tavern is crowded, most spots are filled, only one that is not is a couch with a single human keeping his hood over his face, and a trench coat. only thing able to see of his features is his ash colored beard and pale skin. Around his fingers, he wears a ruby gem ring that appears to be cut in a rose pattern. he gazes around the tavern for potential hiring, a single eye popping out of his hood, which gives off a odd color, blood red pupils gazes at the door for anyone who enters while he occasionally taking a drink of his glass of whiskey.Dârak205 3d
3d "Quarantine" (Rp-thread Signups/OOC!) A rumor spreads of mysterious things happening in gilneas, one that use to be a war-zone, but now has became a quarantined area, preventing both alliance and horde from entering, but one amongst the gossip of rumors, is that there is a elderly human seeking to find crystals that have fallen from the skies, from the meteors that landed in Gilneas. They say in these rumors, that to meet this man, and his grandson, you must find a mage in Dalaran, A human mage that spends his times at the inn, he will be wearing a golden ring with a ruby gem socket into the metal. They also say that the ruby somehow manage to become in a rose shape in a natural cause, or unnatural magical use of alterations, but they all tell you that's not the point. They say to find this man, and he will guide you, but there is a final warning, "To seek this place, you will be rich, if you survive with your sanity and life intacted that is." But mysterious as it is, the rumors have more sense of truth, than a liars tongue, but they say none have returned, but they do not know if they have perished or merely grown plentiful with coin and trade. _______ WELCOME to Quarantine, this is a rp thread where you have to survive what has happened in the now dark streets of gilneas, but each encounter has a chance of causing more than basic issues. be wary of who you trust and aid. Name: Age: Race: Short Description: Class: Reason: __ Ask questions if you got any!Dârak251 3d
3d undead: how to reconcile bts? (spoilers duh) my forsaken was 100% devoted to sylvanas and believed her 100%, his home was in the western plaguelands where he'd occasionally visit the capital to find supplies and seek friends and families in an attempt to rebuild lordaeron back to what it was now bts makes this 100% not canon by making it so sylvanas forbids people from recognizing lordaeron, refuses to allow people to read any "human" books and punishes everyone who disagrees how can one book suddenly upend everything i rp'd since tbcDfsdff2141544 3d
3d A Curious Question I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea, but the current uproar about the state of the faction war has left me wondering...are there any channels set up for espionage RP? Some shenanigans with Horde rebels defecting/working with Alliance to undermine Sylvanas, or even vice versa with Alliance traitors joining the Banshee Queen. Maybe some loyalist groups trying to out the spies, I dunno. Maybe I'm just daydreaming, but it seems like it could be a thing. The sentiment seems to be there, but I wasn't sure if anyone's taken action with that avenue yet.Morician10 3d
3d Legionstrike: Genesis (OOC) Please note that the main thread is now open to all and is no longer closed/restricted to sign ups. This space can still be used for OOC discussion for the main thread. Hello! So ever since doing the first bits of Legionfall, where subversive agents of the Legion are again mentioned (they crop up now and again during the various class storylines), I've wanted to do something like this. Essentially, my thoughts are that the forces of Azeroth would create a sort of strike team to respond to these threats. Taking missions that would be too delicate for an army, but just right for a group of specialists. Enter Legionstrike. I'm hoping to make various threads different missions, with each one following a storyline to the conclusion of the set goal. Although the original thread included roleplaying out a trial for approval into the team, we'll be skipping past that in this incarnation. Of course, these can be talked about during character development segments during downtime between phases of missions (sitting around the fire after making camp, etc.). Please keep in mind general good rules for roleplay when posting: respect posts that came before yours if they somehow alter shared content and aren't unreasonable, use spellcheck, no one/two-liner responses, no god-moding. I'm also adding the additional rule of at least one post every 5 days, unless prior notice is given. I believe that's reasonable, and the old thread sort of fell apart because people just stopped posting. So if you cannot commit to that, I appreciate the interest but we'll be moving at a faster pace. We already have a demon hunter, magical ghost and feral druid from the our previous incarnation, and I will post my character based on what I think will balance the team after apps are accepted. Thanks, and I hope to stir up enough interest to get this off the ground! Sign-Up Info: Name: Race: Gender: Relative Age: Class or Profession: Speciality (or what role would bring to Legionstrike): Notable equipment or abilities: Brief Summary:Arlynne312 3d
3d RPing a morally flawed priest/paladin? I have no idea how to do this. This is my first real attempt at RPing. Trying to come up with ideas/justification for this based on this skeletal backstory: Basically, father/parents were/are Stormwind nobles and sent him to join the clergy. He agreed begrudgingly. He has a taste for the finer things and uses alcohol as a crutch. Partly due to his weakness for alcohol, he is not as respectful as a paladin should be and says some things he shouldn't. He enjoys gambling and other risky behaviors. This all seems quite run of the mill or just needs more fleshing out. I'm trying to think of ways to make him more memorable/unique. Perhaps, I just need to ride the alcohol clouding his judgment wave IC and see where it takes me.Doturface5 3d
3d Looking for RP "Manor" Looking for a house in Northrend I can use as an RP home. I'd prefer if it was on the larger size, but still a house, not a fortress or anything. If you have any ideas let me know. It should be something a Nelf would be comfortable in.Andentrian2 3d
4d Legionstrike: Alpha (OOC) Saehri, I've tapped you and your daughter for an important mission on Argus. Far out in a quadrant of the planet with no business having any signs of life, there has been an unnatural amount of activity. With the campaign on Argus drawing on nearly every resource we have I've opted for a small strike team to go investigate this anomaly and deal with any threat it may pose to the campaign proper. To that end I've included a list of talented individuals, all of whom have already accepted a role in this team, as well as their location. Additionally I'm leaving the final spot open to your discretion, I trust you won’t have any difficulty getting in contact. The stones I've included have been attuned to the rendezvous and from there Vahrra has the location of a forward camp you can operate out of. Good Luck, Khadgar ******************************* Welcome to Legionstrike: Alpha! This is a companion thread to Legionstrike: Genesis, this team will have it's own mission parallel to the Genesis team with the goal being to have both threads eventually converge on a single pair of villains. I plan on keeping this as an open thread (as Genesis is) but even so I'd like there to be a few guidelines. 1) Even though this is an open thread, I'd ask all people who plan on joining to put up a character sheet so the rest of the thread can have something quick to read about what your character is like. 2) I'd ask that you bring no more than two characters into this thread 3) As this is an open thread you may come and go as you please. HOWEVER, if you must leave I'd ask that as a courtesy to others you write an exit post giving a reason so that the RP isn't stalled. If you go more than two weeks without posting I will reserve the right to write the character out of the RP (while leaving a bit of wiggle room for them to return.) 4) As much as I'd love to RP with Void Elves this story takes place before the end of the Legion and thus none of the elves in Telogrus are actually Void Elves yet, so I'd ask you to refrain from posting on such. For a character sheet please follow the below: Name: Race: Gender: Relative Age: Class or Profession: Speciality: Notable equipment or abilities: Brief Summary:Saehri337 4d