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Feb 8, 2015 Introducing Your Character to the Universe! How there, folks! This thread is for anybody who wants to share a short and brief description of their character, and I recommend that you use this format to share; Character's Name: Realm: Level: Age: Current Residence: Short Back Story: *Short Back-Stories Must Be Under 200 Words! If you must know what this look like well. ---Start---- ---Finish--- Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!Dèstiny1000 Feb 8, 2015
Oct 5 [Guide] In-Game Roleplay -- The Basics Thank you all for your efforts and hard work, everyone! This guide would not be where it is today without your support and feedback, and I hope it can serve as a valuable resource for people to turn to for years to come! This guide, as stated above in the topic title, will be all about the basics of in-game roleplaying, and will be relatively lengthy. It will include examples for you to see, explanations for you to understand, and links to other very helpful threads and resources to help you learn about the joy of roleplaying. Also, since I do not consider myself the best of the best, I am completely open to criticism intended to correct or better the information provided here. Any suggestions for corrections, additions, or deletions are completely welcome, and preferred. After all, this guide is meant to be helpful and insightful when it comes to in-game roleplaying, not a bunch of garble that doesn't help anyone or make sense. Even if you're skeptical about some piece of information, question me! I'll be happy to answer, and if I'm not available to respond someone else might be around to do so! Table of Contents I. Basic Roleplaying Terms II. Preparations for Roleplaying - 1. Character Development - 2. And The Things You Need to Know to Start III. Roleplaying Fights IV. Open World RP vs. Group RP V. Griefers and You VI. Using Online Resources for RP VII. Transitioning to Forum RP VIII. Helpful Links CompilationShandrís109 Oct 5
Aug 11 Forum RP: Types and Expectations ((Guide)) Hell Yeah! :D Thanks all, hope you enjoy this guide. Before I start. This is a very long guide, feel free to skip to the bits that are relevant to you. If you want to know how to start a Closed RP, go to that section. If you want to know about Expectations of Open RP, skip there. Also feel very free to offer constructive criticism, or criticism in general, every post is a bump :) This, as the title suggests is about Forum RP. If you wish for a Guide on In-game RP, I suggest: The above guide is very easy to read, and a lot of the basics can even be strongly relevant to forum RP. Even if you don't plan to in-game RP, the above is an easy read and comes with a few strong links that relate to forum RP as well. Edit: Second reference: This is another written set of guidelines and rules, check them out for another reference if you like, it's definitely more compact than this and might give you a good summary. And lastly: This is a brilliantly written ongoing statement and guide. It's not only personal, but comes from an experienced and helpful person. Types of Forum RPs This thread is an expression of my opinion. I am not stating fact, but I am hoping that I am vague and general enough for it to be true, even if skewed a little. I am writing this guide, so that people can understand what the different forum tags mean, how you can get into different types of RP, how you are expected to act in them, and how they work in general. First of all and most important: You are not expected to read this whole thing, it is considerably long and detailed and I probably should have condensed it. But, if you read anything, please read the second post, with Expectations and the Rules of RP, this is probably the most important part of this thread! Feel free to post criticism. Even if I disagree, I will post any valid arguments up on my first posts, for anyone else to read, so they can understand the mixed opinions that are present. This guide will also shape and form from structured opinion, I will edit as seems fit. At the start this might seem a little... not good... but with help from our community, it will grow better. I will be focusing on two main types of RP. Open, and Closed. However I will also delve into the variants of each, such as the Tavern RP, and the structured Closed RP. I will try and keep a vague sense, as it is not black and white, especially when getting into the structured aspect of things. Also, remember, I am not telling you how to do things; I am just trying to help. Each Topic will be separated by emphasized titles. At the end of each topic, there will be a short summary in italics. After the Table of Contents, there will be a summary of expectations, as it is likely the most important part of this thread. What this Guide will contain Expectations - Post 2 The "Rules' of RP - Post 2 Summary of RP Types. - Post 3 Open RPs General Feel -Post 3 How to get into one - Post 3 Expectations - Post 4 How to make one - Post 4 The Tavern Element - Post 4 Closed RPs General Feel - Post 5 How to get into one - Post 5 Expectations - Post 5 How to make one - Post 6 The Structured Element - Post 7 Quick Term Summary There are other, better places you can find these, but I will just go through the ones you will need to know here. OOC: Out of Character. Refers to any comment made from you as an Earthling, not from your character, as I am talking now, as opposed to... IC: In Character. Any comment made from your characters perspective. E.g.: Thurman took the blue silken wizards hat from his bed and placed it on top of his head. RP: Roleplay TM: Thread Master. The Person who creates a thread, this is the poster with the most control; role will vary depending on the RP type. OP: Opening Post. This refers to the first post in a thread by someone. The TM’s first post will start a thread, while the posters first post will introduce their character. Generally, the OP will be longer than the other posts, because you have far more to write about, and generally want to put more effort into it. Note Feel free to post criticism. Know that I want your opinion, and if you have your own guide, or bits of guide, feel free to give them to me, and I will add them. We are a community. The credit should go to all of us.Meep169 Aug 11
Sep 25, 2016 [FanFic Guide]: Building a Better Story! I thought I might as well toss up some guidelines that could give some new writers a path to follow. You can choose to follow what I say strictly, or just completely blow it off; doesn't much matter. It's your story, so be creative with it! I'm just here to try and help. -Table of Contents- I. Story Topics II. Creativity in Writing III. Writing Guidelines IV. Descriptive Limitations V. Hero’s Journey VI. Involving NPCs VII. Adding Flavor Lore VIII. After Publishing ---------------------- I. Story Topics Now, while this is very much your story and your creation, it does have to take place within the WoW universe (Blizzard's rules from the old Seat of Knowledge forum, not mine). People tend to shy away from stories that involve heavy lorebreaking without an explanation. This doesn't include things such as alternate dimensions, changes in the past, nightmares or dreams, etc, but rather blatant alterations that don't serve any purpose other than "I said so". However, so long as you make it obvious that your story is in Warcraft, you should be fine. II. Creativity in Writing Something to always keep in mind while writing your story, is that it is your creation and your imagination that is at work; not someone else's. If you want to involve a giant, undead, fel-corrupted dragon in Moonglade for your story about a teenager with a mechanical arm and a blade that can cut through anything... Have at it. It's your story so you write it however you see fit to capture your imagination and entertain others. III. Writing Guidelines People don’t like to read walls of texts, paragraphs filled with bad punctuation, wrong spelling or broken English, so if you want to hook your readers before they even start reading, break your story apart. Split them up into smaller paragraphs, use proper grammar and punctuation and if you don’t know how to spell a specific word, try using Google’s voice recognition on your phone or laptop to pronounce the word; Google should recognize it, and then you’ll know how to spell it. Trust me, splitting your story into paragraphs and using proper grammar goes a long way with a reader’s eye. IV. Descriptive Limitations While this is Warcraft, there are some descriptive limitations that could get your thread deleted if you break some of the rules. As you very well know, World of Warcraft is filled with blood, gore and torture, all of which can be within your story without a problem (usually). However, I wouldn't go about describing in great detail the victim of some heinous death. Gore can usually be described if you’re detailing an Abomination or Ghoul, but if you’re describing a character's death, keep it to a minimum. People are much more queasy reading about recently dead bodies than they are zombies, even if they're technically the same thing. There's a mental barrier there that separates the two and crossing that line can have more people clicking off of your story. Same goes for describing scenes of sexual intercourse, nudity, non-consensual sex, etc. If you want to share your Warcraft fantasy, there are sites for that, but this is not one of them. V. The Hero's Journey Any great story needs a hero, and any great hero needs a journey. In 1987, Joseph Campbell released a book titled "The Hero's Journey", and it showed people how almost every hero, whether it be Gilgamesh of ancient Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago, or the well-known Superman and even Jesus Christ, all share shockingly similar traits. According to Joseph Campbell, they all follow a guideline of a story element; and for good reasons. People love it. Remember, you do not have to follow the Hero’s Journey to make a good story, but here's a breakdown of the Hero's Journey in a simplified version: Unusual Birth Whether it’s the common virgin birth story or the death of the character's parents, anything unusual that happens at birth or at a young age can fit right in here. Call to Adventure This usually includes a messenger of some sort or a way of the hero being requested for aid in a mission, usually in a faraway land. Refusal of the Call The hero tends to refuse the call to adventure at first, but is then forced to go, convinced to, or chooses to go. Meeting the Mentor It could be a teacher, father, trainer, or even a sibling, but this area usually includes training or preparation for the adventure. Crossing the First Threshold Whether it’s fighting a dragon, tackling a giant, solving a riddle, saving the town or rescuing Timmy from a well, this is the first trial that has to be conquered to achieve the goal.Canniibal21 Sep 25, 2016
Jun 27 Roleplaying Question Collective Now, I've been on these forums a while. It never fails that many questions get asked over and over and over. I'm hoping to create some kind of resource for people to come to to get their questions answered. They'll include a question(In no particular order), with a general consensus of the forums/sources as to what the answer of that question is, and a link if applicable to where discussion on that topic was held. I'll update for better threads or different opinions should things change. I'm also open to suggestions or links, so post them if you have them. ERPing and how to handle it should you see it. -- Warn them(politely), report them, ignore them if they continue. -- Thread: Using the Vial of the Sands to RP a Dragon. -- It's generally frowned upon, can be proven OoCly and ICly to not work, but if you can find an accepting group and you do it well, it can work. Don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Languages, Translations, and where to find them. -- While it's possible lorewise for characters to learn other languages, you have to turn to an addon to allow you to speak them in RP. -- Thread: "Breaking" and "Bending" Lore. -- Many many people frown upon it, but there is a small community that supports it. Try to find them, don't expect people to accept you or your story/character. Most prefer to RP WoW in WoW. -- Thread: Death, Healing, and mechanics. -- There are many ways to handle death and healing in World of Warcraft. One of the more accepted ways is that Death is final. You can also be ressurected, but you can't cheapen Death by making it easy. -- Thread(s): , Races that don't exist in WoW, in WoW. -- Much like breaking or bending lore to allow things that should be, roleplaying a race that doesn't normally exist(Dark Elves, other fantasy races) is generally frowned upon. You can find those that accept it but don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Vampires in WoW -- Classical vampires do not actually exist in WoW. There are vampiric creatures, there are also vampiric demons or other creations, but a Vampire like you would see in Dracula does not exist. -- Thread(s): , Love in World of Warcraft -- Love can strike anyone at any time. However, you must take into consideration ICly and OoCly genetics, cultural differences, age discrepancies, and physiology. -- Thread(s): , Why Night Elves look different from Blood Elves, and High Elves. -- Usage of Arcane magic drove the Highborne, Blood Elves, and High Elves from the rest of Night Elven culture. Arcane magic altered their culture and outlooks. High Elves and Blood Elves look differently from Night Elves because they were severed from the Well of Eternity. -- Wiki: ; Section: Foundation of Quel'Thalas. -- Thread: Roleplaying a race that you aren't. -- It takes suspension of disbelief, use of addons, and ingame items to pull something like this off, but it is possible. There's limits, but many options are within reach. -- Thread: Dealing with "bad" RP. -- General consensus is that if you see someone RPing "wrong", -politely- inform them, in whispers, that they may want to rethink how they are RPing. Don't push them, but give them a gentle nudge to these forums or other Lore sites. -- Thread: Dealing with godmoders. -- Much like "bad" rp, you can politely inform them that what they're doing may not be entirely correct. Refer them somewhere that they can use to help themselves out. Or you can simply ignore them if they don't listen to reason. -- Thread: Are Highborne Immortal? -- Highborne, like normal Night Elves, are no longer immortal. They used to be, but were sustained by demons and other unsavory magics instead of being naturally immortal. -- Thread: Roleplaying as a Dragon. -- Roleplaying as a Dragon is a touchy topic. Many will tell you to simply "DIAF". However, it is possible, and can be done. You must to a lot of research and be ready to take a lot of heat. I don't encourage or down it, it's an individual thing. -- Thread: Jun 27
Aug 11 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera8 Aug 11
26m It's a jungle in here. (Open Tavern RP) [As someone thinking of rolling up a Toon on an rp server, I wanted to come test the waters. The purpose of this post is to create an Open Tavern RP with some good hooks to engage people. Every character mentioned in this post can be considered "staff," feel free to god mode them, name them, put words in their mouth, w/e. Just pay attention to what other posters do first! My character will enter in next post. I highly encourage any other lurkers to get involved and post, especially if you are a first time poster like me.] Deep in the jungle of Stranglethorn, just off the main road that cuts its way north through the cape, is a clearing marked by a ring of ancient moss covered stumps. Tonight a roaring fire burns at the ring’s center, and a piebald group of travelers make an impromptu camp; Quickly spotted from the road, a conspicuously festooned wagon with one broken axel sports a brightly colored banner that reads, “Lester’s Libations,” (complete with a grinning goblin’s portrait). The well-dressed proprietor, conversely, grimaces as he slings drinks from the back of his off-kilter conveyance. His largest group of patrons, a team of dirty dwarves from the nearby Explorer’s League digsite, don’t seem to mind as the mugs slide down to their level across the uneven wagon’s bar. They joke and rib each other as they knock back flagon after flagon from the Goblin’s taps. Behind them, at the fire, a jolly tauren tends an impressive array of kebobs roasting on the fire. His gun all but forgotten beside him, he eagerly regales a bored looking orc on exactly how he nabbed each of the jungle fruit and fowl of tonight’s dinner. The orc listens to the tauren, but he watches a wounded human who has taken up a spot opposite the fire from the pair. This woman, her leg dressed well but with signs of blood poking through the bandages, sits atop a stump and plays a light hearted tune on a fiddle. The heavy gauntlets of her plate mail cast aside so that her fingers can more quickly manipulate the strings. Her song seems to bounce between the hearts of the growing crowd and newcomers to the gathering soon find themselves tapping their foot and forgetting who exactly handed them this skewer of mango and meat. Above it all though, in the crystal clear night air, the specter of Argus eclipses the moons of Azeroth.Gralltusk178 26m
33m Shadows of Sholazar (( IC -- Closed RP )) Those accepted would have each received a plain envelope stamped with a blue wax seal, bearing the insignia of a trident imposed upon a sun. Inside would be a neatly written letter stating the following: To whom it may concern: Greetings. I hope this letter finds you in good health. Your offer of assistance is accepted, and much appreciated. I am currently camped near Lake Kum'uya, a few miles up the road from Warsong Hold and Valiance Keep. I shouldn't be too hard to find, since I'm within sight of the main road—look for a banner bearing the same insignia as the seal stamped in the wax. Scrawled at the bottom of the letter is a rather messy signature-- Morician Blackborne --------------------- The early morning sun shown down upon the tundra plains; a chill breeze dampening what little warmth little warmth it struggled to provide. Northrend was a cold land—a harsh land—and while the short summer season might seem to offer some hope of respite rarely a day went by without some reminder of the unforgiving climate. The cold itself, however, did not seem to disturb the lone figure camped out on the plains, nor the great warhorse accompanying him. The offerings of his camp were certainly meager—a small ash-covered circle of stones indicating where a campfire once was and a small patch of flattened ground cover where a bedroll had once been. Planted firmly in the dirt nearby was a black war banner emblazoned with the white outline of a trident imposed upon a sun. Morician himself sat quietly on a rock nearby, studying a handful of letters with a thoughtful frown. As was usually the case, he was dressed in full plate armor save for the helmet, which hung securely from the back of his charger's saddle. The plate itself appeared to be forged from elementium rather than saronite, with hints of orcish styling, and what appeared to be a paladin's libram case hanging at his side. Completing the ensemble was a heavy, fur-trimmed cloak draped about his shoulders, and a tabard matching the war banner's colors covering his chest. Though he occasionally checked his surroundings, Morician did not seem to be scanning for enemies as much as he seemed to be waiting for someone. Or in this case, several someones. Just cool your heels...they'll be here soon enough, he thought to himself, standing up to stretch his legs for what had to have been the twentieth time that morning. While the clear blue sky indicated the weather would be cooperative for the trip to Sholazar, he couldn't help but feel a slight sense of unease about the mission. He hadn't been able to glean much information from the hunters he had spoken with at the inn in Valaince Keep, and what little information he did have gave no good indication of what they were up against. The most he could do was make rough guesses based on what he did have, and his previous experiences in the jungle crater. The rest would hopefully become clear with time.Morician166 33m
5h Lore Q&A and Character Help 2 A continuation of my last thread, found here: I have a knack for knowing and finding obscure references in lore and, generally, just knowing a lot about it. If you have any lore questions, want some help with a character backstory or anything of the like, leave it in the comments and I will happy to do my research and help in any way I can!Cannibal255 5h
5h Legionstrike(OOC, Signups Closed) Please note that sign-ups are currently closed. However, character sheets are always welcome for submission as each new mission has the potential for new members, new talents. Hello! So ever since doing the first bits of Legionfall, where subversive agents of the Legion are again mentioned (they crop up now and again during the various class storylines), I've wanted to do something like this. Essentially, my thoughts are that the forces of Azeroth would create a sort of strike team to respond to these threats. Taking missions that would be too delicate for an army, but just right for a group of specialists. Enter Legionstrike. I'm hoping to make various threads different missions, with each one following a storyline to the conclusion of the set goal. This first thread will be a little split, however. The first major bit will be establishing the team. This will be done in front of a panel, composed of Khadgar and the like. Members that have already been accepted can also offer input for consideration when watching applicants' performances. Obviously whoever is accepted in here will be accepted at the end of their trial in the thread. The usual method is trial by combat, proving aptitude against demons in general. However, the participant can offer an alternative showing if they believe it will suitably showcase their skills (i.e. tracking, etc.). The second bit of the thread will consist of their actual first mission as a team. Below is the general character info, I'll be posting mine as well. Please keep in mind general good rules for roleplay when posting: respect posts that came before yours if they somehow alter shared content and aren't unreasonable, use spellcheck, no one/two-liner responses, no god-moding. Thanks, and I hope to stir up enough interest to get this off the ground! Sign-Up Info: Name: Race: Gender: Relative Age: Class or Profession: Speciality (or what role would bring to Legionstrike): Notable equipment or abilities: Brief Summary: My entry: Name: Spellwarden Arlynne Race: Shal'dorei/Nightborne Gender: Female Relative Age: Mature Adult (Approximately three thousand years old, spent in a sealed Suramar) Class or Profession: Mage Speciality (or what role would bring to Legionstrike): Tactician Notable equipment or abilities: Suffused with the raw power that flows through most nightborne, Arlynne can bend natural laws within reason. Her true talent, however, lies in wards and shielding. The caster prefers a well-prepared, reactive approach, favoring a plan for every feasible circumstance over rushing in with spells blazing. Her robes and various accoutrements are well-tuned to the flow of magic, and serve as amplifying conduits to most of her spellwork. Her staff, with a carved head of pure ancient mana, serves as a strong focus that ties all of her equipment together. Brief Summary: Arlynne spent countless years under the false sky of Suramar, each day passing as the last while blissfully unaware of the outside world. She enjoyed her life well enough, and took to studying the finer details of magic when she came of age. She had aspirations of joining the ranks of the Nighthold's arcanists, and was well on her way when the Legion returned. Though unsure of the exact situation, Arlynne found Elisande's dealings with the demons unsavory, but was wise enough to hold her tongue lest she be exiled. She knew that banishment was to wither. When the insurrection came to free the citizenry of Suramar City, Arlynne gladly joined the ranks of the Nightfallen and offered her services wherever possible. Eventually she came to receive the fruit of the arcan'dor, freeing her from the merciless grip the Nightwell held over all shal'dorei. Now truly capable of following her own passions, the magister has been offered a most intriguing proposition: one that will let her truly make a difference in the war against the Legion...Arlynne247 5h
12h How do you deal with death I have always been very involved in role playing, and it always caused me a problem. It might come from the fact that I am a little OCD on things that are irrelevant. Death in Wow is one example. The only characters that I can play in Wow and invest in are characters that I can explain why I still play even if they died several times. For example : My warlock has a soulstone, he cannot die My Demon hunter goes back to the nether, so he comes back At the extreme limit I can pretend to myself that my hunter feigned death. But with the other characters, I have trouble living with the freaking death counter ( why do blizzard puts a counter in there that when people look at my character, they see that I died 32 times ???? ) Why am I still there ? I certainly was not rezzed 32 times and its completely inexplicable in any other fashion. I always wonder what use that counter had. Life for me and for others who feel like me would be so much simpler of the counter was not there, we could pretend our character never died...yet. Now all of those hours invested in the backstory of that character, I was thrilled to get him through endgame and role playing him a lot with my friends, but a random group pulled the whole BRD and we wiped, so I am not really interested in the character anymore. Its pretty weird because I know that if I raid or PvP I will die, but I guess it would be better for me if Wow treated defeat like LOTR and the game mentionned that you just retreated from combat. Anyhow, it was just a little rant, would really like to see the death counter disappear unless someone as a real use for that. Cheers all, happy gaming!Hansem8 12h
15h WET Community Lounge 96 Welp, the last one capped feel free to pull up a chair,plenty of drinks warm and cold alike,festive fall dishes if you're feeling hungry and most importantly don't forget to follow the house rules! Don't be a jerk and no trying to sell questionable insurance :P <~~~~~ last lounge threadKalithos261 15h
18h Mystery of the Palladium [OOC Sign ups] It was a quiet evening at Sunstriker Manor where Kalithos could be seen reading through a pile of books he borrowed from The Reliquary after finishing his rounds with patients for the day. "Man,so many relics tell so many different stories,even some of the ore used for some of these relics back in the day had their own story to tell." He turned the page of the book and suddenly,a look of intrigue appeared on the young doctor's face upon reading about a rare ore. "Palladium,eh? Says here it's an ore that has mysterious properties to it,rumored to be linked to the titans and their technology somehow. Rumored to be located in the continent of Northrend,it's considered to be quite sought after,I wouldn't blame them if I could find a small sample perhaps I can study it and maybe even implement this titan technology with modern medicine. Perhaps I could come up with a machine with it that could help those with terminal illnesses by putting them into a stasis like state to help prolong their lives painlessly until cures can be found..." With that,Kalithos sprung up and began to pack his things ranging from some warmer changes of clothes,to medical supplies and the aforementioned book he was reading. "I better leave in secret in the event someone else decides to pursue finding palladium for their own nefarious purposes,I'll need to contact Snytz for a means of flying there and--" his sentence was cut short at the sudden clanking of saronite armor and turned around only to see it was his brother leaning against the boy's bedroom doorway. "Dammit Damalys,you scared me..." Kalithos stated sheepishly only to get a slight glare from the elder Sunstriker brother "You WERE going to say a flight vehicle for two right?! You're sure as Hell not going alone with your track record of getting abducted,I'm coming with you not only as your big brother,but as someone who could give you input on how to whip up such machinery,remember I was a warrior AND dabbled in engineering before I was killed. So if you can't get that little sheister of a goblin to lend you his zepplin,see if he will lend us his bi plane." Kalithos jut his lips into a slight pout hearing his lecture,he was right but at the same time he couldn't help but mutter "I don't get in THAT much trouble." in which Damalys responded "That's a load of tauren crap and you know it,if anything bad happen to you do you know how pissed Rethandral would be at me..better yet BRYAH?! She nearly put a crossbow bolt between my eyes for letting you venture off alone 3 months ago. I know you wanted to finish that dig for Flint after his passing and keep your promise to him, but you need to take care of yourself too,you know? Me not so much seeing as I'm already dead." The elven doctor sighed "You're probably right,alright have whatever you need packed and ready,I'll see what Snytz has available for travel then ask Bree about patrolling the compound while I'm away since Reth will be away for his champion trials. We'll be leaving at dawn's light." Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Mystery of the Palladium, an Indiana Jones esque adventure RP I got inspired to make when reading on the various ores in Cannibal's thread. Palladium having said to be linked to the titans somehow intrigued me hence making it the central object of search and study but of course there will be most likely be thrills,chills and spills but I do ask a few things of those who decide to sign up. 1. No godmodding/Mary Sue characters- an adventure RP just wouldn't be the same if someone pulled a Deus Ex Machina and somehow end the intended story line prematurely,plus it just wouldn't be fair so while your character can be strong please kindly have your strengths be within reason so everyone gets a chance to contribute through the story and not feel left out. 2. Before you sign up- Be sure you know you can have the time to give fairly consistent posts,RPs tend to end on cliffhangers when someone drops out and their actions leave others at a writer's dead end. So please be able to post frequently and in the OOC chat lemme know if your post will be delayed,we'll figure out a way for your character to follow without being left behind. 3. Don't be a jerk,try your best to keep the posts drama free and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed,lemme know in a clear and concise manner so the issue can quickly be resolved,I'd rather not have friendships end or someone feel unwelcome from a misunderstanding. 4. Most important rule...-Have fun! :D With that out of the way,I give you the sign up sheet! Name: Age: Race: Alignment [IE-good or bad]: Brief history: Character's motive/reason to this adventure: Brief description of character:Kalithos452 18h
19h Red Talons(Rp OOC) A poster is signed up everywhere, in most neutral cities or even horde and alliance aligned ones. "Hello Adventurers, mercenaries, hired goons... I DON'T CARE WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE! but Someone has been stealing our artifacts, Archaeologist caught a glimpse of the thief but we have enough description of him, but every time we get the guards or even tell someone of of it, he either knocks them out, out runs them or even on a rare occasion, killing them! So he's not a thief, but a murdering monster!" On the bottom you find a name and how to contact the person. "My name is Clark Goldstone, And we have a camp far north of in Stranglethorn vale, and don't worry about factions... we are basically a Neutral party who only cares for the aim of uncovering history." Under the note is a small map that has a dot indicating where there camp is located, huh it's at a small troll ruins, they must of either wiped out the trolls or done something else. __________ HELLO This is a sign up for Red Talons, This is a rp thread where you do some investigating and look for who might be the thief of archaeology recent finds might be. Name: Age?: Class: Reason: Brief History: Any questions, feel free to ask.éns155 19h
1d the BOOK of BOBOS the BOOK of BOBOS .............COMEING SOONBobos57 1d
1d T36: The Hidden Invasion Hey folks! I'm pleased to come before you today to announce the World of Warcraft fanfiction I've been mulling around in my head and am finally putting to paper, entitled The Hidden Invasion! Spooky title, I know. I'm quite proud of it. As much as I'd love to post it in bits and pieces to the forums, the first chapter alone is well over eight thousand characters! With the character limit for forum posts being only five thousand, you can see why this is a bit of an issue. Instead, I intend to leave you with a link to the story's official tumblr (which you're heartily recommended to follow if you're so inclined!) That tumblr's link is here: Now if you're reading this and going "what does 'T36' mean? Who are these people? What is this invasion? What's going on? Why should I care?" let me respond thus: fret not! I'm planning on doing a casual companion podcast to the story, tentatively entitled The T36Cast, in which I plan to explain and flesh out the story's characters, their motivations, backstories, etc. beyond what is already covered in the story proper. I'll be updating this thread regularly whenever I post a new chapter or put up an episode of the podcast, so if you enjoy what you read and you want to know when more happens, but don't have a tumblr with which to follow mine, please do keep an eye on this thread! I look forward to reading any and all reactions and criticisms to my work. Thanks for your time, and happy reading!Praahv2 1d
1d Can tauren and elves reproduce? Don't ask why.Feight7 1d
1d RP Servers? Veteran at wow, but wanna RP. Which server should I go too?Pyrae9 1d
1d Mak'gora questions. First off, can somebody just declare it on somebody else for whatever reason, or does it have to be for leadership? Secondly, is fighting a Mak'gora within the city limits allowed(outside of arenas)? I feel like even though orcs are savages, even they would understand dead bodies from Mak'goras would be far more sanitary in an arena or outside the walls.Feight3 1d
1d The Chanter's Riddle (Ongoing Event) (For exhilirating story-building purposes only! Event is IC, news distributor here is considered OOC! Please do not abuse the purpose of this forum and come enjoy a grand story in-the-making!) Throughout the streets of Stormwind, citizens and law enforcement alike have come across bewitched personnel with red markings held within their eyes, endlessly chanting pieces of a building statement. So far the chanters have been benign and harmless towards the public, despite the situations getting out of hand by outside force, causing damage and harm to all those that would attempt to interrupt the chant. The information, collected by Starbishop Breel, have been as follows: Verse 1: “Foiled in the dream...I see only the Dream...and in lies darkness.” Verse 2: “Foiled in the dream...I see only the Dream...and in lies darkness. In the darkness...lies your antithesis...and your salvation…" Verse 3: Coming Soon! Verse 4: Coming Soon! Final Verse: Coming Eventually! What could this mean, and what will the remainder of the chant reveal? What else, besides the Legion, is lying underfoot the people of Stormwind? And what's to keep it from spreading to other cities? Keep a watch out for these strange occurrences after dark and stick around for the News[B]reel @9pm Server on Moon Guard (A)! (Strictly OOC: For questions, please contact Kardrion or Ysondran!)Ysondran0 1d
1d The Beautiful Destroyer (Short Story) Kil'jaeden's cloven hooves clicked against the glass floor as he made his way deeper into the hall. All around him, soldiers watched his approach. Their three-eyed faces viewed him with mingled curiosity and bemusement. Some thought him a foolish madman, others a wise scholar. Kil’jaeden did not care for either opinion. The thoughts and concerns of mortals were trivial matters. Feeling the many eyes of the palace guards upon him, he quickened his steps, hurrying along at a near-run. He had been portraying a skittish man these last ten years, a man who would never grow accustomed to the presence of others. Pulling his long, flowing robe about him, Kil’jaeden averted his gaze and pressed forward. A low, soft chant echoed through the winding halls of the Mirror-Palace, a somber tune sung by men with deep-throats and tuneless voices. The sound was like that of a funeral dirge, and Kil’jaeden found himself humming along with the unseen choir. The song was meant to be the harbinger of Malkadek, Mirror King of the North-Round, a joyous occasion for the people of Jadarath, but Kil’jaeden found a deeper meaning in the music. The darkness was coming. Following the path down the hall, Kil’jaeden eventually found himself stepping into a wide, circular room set in the heart of the palace. Much like the rest of the great castle, the floor was made from reflective glass, and in this room, the same was the case for the ceiling. If Kil’jaeden looked either up or down, he would have seen himself spiral into countless infinities, reflected back and forth by an almost-paradoxical loop of mirrors. For that reason, he kept his eyes straight forward. Nine figures sat in the back of the room, seated upon thrones of black stone. They wore robes of deep purple, with orange circlets on their heads and swords sheathed at their sides, all except the man in the centermost chair. Malkadek, King of the North-Round and Lord of Jadarath, was an impressive figure in his own right. As a Jadaran, he was a humanoid figure composed wholly of skin like the glass of a mirror. His hands, teeth, nose, muscles, all were made of the same reflective glass. He was a powerful-looking man, strong and fit despite his great age, and his eyes were like sapphire jewels in a regal, yet somber face. He was dressed in emerald robes, and a metal crown shaped to resemble one made of feathers sat atop his head. An iron scepter rested in his lap, and he drummed his fingers against it as Kil’jaeden approached. Kil’jaeden saw himself reflected in nine different men, the King and his Council, as he bowed before the thrones. The majority of Kil’jaeden’s body was concealed by a heavy, grey robe, but his face poked through the thick cloth. His flesh was red as blood, and two tentacles grew from either cheek, falling down to his barrel-chest. Between these was a small white beard situated beneath a tall, narrow head. His nose was long, his mouth firm, and his eyes green as poison. His forehead was a towering thing of hardened plates, from which two tiny horns sprouted, marbled black and brown. “My Great Lords,” he began, remaining prostrate. His voice was soft, timid. “This humble one thanks you for giving me audience.” “Long have I wished to meet you, wanderer,” said the king, in a rich, booming voice that echoed back down the halls, briefly smothering the chants of the distant choir. “I've heard tales of your miracles from countless subjects, and they sing praises of your great wisdom. Now that I look upon your face,” the King leaned forward, a smile on his almost-metallic features, “I can see why they call you the Beautiful One.” "You flatter me,” Kil’jaeden replied, flashing a smile filled with pointed teeth. The Beautiful One was his most favorite of titles, bestowed upon him long before he'd left the primitive ways of Argus behind. It made him feel clever, and he liked feeling clever. “Yet I did not come here to receive compliments, nor give them. The tidings I bring are grim, your Majesty.” “I've heard dark whispers among my people,” the Jadaran king said, tone equally curious and disapproving. “Wherever you go, darkness follows in your wake, as does fear. Yet you heal the sick, sing to the people, and inspire them to rally in my name. You are a creature of great mystery, Kil’jaeden, and I would hear what you have to say.” “My message is the same as it always been,” Kil’jaeden said, remaining in his kneeling position, eyes downcast. These men already believed him, he knew. Now he needed to gain their trust. “A darkness lurks in the universe, and it hungers to consume all life. It is a terrible river of destruction, devouring anything in its path. It destroyed my world, and if it is not stopped, it will do the same to yours.”Vrak7 1d
2d Drugs Ever wondered what kind of recreational fun exists in WoW? Wonder no more! 2d
2d Shadows of Sholazar (OOC -- Closed RP) Posted on a bulletin board in a city near you: Adventurers wanted! Several disappearances in Sholazar Basin that need investigation—cultist activity suspected but not proven. Please send applications to Morician Blackborne of Defenders of Truth. Greetings, and welcome to my first RP thread! This will be mostly a mystery-adventure type thread, with about 5-7 people. Both Horde and Alliance characters are welcome. Adjustments will be made here as needed(writing this late at night and it'll likely need a bit of polish later). One character per person please, though exceptions can be made if it makes sense for the story and multiple sign ups can be posted(though only one is likely to be selected). Basic Rules/Expectations No god-moding or Mary Sues. It's not fun for anyone. No derailing the thread—while I don't mind some character conflict, everyone is expected to be working together as a group. If someone's being problematic it will be dealt with, either through discussion here or removal from the thread. While perfect grammar isn't necessary, I do expect effort to be put into your posts. Posts need to be legible, more than a few sentences long on average, and posted in a timely manner(1 post a week, at minimum). At the same time, don't flood the thread with posts either--exchanges between characters are wonderful, but make sure you aren't drowning others out in the process. Apologies if this seems a bit strict, but I'd rather lay down the groundwork now to keep things in better order later. Sign Up Format Name: Age: Race(if different from posting toon): Allegiances/Moral Alignment: Physical Description: General Personality: Reason for Joining: (This should be written as an IC application letter—doesn't need to be long, but acts as a rough RP check and possible springboard for starting posts)Morician109 2d
2d Character Mugshots(Art Thread; Sign-Ups OPEN) So it's about time for one of these again. I've been working in Photoshop lately and gotten used to it enough to be able to accomplish things. I've also gotten the itch to doodle some more stuff for people. What this is: A thread where you can get some free character art What I'm looking for: This time, the finished drawings will focus primarily on the character's face--like a bust sculpture or mugshot. Therefore I'll need a detailed description of their face(young/old/jaw shape/etc), as well as a description of whatever they're wearing on the upper half of their body. A quick description of their personality is also useful(makes it easier for me to do the expressions), as well as notes on favorite things that could possibly be slipped in. How long this lasts: Until I get tired of drawing it. First come first serve--I generally close sign-ups after the thread's been open a few days. As a side note--if I see someone I recognize from one of the previous threads that was on the list to get a piece but didn't, I intend to try to give them priority. Where can I find the finished pieces: I post everything to my DeviantArt, which can be found via the link below. It may take a couple days for pieces to be finished and posted, so please be patient. Additional Notes: I've never had issues with these threads, but post this just the same as a disclaimer. Some artistic license is taken in the creation of these pieces, and submissions deemed inappropriate or otherwise unworkable will be rejected. One mugshot per person please. Master List of Finished Work Doyce: Quarl: Caileanmor: 2d
2d Worgen monks? Is there any real lorewise reason why a worgen can not be a monk? I get why gameplay wise due to the worgen starting zone occurs before and right after the cataclysm but is there any reason why a worgen couldnt later travel to pandaria and learn how to be a monk there?Enzio10 2d
2d Balancing RP and PvE/etc. Hello everyone! I have a question for the community. How do you balance RP with the PvE/PvP/Etc. elements of the game? I am still fairly new to RP in game having come from playing strictly PvE and raiding for many years. I am really enjoying RP, especially community events, but my main inclination is still to play the PvE aspect of the game if there is no event happening. I'm finding it hard to devote the time to seeking out RP, or a guild to RP with, mostly because I still want to continue to progress in PvE, professions, dailies, etc. Since those take time, I usually end up logging out when I finish, because there might not be enough time left for me to then seek out RP before I have to go. So I wanted to ask- how do you balance your game play and RP? Do you have a schedule you follow? Or do you use another tool to RP (like the forums)?Amaraithea3 2d
3d Roleplaying a Half elf? I'm wondering how to roleplay a Half-Human, half elf. Mainly, I would really like it if someone could answer my questions. Which is more acceptable, half high elf or half night? Which race would be preferable, Night Elf, Blood, Or Human? Is there any class that would benefit most from half elven heritage? What is a good way to roleplay a half elf? I'm not really a roleplayer, never had the chance and I would really like some tips. Thanks, in advance.Flimdor48 3d
3d Red Talons ( ICC-Rp) The troll ruins that was once empty now has a group of mostly human races encamped inside it, tents set up, though the odd part is they don't show there faces, they wear mostly cloth that covers there entire body, the color matches that of the sand area them, some of them are armed with guns, swords or even rare few seem to be a spell caster by appearance, some may see this very suspicious or some might see this over protective. "Boss! Camps are set up and our wanted posters are also put around towns, except for booty bay, just like you said." said one of the so called Archaeologist to The man in the center, He Nodded in response, "Excellent, now we just wait for brave adventurers who come help us." "Tell the lads to be on the alert though, can't let that one escape too easily." The other man nodded and walked away. The the man who people assumed to be the leader of the group continued writing down notes for his fellows in the camp.Hawkéns151 3d
3d Wishing to draw your character! Hi everyone!, I'm new in this forum. I'm not very related to rol community, I use to do it by myself. Also, my English is not the best, so I beg you pardon. I'm a warlock, who almost know nothing about himself. I grew under the care of a Voidcaller, in the deep of Duskwood forest. Now, in real life, I'm an art student, and nothing inspires me more than World of Warcraft role. So, what I wish is to actually draw your characters in a sequence, or anything you want. Don't expect too much. Also, let me show you my horse, Shadowrunner. I found his corpse in the shore of tanaris, close to the Cavern of time. He may be from other line of time. I gave his body the soul of a hundred of creatures: Hope you guys like the Idea and coment! Greetings Edit: I've done a gallery in Deviantart, so for people who want to see every other character, is easier now: 3d
4d Seeking Contributors and Feedback (WRA) (( Note: Recognize Haethon? I’ve allowed others to use the name in the past and related guilds have existed. There is an OOC statement and much more IC information in the link provided. Definitely take a look if you enjoyed as I welcome contributors and offer a family tree for reference. Thanks for reading! )) ((Seeking feedback and potential partners or contributors. This is likely to become a guild project.)) The following is based on the work of Stormwind historian and Haethonite Randeshal Wallace, created for informational and historical reference, as compiled and commented on by his son, Randeshal II. They are the only known historians to have seen the historical value and documented rCelated information and events. This work is what is referred to as the “Dossier Edition”, which primarily focuses on only one person for quick reference. For historical research or respectful inquiry, other versions and extended editions on this person, their family, and other related persons are available at the author’s registered Stormwind City publishing office. Randeshal Wallace II Haethon-Verran-Wallace Libraries Stormwind City Publishing House 122 Varian Way, Cathedral District One Dossier - Aralya Monitored, tutored, and groomed starting as soon as she started to speak, in the way that children often are when they are thought to be destined for leadership or nobility. The child of what some regarded as a rogue or pseudo-noble of Stormwind, Aldarrion Haethon, and a moderately renown Ranger and Hunter of Lordaeron, ‘Lysani’, and losing her mother and an unborn brother to the Fall of Lordaeron, she was brought to the original home of her father: Stormwind City. As her father sought to wage a personal war against a noble house that saw his name’s fall from grace, Aralya was in the care of several mentors for the vast majority of her life so far. She was not in contact whatsoever with her father after he escaped from Lordaeron with her and placed her in the care of one of the more mysterious figures of the lineage: a man only known as Oaryn. Close to nothing is known of him but he is acknowledged to have raised Aralya from the time she was 2 and into her adult years. Previously completely unknown to the rest of the family, her existence was revealed when Taloniel Haethon, her birth cousin, returned with her after years of what was wrongly suspected to be captivity by the family’s enemies. He was to report that at the age of 13 he had been instructed by his Uncle Aldarrion to take the baby Aralya to a mysterious figure named Oaryn and to protect her with his life. This was to be his ultimate duty for life, and he was proven to be acting under specific orders to reveal her existence following Aldarrion’s death. This strange development shocked the family, but due to the presence of only one living generation with little exception, it was accepted quickly. After substantiating that she was the true daughter of the revered Aldarrion and with cousin Taloniel helping to secure this position, she is now regarded as the living matriarchal leader of the lineage at the age of 27. It may not be readily apparent what kind of affect this solitary and secretive life has had on Aralya. Strange that a father could expect so much from a daughter he failed to have any sort of relationship with, despite all else he is revered for. HISTORY Those born into the Haethon line are born into a generations-long legacy of “warrior-poets, priests, and leaders as well as harbingers of terror and others”. This mixed morality tendencies’ meaning proposed in gathered documents is not clear, having been well-documented and ill-explained by the human historian Randeshal Wallace I. Another comment scribed by him read, “Those birthed in this line have the propensity to seek great change in Azeroth. Whether that be for a great good or an awful evil, is up to one and another - some of the greatest strife being internal.” The blood line, later to be officially referred to as House Haethon, was the life-long project of Demspher Haethon and was later brought to public attention and renown as an anti-corruption crusade by his son, Aldarrion Haethon. This campaign led to the once-disgraced line to return to recognized nobility in Stormwind. Today, members of the lineage rarely identify with the nobility aspects of their history, usually choosing public service or more personal agendas. Greatly Expanded Version - 4d
4d The Thick of Things Does anyone else tend to RP characters that are not necessarily in the thick of the wars and conflicts of each xpac? I mean is, do others RP characters that are not military/battle inclined? I've had a wide variety of characters, and almost none of them were in any sort of combat unit or even really involved in the big threat(s) of the time. Most of my characters have been merchants of some kind, usually the traveling variety. They make stuff, be it potions, clothing, food, etc. I know it sounds like it's very limiting, but in my experience it's only limited by one's own imagination. My characters still have fantasy/magical aspects. For example, one of mine was a magical pastry chef. Her baked goods were infused with potions that conjured various feelings. Another darker character I had attached hexes and curses to objects and sold them discreetly to shady people. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else finds themselves rather uninterested in the war/battle/military RP "norm." Do you find people accepting of your disinterest? Is it harder to find RP? Harder to find guilds to fit into?Brunagh7 4d
4d Bard fan art I've always been a huge fan of Bards in fantasy settings and games. And I've seen a lot of threads about people wanting Bards as a possible player class. This thread is NOT a place to debate why you don't want Bards in WoW so take that elsewhere. All the talk of Bards has me inspired to do a few quick sketches of Bards in the Warcraft universe, so here's the first one who happens to be a Gnome. 4d
4d Hallow's End Fashion Battle Oct 29th! [Fashion Battles] by Stealthstar-Silverhand is hosting a Hallow's End themed transmog battle. Everyone is welcome to this event! Where: Throne Room, Ruins of Lordaeron When:October 29th, 2017 @ (7:00(PM(PT), 8:00PM(MT),9:00PM(CT) , 10:00PM(ET)) **FOR MODELS(6:30PM(Realm/PT), 7:30PM(MT), 8:30PM(CT), 9:30pm(ET))** Realm Host: Farstiders//Silverhand//Thoriumbrotherhood Theme(1): Hallow's End Costume [Made up Costume theme] Theme(2): Fall Colors [Oranges, Golds, Reds, Browns] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viewers: Every level, class and race is welcome to attend and watch the show. You too can dress up and show off some fashionable attire without being judged for the show. This is a free realm wide event, BUT you must be on the hosting realms to receive a "goodie bag" which is handed out at every show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Models: Every level, class and races welcome to model for our show. Be ready to be critiqued and ranked among your Tmog peers. More information will be added as the date comes closer! If you have any questions or are interested in modeling please visit [ ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Any Guild is welcome to donate to our events. Donations vary from Mounts to Gold, anything helps and in return your Guild will be able to have a 255 Character Guild advertisement during the intermission of the show as well as special seating for the Guild! If you are interested in donating please send an in-game letter to Stealthstar-Silverhand(Horde) or Stealthstar-Kirin'Tor(Alliance). ***For Emergencies add Lailah#1872. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job Opportunities: [Fashion Battles™] is looking for permanent Judges(3) for our shows! This is a paying job for one night. Judges must be open minded and unbiased, we are looking for people with a good attitude, and a basic knowledge of WoW Lore. Visit [ ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Links: Twitter : Youtube : Website : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Fashion Crafters (H/A) Guardians of Eternity (H/A) Over the Hyll/Hill Gang (H/A) The Royal Courier (H/A) Azeroth Board of Tourism (H) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to crew members of the show as well as our Guild Sponsors and Private Donors!Yulani0 4d
4d Enter Legionstrike [Closed] ((OOC/Sign-Up thread can be found here: Arlynne inhaled deeply, the soft breeze ruffling any stray locks of her long lavender hair. It was chilled, this high in the air, and carried the distinct tang of brimstone. After all, the Tomb of Sargeras towered over the nearby Broken Shore, dominating the skyline as it looked to pierce the heavens themselves with its sickly glow of fel green. The shal'dorei frowned briefly at the sight, stood as she was upon Krasus' Landing. While she would have enjoyed looking in the other direction toward her home, the view of Suramar was blocked by the high walls of Dalaran. She could envision it easily, however. After all, she had spent the past three thousand years walking its streets, learning every nook and cranny. Every shopkeep. Her favorite activity when not practicing arcanistry had been trying to find hidden spots that she'd never seen before. If she had learned anything from spellwork, it was that the more you learned the less you knew. Nothing was ever truly as it seemed. Ever since the success of the insurrection and the overthrow of Grand Magistrix Elisande, Arlynne had embraced the freedom that the amazing fruit of the arcan'dor had granted her. No longer did she feel the omnipresent link to the Nightwell, its tendrils of power woven through the very fiber of her being, lording over her should she ever resist its call for too long. No, now she was free to walk her own path. Immediately she had come to Dalaran after upholding her duties to the Nightfallen, interested in seeing what an entire floating city of mages had to offer. Quite a lot, was the answer. It was amazing how one’s own perceptions expanded with fresh viewpoints, especially after thousands of years being taught by shared principles born of absolute seclusion. It turned out the Kirin Tor, the Magisters and the others were just as interested in Arlynne’s magic as she was in theirs. While still firmly rooted in arcane phenomena, she’d managed to broaden her spellcasting into the schools of frost and arcane. In turn, she shared her knowledge of warding and barriers, telemancy and spacetime manipulation. Her short time in Dalaran had turned out to be very fruitful. Lost as she was in her thoughts, staring into the felstorm hovering ominously above them all, she nearly failed to notice as a deeply-cowled mage approached from the entryway into the city proper. Allowing herself a small polite smile, the nightborne turned to face her visitor. “Spellwarden Arlynne,” the man said stoically, foregoing any pretense of introductions. “I have been sent to fetch you.” “Fetch me?” the arcanist echoed in confusion, effervescent gaze narrowed slightly in curiosity. “Whatever for? I was told there were no advanced classes being taught in the halls this afternoon.” “You’ll see,” was the simple response as the man turned and began walking steadily back the way he’d come. With a small shrug and hum, Arlynne gave the Broken Shore one last glance before turning to follow the messenger. A personal summons had to indicate something interesting, after all. She would do well to keep busy, lest she ruminate her entire day away.Arlynne110 4d
4d Mystery of the Palladium [IC closed] Kalithos was packing his research papers lost in thought hoping this expedition would be a success I don't have to obtain a whole lot of this ore,even just a small sample to study and test will do,if given the right results as I theorized,this could revolutionize how we see modern medicine and may progress us further to finding cures to terminal ailments or devastating disabilities. He closed the case with a locking mechanism being heard when Damalys came into the room to see what was taking the young doctor so long. "Hey proffessor if you're done packing or primping by now,the biplane is fueled up and ready to go,I used gnomish fuel of course. No offense to Snytz but that stuff he uses is way too volatile." The boy scratched his cheek and smiled sheepishly "Uh...yeah,sorry about that bro,I'm pretty much done and ready to go,though where did you get gnomish fuel from I thought you were out?" The engineer savvy Sunstriker brother replied his voice carrying a slight echo "I bought some last night,some gnomish girl I ran into was going on about the wonders of "Tinkerspell's Potentally Powerful Rocket Fuel. Apparently a small amount of this stuff goes a long way so this should get us to The Storm Peaks pretty fast if this holds true." He looked to Kalithos and made a gesture as if to say let's go "Well,the plane awaits and hopefully with me around,you won't get into too much trouble." Kalithos jutted his lip once more into a pout as he grabbed his belongings and adjusted his glasses "You act like peril is a daily occurrence for me." He walked outside looking at the plane slightly impressed storing it into a small cargo hold with Damalys' tools. "Because it is,Kali but it should go off without a hitch now that I'm here and as long as I keep any sentience you're going to stay safe and sound." With that,Damalys looks to Kalithos one more time as they get into the bi plane "By the way,you found someone to watch the place right? in which the younger Sunstriker brother gave a nod. "Awesome,I'll double check the fuel gauge and parts and we'll be up in the air!"Kalithos478 4d
5d Horde barely rp. I play on WRA because that's where most of the horde rp is but even on that server I barely see anyone other than the occasional bar rp. How come the horde don't rp as much as the alliance?Vorawsoul17 5d
Oct 13 Rogue obsessed with pursuing immortality. Idea for an RP Character: Human Rogue who's somewhat obsessed with pursuing eternal youth/immortality. Specifically, they have attempted to work with the Bronze Dragonflight and ingratiate themself; however, it's unlikely that'd work. Figuring this out, the character pursues other options, eventually settling on using the Pools of Youth in the Krasarang Wilds. Every once in a while, the Rogue uses his connections (or even just stealth, in a prison break sort of way) to obtain a criminal/prisoner from death row. This prisoner is then secreted away and brought to the wilds, at which point the rogue convinces/forces them to drink and "donate" their life force to him. Obviously this is morally a grey or dark area, since you're getting someone to give up their life for you to live longer than you should. On the other hand, that person is a criminal who was slated to be killed anyway. People die every day in Azeroth. I think it'd be a very interesting thing to have the rogue be sort of an anti-hero, who uses the newly extended lifespan and/or power to do good in the world. I'd also find it interesting to have the rogue try to explain their reasoning to themselves, given the moral ambiguity. What do you guys think? Is this backstory/story viable given the rules of the world and RP?Ferelar13 Oct 13
Oct 13 Hallow's End Masquerade Ball! ((H-RP event)) *A black envelope embossed with a Golden Laurel Crown awaits you with the Innkeeper* Citizens and Soldiers, Brothers and Sisters, Champions of The Horde: You are cordially invite to The Hallow's End Masquerade Ball! A special evening of Cocktails, Music, Dinner, Dancing, Story Telling, and a Costume contest! We shall be celebrating with all the pride, pomp, and circumstance our glorious Horde can muster in Warlord Sylvanas Windrunner's Royal Quarter located in the historic Undercity. Prizes will be awarded for best costume as well as those who participate in the telling of terrifying tales. All are welcome. Regards, Alias ((When: Wednesday November 1st (Day after Halloween so as not to impinge on real life celebrations). Where: Royal Quarter in Sylvanas' room of Undercity on Emerald Dream Who: Any and all who care to join. Costumes encouraged from fancy dress with a mask, to full transmogs, to illusions/toy appearances Costume contest will be a transmog costume contest and will have prizes. Storytellers please limit your stories to approximately <4 mins prizes will be awarded. Scary or theme appropriate tales can be short stories, poems, or songs. All in attendance will have a chance to roll for random door prizes. In need a couple other judges for both contests if anyone is interested. Please spread the word and RSVP below! Link to original post: ))Alías1 Oct 13
Oct 13 The Dark Harvest [Moon Guard] T'is the season to be thankful, and during the Pilgrim's Bounty, we can think of no other way than giving back to the community than to host a charity-festival in Moonbrook, Westfall to feed the homeless and beggars! <Dark Visions> (Alliance) will be hosting this Dark Harvest at 7:30pm Server on the 25th of November! We will be hoping to serve food to those that visit and to those that have nowhere else to go, delving into the mines to serve the homeless delicious food topped with eloquent spices! Come join the charity and enjoy the camaraderie and aspect of giving thanks! We hope to see you there! NOTE: Some of the food may be Spiced or Not Spiced depending on RNG. For more information, please contact Ysondran or Kardrion and we'll be happy to answer your questions privately. Thank you!Ysondran0 Oct 13
Oct 13 The Dark Carnival Returns [Hallow's End] Come and enjoy a night of wonder and games in the shadowed town of Darkshire on October 27th @ 6:30pm-8:30pm on Moon Guard. Bring your costumes and enjoy the festivities of Hallow's End with <Dark Visions> and your friends! Information on the events will be listed here! Events: [Event personnel are subject-to-change, and our forum is likely to change as we tweak and adjust for your convenience!] We look forward to seeing you there!Ysondran2 Oct 13
Oct 12 RP Guild List? Has anyone made a database of large active RP guilds on various servers? I tried using the in game guild finder tool but many of those posted guilds have been inactive for years.Jargast3 Oct 12
Oct 12 Apple Juice Sale! Viviane Honeycrisp: "H-Hello, everyone! My name is Viviane Honeycrisp a-and I'll be selling apple juice i-in Stormwind City on October 17th at 7pm(Server) on Moon Guard! P-Please h-help me raise money to h-help pay expenses f-for my mother's property a-and medicine for h-her health! Thank you all!" In-game and RP-exclusive funds appreciated! Players can choose from Sour Green Apple Juice, Goldenbark Apple Juice and Shiny Red Apple Juice! Note: The Juice Sale event will ask random players if they want a Suspicious Juice. We ask that players keep this knowledge under wraps and OOC-exclusive! For more details, please contact in-game via Mailbox! Thank you!Vyvyane5 Oct 12
Oct 11 Lore Questions for Fan Fiction The story mostly takes place in Westfall and the Abyssal Maw, somewhere are Cata and before Legion: I am writing a small bit of fan fiction that describes what happened to Neptulon after he was taken by Ozumat. Here is the list of the "good guys" of the story: Sanctus (holy) Sapent (wise): Son of Thorallius the Wise, he is the new leader of Westfall (Gryan Stoutmantle went back to the Redridge Mountains). He is a Holy Priest devoted to the Light. He formed the Westfall Army to help defend it from invading naga (they want to turn Westfall into a base of operations for them since they know that it is a relatively weak place). Grayson Shadowbreaker: The leader of the paladins in Stormwind, he accepted Sanctus's call for help. Serpant Nightfold: A druid of the fang, she is a recruiter hired by Sanctus to defend Westfall. She will be recompensated with a few human acolytes for her tribe (the Druid of the Fang association is very small) Darius Crowley: The leader of the Liberation Front in Gilneas, his army is being given a lot of gold for their help. Arcan Breakspell: An undead mage, decided to join Sanctus after he threatened to send her to Stormwind and let them deal with her. A very mysterious character with unknown backgrounds. The antagonists: Ozumat- Of course, the monstrosity that stole Neptulon. Highlord Demitrian- He was sent by Thunderaan under the command to assist the naga with their nefarious plans. Nar'jira- The champion of Queen Azshara. Shade of Azshara- A shred of the Queen's power. Corruptor of Neptulon. What I want to know is if these character would be possible lorewise. If not, please tell me who and why they are not possible. Thanks!Deadallankap8 Oct 11
Oct 11 Cult of the Black Scales [IC] Please see the sign up thread for rules and to sign up. Sign ups are still open for interested parties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mortre paced in the depths of her caverns. “It just doesn’t make sense.” She grumbled. The contract, the death knight hunt, the stalking. What was going on? The worgen felt like she was missing a piece, a crucial piece, to this puzzle. She had almost worn a path into the stone of the cavern floor. Sterixia entered the cavern. As she did, her form began to shift. It went temporarily incorporeal as she twisted into the form of an elf like creature. Sterixia still hadn’t mastered the ability, as the elf took form it looked like a strange, alien creature. Her skin was leathery and pink, with patches of black silk like scales dotting the surface. Her hair was not hair, yet a long, piece of leathery cartilage that she could somewhat move. Her ears were indented in a way that they almost looked like dragon wings. Off of each corner of her jaw was a small tentacle. Sterixia’s form held no clothing, rather an elegant pattern of black silk scales and membrane. As she came out of the incorporeal state, she smiled at Mortre. Mortre regarded the netherdrake with a slight grin herself. “Getting better. I suppose you may look normal someday.” She chuckled to herself and resumed her pacing. Sterixia sat on a nearby stone and observed. “Sterixia… I just don’t know.” Mortre sighed. “I know someone is out for me… but who. Something seems so familiar, yet so foreign.” She paused and regarded the pondering netherdrake with softened eyes. Sterixia simply shook her head, having no idea herself. The muted woman stood and approached Mortre. She wrapped her arms around the worgen in a hug. Mortre’s face reflected a look of startled amusement, before she ran a clawed hand down Sterixia’s head. “Listen, if anything happens; go to Kersia. I am sure she will keep you safe.” Sterixia pushed away from Mortre and looked at her confused. It was uncharacteristic of her to be so… warm. Whatever had been going on, it bothered the dark woman deeply, and that troubled Sterixia. Mortre was always so confident, so decisive. And here she was. Deeply troubled. Sterixia felt a bubbling worry fill her body. “Well,” Mortre sighed. “You should go get something for food. Try to stay away from settlements okay?” Mortre grinned at her. Sterixia nodded and began to leave the chamber when something struck her. The world around her began to fade to black. She saw chains spring up from the stones, wrapping around Mortre. And then there was only darkness. Mortre watched with horror as something flew from the corner of the cavern and struck Sterixia. “Who’s there!?” she shouted. Chains sprung from the stones, binding her body in place. I don’t understand!? I sensed no one! Has the earth betrayed me!? Mortre looked wildly around the room. Laughter echoed down the tunnels and into the cavern. A figure took form, rising through what looked like liquid stone. He was human in appearance, garbed in what appeared to be formal attire. He didn’t look much older than eighteen, but he appeared sickly and ill. Dark circles could be seen under his eyes. He skin was bronzed in color, and his eyes were golden with elongated pupils. His hair was black and slicked back. He chuckled and shook his head. “Finally found you, after all this time.” His voice was dark and operatic. “Who are you!? What have you done with Sterixia!?” Mortre pulled against the chains, her face contorted into a snarl. He took a few steps towards her. “Oh my, you don’t recognize me? It hasn’t been that long… mother.” Mortre’s eyes grew wide. All the pieces snapped in place. “V-vinarion? You are alive? How?” “Well,” Vinarion walked around her, speaking with a slow and deliberate tone. “After you abandoned us, after father’s death, I took leadership. I lead us all to safety… to livelihood. I created a safe haven! And now… we want you!” A half elf female, garbed in black leather; with the same skin tone, eye color, and hair color as Vinarion, appeared behind Mortre. “Sorry, Mother.” She whispered softly into Mortre’s ear as she stuck a needle into Mortre’s flesh. “Van… exia? You are alive… too?” Mortre felt the world spin around her as she fell to her knees. Vanexia was there, standing above her. Next to her was another high elf, his hair long and loose. He stood with a grin plastered on his face, revealing the jagged teeth that filled his mouth. He leaned against a great scythe as he watched Mortre on the ground. Mortre looked between the three, the borders of her vision blackening. “Vanzer… you too? You all… are-“ The world faded out of view, as Mortre fell into a deep slumber.Mortre327 Oct 11
Oct 11 From the Darkness Comes the Light (FanFic) (I wrote this after the storyline in Argus and later refined it after listening to the audio play. There are probably typos - but I hope someone enjoys it) Unhala, the Feyfallen, edged slowly away from the complete tragedy in front of her on the deck of the Vindicator as she followed the instructions of the Prophet Velen to go downstairs with the shattered shards of an eternal being of Light then infuse them into the crucible. She did so, but kept one piece secreted away in her pocket. Then the Illidari hunter went cooly to the transporter and appeared unphased on the surface of Argus. On the rugged, barren surface of Argus she spoke to the Krokun - whom she remembered as the fel-corrupted Broken of Outland, then procured a docile Skyfin for her mount. She steered the alien creature toward the great abyss and the shattered core of corrupted planet. From this vantage of the cliffs the beautiful, blue orb of Azeroth shimmered in the sky. Using her spectral sight she scanned the area around her for life and seeing no humanoids of any kind, she relaxed a bit. The Sin'dorei female’s hair of dry, sun-bleached blonde was pinned up in a messy bun and her lean, muscled form well-protected by finely made Illidari regelia reserved for those in the many command positions. She turned her blindfolded eyes to her hands rubbing there at the constantly burning and healing skin of the sockets. The barren silence of the cliffs was soothing at least and the weak sun here no longer burned her skin a deep, red tan. She pressed her fingers to her scarred cheeks and remembered she had been pretty once. Unhala slid her hand into her pocket and drew out the walnut-sized shard of the Naaru. There it glowed golden yellow and throbbed with a weak, but steady light. He had done this; her leader and the father of her fel redemption. The crystal issued a feeble, apologetic chime at her memory of the incident. So shortly ago Illidan, “the child of light and shadow,” shattered Xera completely when she tried to force him to become Lightforged. “The High Exarch said it was a choice he made for himself,” she whispered to the shard, “Why would you try to force such a thing on our master?” “No time,” the words appeared softly in her head, again weak, not like the times before when she was spoken to on Azeroth on the Broken Isles. “What will we do?,” Hala whispered in despair. “There is still time; time for you and all the Illidari. You will show them all the way. Are you ready to come back to the Light?” Unhala considered this. In fact she had considered it many, many times since the message shard had been sent to Azeroth and she had first spoken to X’era. She had become a demon hunter of the Illidari by eschewing the Light that had fueled her as a paladin. Upon her fel-rebirth the separation from the Light had torn at the very fiber of being. It took away what made her - her. Still an army of light, one whose mission was to eradicate the Legion from the entire Universe, had caused her to wonder if there was a place for a fel-corrupted demon hunter to find purpose once again. “What will you have me do, X’era?” “Will you do as all my Lightforged have done? Will you give everything for the Light?” She gave everything once - long, long ago.Unhala6 Oct 11
Oct 11 Would you support merging all RP servers? Meaning merging them all into a single server. What would you envision as the ideal server name? Would "World's End Tavern" pass?Zor28 Oct 11
Oct 11 Wanting to get into RP but.. There are a ton of addons available for people to design their own RP campaigns. Quests, items, drop rates you name it. Yet the vast majority of RP is people sitting in a tavern talking. Why is this? I'd get involved in RP if guilds or groups had their own stories they developed in the world. The tavern RP doesn't appeal to me at all. I can just text friends in a group messenger and have the same experience.Telrenaur2 Oct 11
Oct 10 Hidden Demons I know that in Azeroth it's not exactly wise for a warlock to have a demon with them in public places like towns and cities due to causing panic or just scaring the local populace but what about keeping your demons out but hidden? I know succubi can basically turn invisible but can any other demon do that? What about a Voidwalker posing as or even entering the warlocks shadow?Emmeron6 Oct 10
Oct 10 Was my character possessed by an Old God? Hello! For a couple months now, I've been using a chat macro to remind people of C'thun. /y Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Ct'hun Ahn'Qiraj wgah'nagl fhtagn! Translated: "In his house at Ahn'Qiraj, dead C'thun waits dreaming." I use it daily, and until this afternoon, it's worked without fault. A simple chat macro, what could possibly go wrong? This is where it gets interesting (to me, at least). Today, I pressed the button and my character yelled something different. Ye'tarin pwhn'guul YOq'al Gah'HAlahs pwhn'guul n'zoth! My mouth dropped. I mashed the macro once more, and I yelled my usual saying. Back to normal. Strange. Is N'Zoth coming?Carla3 Oct 10