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Feb 8, 2015 Introducing Your Character to the Universe! How there, folks! This thread is for anybody who wants to share a short and brief description of their character, and I recommend that you use this format to share; Character's Name: Realm: Level: Age: Current Residence: Short Back Story: *Short Back-Stories Must Be Under 200 Words! If you must know what this look like well. ---Start---- ---Finish--- Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!Dèstiny1000 Feb 8, 2015
Jul 20 [Guide] In-Game Roleplay -- The Basics EDIT: Since Meep has posted something at the top of her thread about sticky status and 'liking' the post, I thought I'd also do the same. In order to get this stickied on the top of the forums (to help out players interested in roleplay in AND out of the game), you will have to 'like' (pressing the 'thumbs up' button on the right side of my posts) my posts and press the "Request Sticky" text at the top right of my topic (directly underneath your account character's picture) to help this gain a little bit more popularity... and if you don't think this guide is sticky-worthy, please give me feedback! ---- This guide, as stated above in the topic title, will be all about the basics of in-game roleplaying, and will be relatively lengthy. It will include examples for you to see, explanations for you to understand, and links to other very helpful threads to help you learn about the joy of roleplaying. Also, since I do not consider myself 'the best of the best', this guide will be open to criticism (to question or correct what information I've provided in this guide). After all, this guide is meant to be helpful and insightful when it comes to in-game roleplaying, not a bunch of garble that doesn't help anyone or make sense. Any suggestions on corrections, additions, or deletions are completely welcome, and preferred. Even if you're skeptical about some piece of information, question me! I'll be happy to answer questions. Table of Contents I. Basic Roleplaying Terms II. Preparations for Roleplaying - 1. Character Development - 2. And The Things You Need to Know to Start III. Roleplaying Fights IV. Open World RP vs. Group RP V. Griefers and You VI. Using Online Resources for RP VII. Transitioning to Forum RP VIII. Helpful Links CompilationShandrís105 Jul 20
Nov 21 Forum RP: Types and Expectations ((Guide)) Hell Yeah! :D Thanks all, hope you enjoy this guide. Before I start. This is a very long guide, feel free to skip to the bits that are relevant to you. If you want to know how to start a Closed RP, go to that section. If you want to know about Expectations of Open RP, skip there. Also feel very free to offer constructive criticism, or criticism in general, every post is a bump :) This, as the title suggests is about Forum RP. If you wish for a Guide on In-game RP, I suggest: The above guide is very easy to read, and a lot of the basics can even be strongly relevant to forum RP. Even if you don't plan to in-game RP, the above is an easy read and comes with a few strong links that relate to forum RP as well. Edit: Second reference: This is another written set of guidelines and rules, check them out for another reference if you like, it's definitely more compact than this and might give you a good summary. And lastly: This is a brilliantly written ongoing statement and guide. It's not only personal, but comes from an experienced and helpful person. Types of Forum RPs This thread is an expression of my opinion. I am not stating fact, but I am hoping that I am vague and general enough for it to be true, even if skewed a little. I am writing this guide, so that people can understand what the different forum tags mean, how you can get into different types of RP, how you are expected to act in them, and how they work in general. First of all and most important: You are not expected to read this whole thing, it is considerably long and detailed and I probably should have condensed it. But, if you read anything, please read the second post, with Expectations and the Rules of RP, this is probably the most important part of this thread! Feel free to post criticism. Even if I disagree, I will post any valid arguments up on my first posts, for anyone else to read, so they can understand the mixed opinions that are present. This guide will also shape and form from structured opinion, I will edit as seems fit. At the start this might seem a little... not good... but with help from our community, it will grow better. I will be focusing on two main types of RP. Open, and Closed. However I will also delve into the variants of each, such as the Tavern RP, and the structured Closed RP. I will try and keep a vague sense, as it is not black and white, especially when getting into the structured aspect of things. Also, remember, I am not telling you how to do things; I am just trying to help. Each Topic will be separated by emphasized titles. At the end of each topic, there will be a short summary in italics. After the Table of Contents, there will be a summary of expectations, as it is likely the most important part of this thread. What this Guide will contain Expectations - Post 2 The "Rules' of RP - Post 2 Summary of RP Types. - Post 3 Open RPs General Feel -Post 3 How to get into one - Post 3 Expectations - Post 4 How to make one - Post 4 The Tavern Element - Post 4 Closed RPs General Feel - Post 5 How to get into one - Post 5 Expectations - Post 5 How to make one - Post 6 The Structured Element - Post 7 Quick Term Summary There are other, better places you can find these, but I will just go through the ones you will need to know here. OOC: Out of Character. Refers to any comment made from you as an Earthling, not from your character, as I am talking now, as opposed to... IC: In Character. Any comment made from your characters perspective. E.g.: Thurman took the blue silken wizards hat from his bed and placed it on top of his head. RP: Roleplay TM: Thread Master. The Person who creates a thread, this is the poster with the most control; role will vary depending on the RP type. OP: Opening Post. This refers to the first post in a thread by someone. The TM’s first post will start a thread, while the posters first post will introduce their character. Generally, the OP will be longer than the other posts, because you have far more to write about, and generally want to put more effort into it. Note Feel free to post criticism. Know that I want your opinion, and if you have your own guide, or bits of guide, feel free to give them to me, and I will add them. We are a community. The credit should go to all of us.Meep165 Nov 21
Sep 25 [FanFic Guide]: Building a Better Story! I thought I might as well toss up some guidelines that could give some new writers a path to follow. You can choose to follow what I say strictly, or just completely blow it off; doesn't much matter. It's your story, so be creative with it! I'm just here to try and help. -Table of Contents- I. Story Topics II. Creativity in Writing III. Writing Guidelines IV. Descriptive Limitations V. Hero’s Journey VI. Involving NPCs VII. Adding Flavor Lore VIII. After Publishing ---------------------- I. Story Topics Now, while this is very much your story and your creation, it does have to take place within the WoW universe (Blizzard's rules from the old Seat of Knowledge forum, not mine). People tend to shy away from stories that involve heavy lorebreaking without an explanation (such as an alternate dimension, change in the past, nightmares or dreams, etc.). But so long as you make it obvious that your story is in Warcraft, you should be fine. II. Creativity in Writing Something to always keep in mind while writing your story, is that it is your creation and your imagination that is at work; not someone else's. If you want to involve a giant, undead, fel-corrupted dragon in Moonglade for your story about a teenager with a mechanical arm and a blade that can cut through anything... Have at it. It's your story so you write it however you see fit to capture your imagination and entertain others. III. Writing Guidelines People don’t like to read walls of texts, paragraphs filled with bad punctuation, wrong spelling or broken English, so if you want to hook your readers in before they start reading, break your story apart. Split them up into smaller paragraphs, use proper grammar and punctuation and if you don’t know how to spell a specific word, try using Google’s voice recognition on your phone or laptop to pronounce the word; Google should recognize it, and then you’ll know how to spell it! Trust me, splitting your story into paragraphs and using proper grammar goes a long way with a reader’s eye. IV. Descriptive Limitations While this is Warcraft, there are some descriptive limitations that could get your thread deleted if you break some of the rules. As you very well know, World of Warcraft is filled with blood, gore and torture, all of which can be within your story without a problem (usually). However, I wouldn't go about describing in great detail the victim of some heinous death. Gore can usually be described if you’re detailing an Abomination or Ghoul, but if you’re describing a character's death, keep it to a minimum. People are much more queasy reading about dead bodies than they are zombies. Same goes for describing scenes of sexual intercourse, nudity, non-consensual sex, etc. If you want to share your Warcraft fantasy, there are sites for that, but this is not one of them. V. The Hero's Journey Any great story needs a hero, and any great hero needs a journey. In 1987, Joseph Campbell released a book titled "The Hero's Journey", and it showed people how almost every hero, whether it be Gilgamesh of ancient Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago, or the well-known Superman and even Jesus Christ, all share shockingly similar traits. According to Joseph Campbell, they all follow a guideline of a story element; and for good reasons. People love it. Remember, you do not have to follow the Hero’s Journey to make a good story, but here's a breakdown of the Hero's Journey in a simplified version: Unusual Birth Whether it’s the common virgin birth story or the death of the character's parents, anything unusual that happens at birth or at a young age can fit right in here. Call to Adventure This usually includes a messenger of some sort or a way of the hero being requested for aid in a mission, usually in a faraway land. Refusal of the Call The hero tends to refuse the call to adventure at first, but is then forced to go, convinced to, or chooses to go. Meeting the Mentor It could be a teacher, father, trainer, or even a sibling, but this area usually includes training or preparation for the adventure. Crossing the First Threshold Whether it’s fighting a dragon, tackling a giant, solving a riddle, saving the town or rescuing Timmy from a well, this is the first trial that has to be taken down to achieve the goal. The Challenges These usually include physical, mental and spiritual challenges which can be in any order, and usually spread out. These challenges also don’t have to be related to the main story, and can be simple challenges on the side to further character development. The Approach Your hero is getting close to the goal! Is s/he backing out? Preparing for battle? Avenging his/her mentor’s death? Having multiple flashbacks?Canniibal21 Sep 25
Nov 21 Roleplaying Question Collective Now, I've been on these forums a while. It never fails that many questions get asked over and over and over. I'm hoping to create some kind of resource for people to come to to get their questions answered. They'll include a question(In no particular order), with a general consensus of the forums/sources as to what the answer of that question is, and a link if applicable to where discussion on that topic was held. I'll update for better threads or different opinions should things change. I'm also open to suggestions or links, so post them if you have them. ERPing and how to handle it should you see it. -- Warn them(politely), report them, ignore them if they continue. -- Thread: Using the Vial of the Sands to RP a Dragon. -- It's generally frowned upon, can be proven OoCly and ICly to not work, but if you can find an accepting group and you do it well, it can work. Don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Languages, Translations, and where to find them. -- While it's possible lorewise for characters to learn other languages, you have to turn to an addon to allow you to speak them in RP. -- Thread: "Breaking" and "Bending" Lore. -- Many many people frown upon it, but there is a small community that supports it. Try to find them, don't expect people to accept you or your story/character. Most prefer to RP WoW in WoW. -- Thread: Death, Healing, and mechanics. -- There are many ways to handle death and healing in World of Warcraft. One of the more accepted ways is that Death is final. You can also be ressurected, but you can't cheapen Death by making it easy. -- Thread(s): , Races that don't exist in WoW, in WoW. -- Much like breaking or bending lore to allow things that should be, roleplaying a race that doesn't normally exist(Dark Elves, other fantasy races) is generally frowned upon. You can find those that accept it but don't expect wide acceptance. -- Thread: Vampires in WoW -- Classical vampires do not actually exist in WoW. There are vampiric creatures, there are also vampiric demons or other creations, but a Vampire like you would see in Dracula does not exist. -- Thread(s): , Love in World of Warcraft -- Love can strike anyone at any time. However, you must take into consideration ICly and OoCly genetics, cultural differences, age discrepancies, and physiology. -- Thread(s): , Why Night Elves look different from Blood Elves, and High Elves. -- Usage of Arcane magic drove the Highborne, Blood Elves, and High Elves from the rest of Night Elven culture. Arcane magic altered their culture and outlooks. High Elves and Blood Elves look differently from Night Elves because they were severed from the Well of Eternity. -- Wiki: ; Section: Foundation of Quel'Thalas. -- Thread: Roleplaying a race that you aren't. -- It takes suspension of disbelief, use of addons, and ingame items to pull something like this off, but it is possible. There's limits, but many options are within reach. -- Thread: Dealing with "bad" RP. -- General consensus is that if you see someone RPing "wrong", -politely- inform them, in whispers, that they may want to rethink how they are RPing. Don't push them, but give them a gentle nudge to these forums or other Lore sites. -- Thread: Dealing with godmoders. -- Much like "bad" rp, you can politely inform them that what they're doing may not be entirely correct. Refer them somewhere that they can use to help themselves out. Or you can simply ignore them if they don't listen to reason. -- Thread: Are Highborne Immortal? -- Highborne, like normal Night Elves, are no longer immortal. They used to be, but were sustained by demons and other unsavory magics instead of being naturally immortal. -- Thread: Roleplaying as a Dragon. -- Roleplaying as a Dragon is a touchy topic. Many will tell you to simply "DIAF". However, it is possible, and can be done. You must to a lot of research and be ready to take a lot of heat. I don't encourage or down it, it's an individual thing. -- Thread: Nov 21
Oct 9 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera4 Oct 9
5m So I walked into the Blue Recluse And had three gnomes buzzing around me demanding an entry fee and trying to fine me for having a weapon on me. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or eat them. So... I did as Gandalf does. I told them my staff was a walking stick, that I had been injured in battle against the Forsaken... and after them grumbling about me being a cripple, they let me go. My friends, I ask you, what would you have done in this situation? Laugh at them. Punt them? Incinerate them? Eat them? Too many choices.Hrafnâr15 5m
50m WET Community Lounge #74 Same rules as the off thread Old Thread Archives Catch y'all when I get homeShadowdamna261 50m
1h OOC: The Deathly Descent (Closed) Welcome to the OOC thread for my upcoming forum roleplay "The Deathly Descent". On this thread we will discuss Sign ups, Both before and after the roleplay begins, OOC chat about the roleplay and other miscellaneous discussion. On this thread, I will state the rules of the roleplay and some of the basic plot. I will use this thread as a tool to communicate to the roleplayers in The Deathly Descent and those who wish to join them. For further inquiries, Contact me via Bnet: (Cryptwalker#11813) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello all! I am very excited to present you all with a new opportunity to tell with me a story of war, adventure, and so much more. Through this roleplay we will develop characters and hopefully have a good time doing it. I have done hours of preparation and I assure you that I will not let you down. Basic info: The setting is in winter. A kingdom in Northrend that suffers from unknown causes, and needs it's king more than ever, But for unknown reasons he is unable to be found. For your character's own reasons, They have chose to undergo the task of locating the monarch, but the risk is great. For the winter in Northrend is known to not only be dark and cold, But for darker beings to lurk among those who dare traverse in these cold times. This is a roleplay that will involve a good amount of combat and travel. I intend to give each roleplayer and character a chance to shine greatly and to allow their true colors to shine through. This is intended for both a fun and cohesive storytelling experience. In the next two posts, I will post the rules and the sign up sheet. I look forward to a great roleplay!Drargrak46 1h
2h RP Idea: RPing While Leveling So a friend and I were discussing the possibility of forming a group that would RP while we level, fresh toons without heirlooms that would go out and venture into the lands of Azeroth together and form stories while we quest, dungeon, and smash mobs all the way to 110, if we possibly could. What I'm wondering, though is if anyone would be interested in taking part in such a concept? It would be based on Emerald Dream, which is an RP-PvP server with a server time based in the US Central Time Zone. It would be primarily a morning/early afternoon group, with active participation around 7AM - 5PM server time, and we'd concentrate on playing together only two or three days a week. (We would not be marathoning those hours, either -- real-life things always come first!) We'd have a "No Death Knights or Demon Hunters" rule to start out since we would be starting fresh level 1s, but definitely are interested in adding them to the group later, and it would be Alliance-side (though Horde-side is a possibility). If anyone's interested, let me know. We'd love to have you along to bounce ideas around and get a feel of how we want to do this!Vinadel5 2h
23h Some fanfic feedback. So, uhm, how to start... Well I've been writing for awhile, five years maybe? Not all that good at it either. That, however, has not stopped me from writing whenever I get the chance to and continiously working on it. I know my self-deprecation doesn't bode all that well for my work and no I'm not trying to tick the "pity" square on your personal fillout sheet to get you-- Sorry, rambling. So, what I want is just some feedback. I won't be posting more than this for awhile because I want to finish the entire thing, but I've noticed that through the process of writing my saga (It's complicated) that I would like to have some feedback to know what I could polish up. I can stare at my work until my eyes bleed (It feels like I do sometimes.), but that just isn't going to work if I want to improve. The links-- Prologue: Chapter 1: I can't say it will be amazing, it won't be. What I can say is that any constructive feedback I get will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time, D.Ezrael2 23h
1d She let out a sigh. Princess Xe'ra was a princess who never smiled. She always had this blank emotionless stare. Her servants, her father, and the people of the empire all adored her even though she didn't do anything. She also had light pink and white hair, and rainbow colored eyes. Xe'ra had just finished dinner when suddenly she heard a commotion. She looked outside in the hall. There were several guardsmen in the hall. "They killed the king, protect the princess!" a guardsman yelled. Xe'ra backed up into her room in disbelief. "My father...dead? No...that can't be.." she said in shock. Suddenly someone burst in through the window. It was Illidan! The badboy samurai silent type who trained himself to hide his emotions because he was too cool for them. "Ill-Illidan..." Xe'ra said sadly as she began to approach him. But suddenly the room filled up with assassins from the assassin faction! "Tch." Illidan sneered, gripping his katan sheath. Xe'ra hid behind him. He easily took them down faster than the eye could see. But suddenly the room filled with more assassins, and there was one more than before. Doing some ninja flips and jumps he grabbed Princess Xe'ra and swung out of the castle using the curtains like Tarzan. He and Xe'ra immediately hid in a dark alleyway, assassins running past seconds later even though they exited through traditional means. "Stay." Illidan commanded as he ran back in. But Xe'ra couldn't stay. She did opposite of the logical thing to do and ran back in to help Illidan by getting captured and held hostage. Illidan had reached the throne room and there was the leader of the assassins, Sargeras. With some of his lackeys close by. "I wouldn't come any closer if I were you, Illidan." Sargeras threatened. "After all, you wouldn't want anything to happen to your precious princess, would you?" One of Sargeras's lackeys pushed a tied up Xe'ra to Sargeras. He pointed a dagger towards her, smirking. "Ryūjin no ken o kurae!" Illidan yelled and closed the 10 foot gap, knocked the blade out of Sargeras's hand, and saved Princess Xe'ra all within the blink of an eye. He also took out the rest of the assassins. Illidan picked up Xe'ra off the floor, showing emotion for the first time in his life because plot. "Ill-Illidan.." Xe'ra said still shaken, her rainbow eyes watery. She leaned up and kissed Illidan. The next day they were married and he became emperor. And they lived happily ever after.Yzzami43 1d
1d Helya's death literized! So this kinda just popped into my head and decided i'm going to make a a couple of these of "Literized" stories of the characters deaths instead of them face-planting and that's it...So here we go at a first attempt. "HE MUST NOT WIN!" Helya shouted, her body falling forward onto the cold rocks, defeated, she pushed herself up only to see a bolt of lighting crash through the barrier of Helheim and crash in front of her, the soulless stare of Odyn's missing eye went directly into her soul. "Thousands of years you trapped me in the Halls of Valor Helya, i'll be sure I do not give you the same fate." Opening his hand, a spear of lighting formed and was aimed at the necklace around Helya's neck, thrusting his spear down at helya, she quickly grabbed onto the right side of his arm shouting. "IT WAS YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE ODYN! I DID NOT ASK TO BECOME A VALKYR! YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!" Odyn's wrathful expression dissipated, showing more disappointment then anger, holding the spear's tip right at the necklace he agreed. "You are correct Helya, I did force you to become one of my first Valkyr, I do regret making that decision all those generations ago, if Loken had not interfered, we could've made a solution to our disagreement ...But." Odyn gripped his right hand around Helya's neck as he explained. "You did imprison me within the Halls of Valor, and for that, the wicked shall be struck down!" Pulling the spear back once more, he thrusted it deep into Helya's chest as the necklace around her broke into pieces, the souls of the Valajar escaped from the crystals and rushed toward the heavens. With one final scream from the lord of HelHeim, Helya's body fell limp, once the job was done Odyn dropped her body into the sea of souls she created. "It is done." Not wasting a moment, Odyn turned to his trusted companions. "HYMDALL! HYRJA! Send our armies across this barren fields of death! Today we extinguish Helya's shadow FOREVER!" Raising his bloodied spear into the air, the armies of Valor chanted Odyn's name in victory.Ssigma0 1d
1d Fanfiction: Playing with Fire And then our world was shattered. The undead tore through our land, raided us, broke us. They left scars on the land, but the most painful of all were the scars they left in our hearts. The destruction of the Sunwell left a hole in my heart, and I almost died because of it. I should have learned, back then, that such dependence on something that could be taken from us could only bring us suffering. Good afternoon, people! I am merely but a writer seeking improvement these days, and so I came here to ask for anyone interested to take a look at what I have. Yes, this is shameless self-plug. I wrote some fanfiction that... wait, nooo, stay with me. I know some people cringe upon hearing "fanfiction", but I can assure you this will not be a horrible experience. Or so I hope. Maybe. The first and single story that I finished is called "Playing with Fire - Of Loss and Grief". If that's not enough, it's also the first story I wrote in english... so you may consider me kind of a noob. I wanted to invite you to give it a look and leave a review. I am honestly trying to improve, and while I let this work sit here for a few months, as I'm writing another story, I wanted to collect some opinions to come back at it with a fresher mind. Either way, here's the links: Rated M for mild sexual content, cursing and violence. If I'm not supposed to do this here, please let me know =) Thanks a lot!Aiwyn8 1d
1d Cult of the Black Scales [IC] Please see the sign up thread for rules and to sign up. Sign ups are still open for interested parties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mortre paced in the depths of her caverns. “It just doesn’t make sense.” She grumbled. The contract, the death knight hunt, the stalking. What was going on? The worgen felt like she was missing a piece, a crucial piece, to this puzzle. She had almost worn a path into the stone of the cavern floor. Sterixia entered the cavern. As she did, her form began to shift. It went temporarily incorporeal as she twisted into the form of an elf like creature. Sterixia still hadn’t mastered the ability, as the elf took form it looked like a strange, alien creature. Her skin was leathery and pink, with patches of black silk like scales dotting the surface. Her hair was not hair, yet a long, piece of leathery cartilage that she could somewhat move. Her ears were indented in a way that they almost looked like dragon wings. Off of each corner of her jaw was a small tentacle. Sterixia’s form held no clothing, rather an elegant pattern of black silk scales and membrane. As she came out of the incorporeal state, she smiled at Mortre. Mortre regarded the netherdrake with a slight grin herself. “Getting better. I suppose you may look normal someday.” She chuckled to herself and resumed her pacing. Sterixia sat on a nearby stone and observed. “Sterixia… I just don’t know.” Mortre sighed. “I know someone is out for me… but who. Something seems so familiar, yet so foreign.” She paused and regarded the pondering netherdrake with softened eyes. Sterixia simply shook her head, having no idea herself. The muted woman stood and approached Mortre. She wrapped her arms around the worgen in a hug. Mortre’s face reflected a look of startled amusement, before she ran a clawed hand down Sterixia’s head. “Listen, if anything happens; go to Kersia. I am sure she will keep you safe.” Sterixia pushed away from Mortre and looked at her confused. It was uncharacteristic of her to be so… warm. Whatever had been going on, it bothered the dark woman deeply, and that troubled Sterixia. Mortre was always so confident, so decisive. And here she was. Deeply troubled. Sterixia felt a bubbling worry fill her body. “Well,” Mortre sighed. “You should go get something for food. Try to stay away from settlements okay?” Mortre grinned at her. Sterixia nodded and began to leave the chamber when something struck her. The world around her began to fade to black. She saw chains spring up from the stones, wrapping around Mortre. And then there was only darkness. Mortre watched with horror as something flew from the corner of the cavern and struck Sterixia. “Who’s there!?” she shouted. Chains sprung from the stones, binding her body in place. I don’t understand!? I sensed no one! Has the earth betrayed me!? Mortre looked wildly around the room. Laughter echoed down the tunnels and into the cavern. A figure took form, rising through what looked like liquid stone. He was human in appearance, garbed in what appeared to be formal attire. He didn’t look much older than eighteen, but he appeared sickly and ill. Dark circles could be seen under his eyes. He skin was bronzed in color, and his eyes were golden with elongated pupils. His hair was black and slicked back. He chuckled and shook his head. “Finally found you, after all this time.” His voice was dark and operatic. “Who are you!? What have you done with Sterixia!?” Mortre pulled against the chains, her face contorted into a snarl. He took a few steps towards her. “Oh my, you don’t recognize me? It hasn’t been that long… mother.” Mortre’s eyes grew wide. All the pieces snapped in place. “V-vinarion? You are alive? How?” “Well,” Vinarion walked around her, speaking with a slow and deliberate tone. “After you abandoned us, after father’s death, I took leadership. I lead us all to safety… to livelihood. I created a safe haven! And now… we want you!” A half elf female, garbed in black leather; with the same skin tone, eye color, and hair color as Vinarion, appeared behind Mortre. “Sorry, Mother.” She whispered softly into Mortre’s ear as she stuck a needle into Mortre’s flesh. “Van… exia? You are alive… too?” Mortre felt the world spin around her as she fell to her knees. Vanexia was there, standing above her. Next to her was another high elf, his hair long and loose. He stood with a grin plastered on his face, revealing the jagged teeth that filled his mouth. He leaned against a great scythe as he watched Mortre on the ground. Mortre looked between the three, the borders of her vision blackening. “Vanzer… you too? You all… are-“ The world faded out of view, as Mortre fell into a deep slumber.Mortre164 1d
1d Blood Elf Ages? Hey guys. Looking at RPing my belf more in future, and I hate putting 'adult' for ages. But I've also seen a lot of stuff bantered about how they only live a few hundred years, they live for thousands, etc, etc. If anyone could give something concrete on sin'dorei age that'd be excellent. ((put up a reference, too, if I wanted something random I'd do it myself))Anarao7 1d
1d Cult of the Black Scales [SignUps Open][OOC] I am unsure what I want to do with this concept. Write a character story or use it as a forum RP. I thought, "Well, might as well see if there is any interest." I wont be starting it until the Vault of the Dead is over with, so there will be some time still depending on how fast we finish the final phase of the thread. I will be a little strict regarding sign ups, due to some chaos that has been happening in other threads lately. I love creativity, so I don't like being strict. But I worry that if I am not, things could get out of hand. Going to post the rules in case they turn people away :S Rules: ~ I enjoy a well written character as much as the next person, and even mounts can be written into characters and their stories... but please. No mounts over characters. If your griffon dive bombs a threat, that is one thing, but they shouldn't be able to count as posts by themselves. Remember, when you do that, it is like slipping in another character without the thread master's permission. Ask first. Please. ~ If I have the bad guys spying on you, you are free to notice being spied on, but don't drop on their space without consulting me in the OOC first. Some mooks? Yeah it would be reasonable to spot/sense/smell them. But I would like to be able to make the call if you actually find and engage. ~ Try to keep the thread paced. If you feel something needs an immediate post, fine; but try to avoid posting after every other person. Give people a chance to get their own interactions in. It shouldn't be YOU ME YOU PERSON YOU FROG YOU DAISY. ~ Proper punctuation and grammar is nice. Doesn't have to be perfect, just readable. ~ Posts should be more than a one liner, that goes without saying here really. Why are you on the forums if you want to do 1 sentence posts? Add some character expressions, thoughts, something. Doesn't have to be a fluff filled book, but have more than one line. ~ Don't stall the thread out. Kersia is cold. She will go one without you and not look back. She doesn't feel the need to baby you, answer your every whim and question. She will get bored and move on. One of her best friends is missing. ~ This thread is meant to have a plot and progression. Side arcs between characters are fine, as long as they don't stall out the thread or begin to derail it. ~ I trust you to write combat fairly. If I feel you are going a little over the top, I with politely let you know if the OOC. Even mooks make hits at times. They are not StormTroopers and you are not Jedi. ~ The biggest of the bad here is mine. I will kill him. I will not write to kill your characters, that will be your own choice. However, there will be spots where you may need to do what Kersia says, or you will fall into a large pool of lava. I would advise listening to Kersia. Or any of my other characters. You don't have to, but Kersia certainly wont be fighting for you to reason with her. She says hop on, you say nope, she says okay then and leaves you to fall to your death. ~ And obviously no overpowered/overbearing characters. Mooks are hack and slash friendly; but I will have named combatants and they will not be. Kill a nameless dragon using physics to behead it? Sure. Kill Vanexia that way? No. ~ No controlling characters that aren't yours. I'll let you know in the OOC if you can free for all a current mass of mooks, I'll typically give names to the bad guys I wish to directly control for combat. But don't assume, with my bad guys, or with the characters of others. ----- Sign Up Form: ----- List of Approved Characters with Links to Their Sign Up: ----- Like I said, this is mostly an interest check. I am one for bending the rules, and am open to suggestions. If you feel like I am being too strict, just say so. If you would be interested, but are worried I may inhibit your character or something because of these rules, let me know. I am actually friendly and easy to get along with, I just don't want my thread to derail or get flooded. I will be having Kersia, Vynianyx, and Sylstyx in the thread mainly. Mortre will be there as well, but wont be with good guys till towards the middle/end. Tolbyas will be entering towards the end. Depending on how the story goes. Xinaria and Etzul could make appearances as well. Sterixia will be tagging along. Kersia and Mortre are the stars of this show though. 15 characters tops, 1 per personMortre196 1d
1d How often are "plain" characters RPed? I'm making another thread, haha sorry but I'm curious. I roleplay a young adult from Westfall that's just trying to provide for his family back home, whose story will be affected by the leveling experience and the guild meetups that he'll attend when he returns to Stormwind after an extended journey/mission. I'm using TRP3 right now, and I see an awful lot of... interesting characters. I don't think this is bad or anything really, but I guess I was expecting to find more people doing the "new adventurer finds meaning" thing. Last night a guy even messaged me and said he respected my TRP? I suppose it would make sense that with level boosts a thing, and with people leveling in that gear that gives you extra experience, the goal is to get to a high enough level before roleplaying, which is totally not what I'm doing lol.Aldoward11 1d
1d Mean Streets and guild warfare/trade Playing as the Kabul, Jaden Lotus or Goons. I want a server participation where we can get at least 30 people to make 3 different guild's entitled by the renown factions of Gadgetzan. We will participate in organized world PvP and trade (with a solid impact to the RP community.) Quests from guild leaders that respect their faction and rewards for participating players. Starting on horde or alliance expanding to both (Ex. Alliance Kabal and Horde Kabul guilds.) Respected players of each Gadgetzan faction would not kill each other while in Azeroth and participate in the 'street wars' alongside players of the opposite alliance/horde. This sounds fun but I could be way offside for RP or large scale communities. Vote for leaders and organized PvP officers. Thanks for reading all.Cael0 1d
1d Fan Fiction: The Little Rascal This is my 1st ever WoW fan fiction, so please, only constructive criticism. The story is about a little 12-year-old named Cynddrel (It's actually a name for 1 of those tiny centaur women in the 1st area you go to in Val'Sharah, even if I got the name from the Randomizer o-o) When she was 3, the campsite she and her parents were staying in while going to defeat the Legion, was burned by the Legion. Her parents died in the attack, but she survived. So, she was found in the burnt campsite by a group of druids on a mission from the Dreamgrove. They took her in, suprisingly, and tried to teach her the druid ways, but failed miserably. But, one day, when Cynddrel was 10, she was carried off by a fel-corrupted hippogryph. The hippogryph dropped her into the lake of Stormwind. Ever since, she's been roaming the streets and thieving what she can. I hope you enjoy! Woo, that was a type-full (the puns...).Cynddrel2 1d
2d A Demon Hunter's Dream ((This is a story I've had kicking around in my head for a while but I wasn't sure how I wanted to frame it. I wanted to tell Mórríoghain's story without just listing her life events. I finally decided on her taking a walk down memory lane in a bar because I felt it would allow me to explore her motivations and how she interacted with people around her, specifically those less comfortable with demon hunters. I hope you enjoy reading this story and have a pleasant day.)) Mórríoghain sat quietly in the tavern in the center of Dalaran. She was fond of the inn, just as she was fond of the city, though she worried for the fate of the place at times. It was dangerous times, and dangerous foes lurked around every corner. Mórrí knew this better than most. That’s why she was in Dalaran even now as it hovered over the Broken Isles, a place of near-constant war against the hated Burning Legion. Demons were her foe. Her quarry. Her prey. Mórríoghain was a demon hunter, a weapon against the armies poised to swarm over Azeroth. A tool. So many times she had been told that by her teachers. The masters of the Illidari made certain to drive home in their students that they were only weapons and that their noblest purpose would be to give their lives to stop the Burning Legion. To that end every demon hunter was forced to give everything. Abandon their homes and their people and their families. No ties to who they once where. Mórríoghain toyed with a locket under her shirt. She had never been very good at abandoning those she loved. It was what drove her to become a Demon Hunter in the first place. She had to protect her family, her friends. She’d seen too many taken by the hateful enemies of Azeroth. “Ah, uh, excuse me, miss.” The waiter approached the table slowly and stammered as he spoke. He clutched a small clipboard in front of him like it was a shield. “Wou… would you like to order something? A, uh, a drink perhaps?” The demon hunter studied the man from behind the veil of her blindfold. He flinched as her gaze met his. Most people assumed the Demon Hunters were blind, but their vision was better than most thanks to their gifts. The waiter was half-elf. Terrified and young, probably new to the job. He had the hint of magical talent. Not much, barely enough power to do more than light a candle or move a plate of food. Simple tricks. But it was there. Mórríoghain smiled at the man in what she had hoped would be a friendly way, but it only made him flinch and shrink away. “Sorry.” She turned her gaze downward to the table. “I’ll have some moonberry wine, please.” The waiter nodded and hurried away to the bar with her order. Mórríoghain felt her face flush. The boy reminded her of a friend, an elf before there were any elves other than kaldorei. He had been training to be a druid. He was nervous. Shy. When he first stood before Ysera in the Dream he almost turned and ran. The Legion had slain him along with countless others when they attacked Mount Hyjal. So many friends died then. Too many. That was when she made her made up her mind. When she decided that she would fight the Legion with whatever tools and weapons she could get. “Y-your wine, miss.” The glass shook in the man’s hand as he set it down. He nearly spilled the drink putting it down. “Thank you.” She picked the drink up and offered the man another smile. “What was your name?” “Fe- Veralyn.” He was lying. Mórríoghain would have known the lie even without her empowered senses. She let him lie. He was scared. Superstition held that demon hunters could steal a person’s soul with their name. “Thank you, Veralyn.” She raised the glass before taking a sip. “I’m glad you have the drink here, it is so often hard to find outside of Kalimdor.” The waiter nodded and shifted his weight. His eyes darted about. “Yes, ma’am. The owner likes to be able to cater to all needs.” He seemed more sure of himself, even if he was just repeating a motto his bosses taught him. “Even for, uh, your kind. Not that… I mean. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you!” he shrunk back from Mórríoghain. “You didn’t. I know what I am.” She set her glass down. “I made my choices. You may go. I’ll call you if I need more drink.”Mórríoghain2 2d
2d [RP Resource] Miner's Prize Here, I have compiled a guide of all known rare minerals, gems and crystals on Azeroth, Draenor, Outland and beyond. Click here to skip to the comments: Basic mining metals and minable gems used in jewelcrafting were excluded unless they hold a viable, canonical purpose that can be valuable outside of just being used to make armor, weapons or enchanted trinkets. These ores, crystals, stones and gems are all already fairly well-known, and this guide was to find those that are rare or uncommonly used. Legion minerals and gems have not been studied and therefore not catalogued below. If you can source your discoveries with screenshots of quests describing unusual properties or other uses of the Legion ores or gems aside from the traditional ones (armor, weapons, jewelcrafting), then please share below. Guide's Format: Name of the actual mineral's name will be listed, followed by an alias I've given it (if I feel it should have one). Below that, a physical description of the mineral, followed by where to find it, followed by its uses and, if possible, an example of them being used in that manner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================= --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Cannibal29 2d
2d New to RP I've always wanted to get into RP, but I don't know where to start. I have an idea for a warlock character who started out as a priest, but like the darker side of magic. Turning more and more to the darkness he became more of a recluse, and walked around the streets of Stormwind at night finding drunk patrons to practice his magic on. As his powers became stronger, he turned his magic onto his family, who cast his aside because he was gay, and corrupted their souls with magical items and turned them into his demons. This to me, sounds ok for being a human warlock, but I was then thinking of making it go further where he kept at his studies and becoming more powerful he realized that if he was to willing to give up his mortal body he could become a Forsaken, and wouldn't be limited by the restrictions of being "alive". The reason I wanted to go with being Forsaken was because he comes across as too dark and disturbed to be any race alliance, except maybe if I was to go as a dark iron dwarf warlock secretly seeking to destroy the alliance of the dwarfs and lead the dark iron's to victory. But again, how would I interact with a guild and such. My next question would be, what server to play on? what addons do I need? and are there guilds who will work with a new comer who isn't sure exactly how things work and doesn't mind if I was to make mistakes every now and then.Baelfor2 2d
2d Black skin-tone Human characters Firstly, let me state this is in no way meant or directed to anything racist or meant to be racist in nature. This is a simple roleplay question I would like answered if it can be. I recently came up with the idea of rolling up a dark skinned character (read: Black) so I got to doing my research for a back-story. Much like Blizzard and Draenei, there are no applications of this skin tone available if you wanted to do a real roleplaying story. I've looked and looked and I can not find anything to save my life here. From what I have seen / understand humans in Azeroth are almost ENTIRELY light skinned or anglo in nature. Roleplay wise there are no applications of the darker skin tones to be seen anywhere and in truth I find this a little wierd but... I won't get into a debate over why they added the skin tone because I don't want to spark a racism thread in the roleplaying area so with that said. How do you roleplay a "Black" character in Azeroth? Where would they come from? Any ideas thrown out here with lore references would be wonderful so I can read on my own. Thanks much W.E.T!Vakros15 2d
2d Learning new paladin skills IC Hey there, I'm new to the game, not new to Roleplaying overall but I still have a lot to learn about the world, Paladins specifically. I'm roleplaying a young man (22) who heads to Stormwind from Westfall, hoping to join the Army or some associated branch to help provide for his family back in Westfall. Paladin sounded like the best choice, given that they're protectors of the weak and they stand for everything that's just. But I'm not sure how to roleplay any new skills that I get as I level up that aren't simple melee skills. Adoward grew up on a farm and worked in the mines for a bit before leaving for Stormwind, and during his trip, he was attacked a few times by bandits. He can defend himself but he needs some training. He also doesn't know much about the Light. So I'm trying to determine a good way to roleplay his increase in abilities as he levels up/travels the world. My current idea is that Adoward returns to Stormwind after a journey, and prays/reflects in the Cathedral. I think that the Light would reward him for his piety? I've looked up some stuff about Paladins and I think another good idea would be for Adoward to travel to Light's Hope when he's ready to, in order to receive official Paladin training, if there is such a thing. He obviously doesn't know about that place yet, though.Aldoward4 2d
2d I was always called a slacker... I was always called a slacker. By Slackmassah It’s an odd thing, to be me. I was always one to break my own back working as hard as I can, content to be a farmer. I was always willing to take the burden of extra work, slave away, and be the good son. Somehow, though, I was always called a slacker, or worse, “Slackmassah” by my father. I was called this so much, and so often, that I don’t even remember my given name from my birth. Isn’t that sad? How could I, who wrestled with errant pigs, raging wolves (go figure), and went ballistic rounding up cattle, be called a slacker? I guess that’s why I walked away from the farm, and entered the priesthood. My father was certainly not pleased with this, mind you. He was a hard, callous individual. Always seeing fault and weakness no matter the effort put in. He drove my mother to drink, and wouldn’t let her ride the horses, so he literally was the enabler. Constantly pushing the whole household to work harder, to the point of exhaustion and tears. So, when I entered the priesthood, he made rude comments about how I was slacking even more, and that I was worthless, and entering a “sweet and lazy” lifestyle. How little did he know, and how greatly was he wrong? My first year of the priesthood was spent in quiet servitude, and I took a vow of silence as I did not wish to raise my voice anymore, lest anger be spewed. I quietly maintained the chapel near my home, and even spent time making pilgrimages to Stormwind Cathedral. I was finally at peace. My mentor, Father Dancrius, took great pride in how quickly I learned the ways of the order, the priesthood, and my kindness towards others, and I must admit the kindness was forced. I was an angry, bitter young man. My father, in his abuse, drove nearly all the kindness from me. I struggled hard to regain it, and Father Dancrius was proud. He one day sang my praises to the upper clergy, and was deemed prideful. He was just being kind, and I am morose over his punishment. We were both sent to Darkshire, and that is where my kindness bled from his body. We were en route to Darkshire, and I was awash in the hatred of the upper clergy. This was a fool’s errand, and a pitiable excuse for an assignment. We were to minister to the citizens of Darkshire until recalled by the church, and we knew that would not happen. We took to a single room at the inn, and even shared a bed to reduce costs, sleeping in shifts of four hours each. Darkshire was not a kind place, and we knew to be on our guard. Then, one night, we both fell asleep. I in my chair, and he on the bed, without a worry or the knowledge Father Dancrius would soon be dead. There was an abomination of indescribable hatred rampaging through the town, and Father Dancrius was roused by the noise and went to help heal the injured. I, foolishly and regrettably, was not roused by neither noise nor my good friend, and slept blissfully in my chair. Father Dancrius, in healing the wounded, was set upon by the abomination, and fought valiantly to preserve the lives of those trying to defend him. It would be his last act. The abomination tore at his flesh, sensing the holiness within him, and using it to fuel his undead hatred. This final act of Father Dancrius was, unfortunately, right outside the inn. I was roused by his screaming, as he bled out from a wound to his midsection, and ran out of the inn in haste, hatred, and sorrow, as I recognized his voice in his pleas. On seeing his broken, dying form, I lost my composer, and forgot my vows. Standing, screaming to the heavens that revenge MUST be mine, I forsook the light. I clawed and scrabbled to the cold embrace of the shadow, and summoned all my rage, sorrow, and grief, and struck the abomination down with some of the self-same forces that spawned it. I cursed at it, and drew what unlife it had from its body and destroyed it. Unfortunately, it was too little and far too late. Father Dancrius, in his last breaths, called to me. He said, “My son. I understand my path in life, and knew this day would come, as many who are holy die in the battles against the darkness. You embraced part of that darkness, tonight, and in doing so, have shown me that not all that crawls in the night is damned. I forgive your breakage of your vow of silence, and urge you to use your voice! Call out to the heavens and the hells. Call for the strength of the heavens, and warn the hells of your coming! You are a great force for good in this world, and use your new found power to further that, but do not let your hatred consume…” With that, Father Dancrius took his last breath, and I knew my destiny. The shadow called, I answered, and it gained a new ally that would turn its power on the damned… and I wept. Maybe redemption is at hand for my name, as well? finSlackmassah0 2d
3d Birth of a Writing Guild (H & A) Greetings, I have been thinking for some time over a concept of a guild, and I was wanting some feedback from the role-playing community, to see how it might be able to be created, and implemented. I used to love writing my own fiction, and while I am a lot busier these days, I want to return to it. I am currently loving the new expansion, and the lore still romances me each and every time I read quest scripts, listen to the voiced mission commentaries and watch movie cinematics for the first time. You can see my iLevel and progress - I am doing the best I can for the amount of time that I have to engage with the different content. I am happy. But I really want to lose myself in the lore and storylines a little bit more. I want to create a guild that has a strong online writing community linked to the heart of its progression - an influence in both the Alliance and the Horde. The member of both arms, writing together on a community. Of course, there will be a strong in-game RP presence, but main plotlines for the guild(s) are nurtured on the forum. Has anyone heard of this concept of an RP guild before? I am looking for my own pantheon of elders to help me first discuss this concept, and then help me grow it into a breathing entity. I am willing to pay for a site to be hosted etc. I just need input, to see if there is a viable way to make my vision take life. Thank you. V.Verolina34 3d
3d [A] The Order of the Blue Wolf is recruiting! Greetings Roleplayers/PvPers/Raiders! The Order of the Blue Wolf is recruiting on Alliance side for all members to join, for all walks of life. At this current moment we're rather small, having only been made yesterday, however there's going to be a lot and me and my other officer (Co-Gm is away with IRL issues) are going to do to make sure this guild gets up and running and becomes a respectable part of the WrA RP Community! While our main feature in the guild is Roleplay, which events will start up soon enough, we will hopefully be branching out into other things, such as PVP/PVE. I myself consider myself to be a rather casual of both- and would like to spread this. While as I said before our main and primary objective will be Roleplay, should we have numerous individuals interested in either, we would be willing to start up a raid team/pvp team/RBG team whatever it may be. In addition, I myself do a weekly (though sometimes I miss it) full clear of EN, in which I create a group through the group finder and help out people with either Essences, or if people are undergeared (I try to keep the minimum at about 1-2 undergeared people) I will help them out :). I also do 2s/3s wins, in which I'm a rather decent WW/MW monk, and other things. In joining the guild, you'll be able to be one of the first members of such, and of course will have my respect if you stay and help us get off the ground and into the air. The Guilds Story: For those who may be wondering, is that the guild was founded by this character that I'm posting on (Qelric Wolfsong ICly/In-game) to help defend Azeroth under the Alliance Banner, and Alliance Banner alone, without a restriction of class. Whatever threat it may be, Horde, Legion or Void- they will stand up and fight it for the sake of Azeroth- and the Alliance. Current members of the guild are: Qelric Wolfsong: Guild Master/Keeper Lunara Wolfsong: Co-GM/Keeper (Currently not in the guild due to IRL issues) Sarah Beristene: Officer/Champion Tenathria (Forgot last name will edit as needed): Member/Medic The current OOC character names are: Qelric Lunaara Beristene Tenathria Should you be interested in joining, send me an in-game message, in-game mail, or even simply enough: Shamunwulf#1563 is my battle-tag for all contacting needs. Join the Pack, Fight for the Order, and destroy the enemies of the Alliance! -Qelric WrA forum postQelric0 3d
3d Finding people to roleplay? Hello! I've been reading over stickies, guides, videos, general posts for a bit now trying to find a way to approach people/find others to roleplay with. This has been an issue of mine regardless of if it was on WoW or in other games. I love putting effort into my character's history, temperament and background but when it comes to actually using any of it, I fall incredibly short. I didn't know if there were any suggestions or areas in the game (Besides goldshire,lol) that would make this process a bit easier? I think I also have an issue of it being very intimidated approaching others to initiate RP. Any suggestions or resources would be awesome. I'm just at a loss as far as how to get this roleplay thing going. I see so many people around Stormwind roleplaying with each other but I'm not sure how I would ever fit in. :|Fixsy7 3d
3d Genn Greymane: Brink of Dusk Bradensbrook became strategically critical to the alliance when the legion started to assault the Temple of Elune in full force, but Bradensbrook had been accepting aid from the horde and refused to join the alliance. Tyrande, thinking herself Sovreign over Valsharah decided to sieze Bradensbrook with an great force of worgen soldiers, and then fortify the area in the name of the moon goddess. Genn has a druidic vision in his sleep... as if in a dream he saw corpses of his worgen countrymen hanging from warden towers all over the broken isles. Tyrande had taken Bradensbrook to secure the temple of Elune, but had sacrificed a large portion of his forces to do so. The rest of the alliance was no where in sight. "this isn't real!!" shouted Genn ****** Tyrande sits high on her big war cat mount, on a ridge overlooking Bradensbrook. The worgen forces are assembled behind her. Some worgen scouts returned to her position needing healing after being blasted by grannys shotgun. "You, citizens of Gilneas, You know these people, their history, when you needed them they fled your kingdom." . "They live in dishonor. How do you think they will fight? With honor? No, they will die the deaths of cowards and be remembered as such. But your glory today will live in word and song. Do not stop until the banners of the alliance stand high in the town! Attack!" And then Genn showed up. "I was once like you, Tyrande. Those who served me were arrows in my quiver" This really confused Tyrande as she has never seen genn use a bow "what the hell are you talking about man?" "nevermind" snapped genn. "The alliance will have Bradensbrook Tyrande... but if you are going to use my people, you will do it my way"Trejong3 3d
3d How crazy am I allowed to get with alchemy? I'm considering rolling a witch-like character and I'm wondering what my limitations for my character's aspirations are. What are some examples of the most bizarre and ludicrous concoctions that exist in the lore?Aukuso14 3d
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3d Ramblings of a Veteran Roleplayer Now before I begin this let me start off by saying that in no way do I believe I am the perfect or best role player imaginable. I have role played on war craft as well as other role play websites for the last 15 years. But here as of late I've noticed a few things on my server, Emerald Dream, that has made me sigh in aggravation that I am sure is going on with the other RP servers. So here I am building a quick, guide to better your role play. 1st. Let me start this with the one tip I give anyone who comes to me for help with their role play. Remember, this is just a game. What happens in this game has no standing on your personal life, or shouldn't. Ego and pride are the two things that will keep you from becoming a great role player....the best writer is dwindled to a half bit rper because of ego and pride. 2nd. Anyone who has been in a guild or role played with me has heard me say this many times. Learn to roll with the punches. If something happens with, around or to your character adapt to it and turn it into a part of your story. The whole point of RPing is to come together with stories and see how they intermingle...and not being open to being changed by other characters is a poison that will eventually kill the rp community...I have seen prominent rp sites die because of this very issue. If you want to have 100% control over everything that happens to your character, go off and write a book by yourself...stay off rp communities. Which this brings me to my next point... 3rd, DO NOT accept character death...if you are not ready to keep it permanent. This has been something I have seen SO much and is horrible. Nothing kills stories more then someone who dies and is resurrected a hundred times. Not to mention, if you accept death by player then turn around and "bring them back" the next day...not only do you hurt your own image in your hub but you hurt the image of whatever guild your associated with badly. This goes back to your Ego and Pride being the bane of your rp. We are here to tell stories, and who wants to read a story when there is no risk of anyone actually dying. 4th, I'll end it with this one for now. If you see yourself whining and crying about story lines....stop. Someone got the better of you in a story line? Learn from it and don't fall for it again. Someone double crossed you and was spying on you? That is the risk of a world like world of warcraft. You THINK someone did something like meta gaming but really have no proof just what you think happened....let it go and roll on with your story. Trust me, I hate meta gaming more then anything and anyone who does it loses a lot of respect from me. BUT, unless you can prove it...get over it and move on. There is nothing worse then seeing people halt any story they are creating to whine for weeks over something they can't prove. And as a person who likes to sit in stealth and just watch stories unfold for his own entertainment, this really kills it for anyone paying attention to your story. I personally have stopped following story lines because of this. Ultimately this goes back to, learn to roll with the punches. Again I'll end this by saying by no means do I think I am a perfect or even great role player. But I am experienced and I have seen the rise and fall of many communities and individuals in the role play world. Ultimately my aim for this is to help better and strengthen the community we have here, because the stronger it is the more enjoyment I and my friends I play with get out of it. And if anyone has anything to add, please do. And if anyone is new to role play OR just wants someone to talk about ideas with...I am on Emerald Dream as Carrion (who the toon is being rpd as two separate characters....Xander Carrion and Killian Morningstar) so feel free to contact me anytime.Carriøn4 3d
4d From The Ashes Civilization(IC) 175 years ago our world was plunged into chaos by the burning legion. They brought with them a fury and destruction unlike any other Azeroth had faced in recent times. Our world was wracked with pain and loss as countless died. However, we managed to survive, though our world was forever shattered and broken. Many years have passed and you or your ancestors were those that persevered. The world as we had known it may be long gone a blip on the history of Azeroth, but its peoples still stand strong. Now. once more civilizations are cropping up and lending themselves to the cause. That cause? To build a new world and with it usher in an era of peace or destruction. The choices are yours. This world is what you make of it and with that you will reap what you sow. (Felt wrong to not post, well anything. Have at it y'all. Sign-ups and OOC thread are here :ärker59 4d
4d Help witchdoctor Trying to make a witchdoctor...cant decide on priest or shammy troll btw plz helpSaemael2 4d
5d Fashion Battle™: Winterveil Theme [Fashion Battles™] by Stealthstar-Silverhand is hosting a Winterveil themed transmog battle. Everyone is welcome to this event! Where: Court of the Sun, Silvermoon City When:December 17, 2016 @ (8(PM(PT), 9PM(MT),10PM(CT) , 11PM(ET)) Realm Host: Farstiders//Silverhand//Thoriumbrotherhood Theme(1): Winterveil (Greens, Golds, Reds..etc) Theme(2): Ugly Sweater Transmog! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viewers: Every level, class and race is welcome to attend and watch the show. You too can dress up and show off some fashionable attire without being judged for the show. This is a free realm wide event, BUT you must be on the hosting realms to receive a "goodie bag" which is handed out at every show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Models: Every level, class and race s welcome to model for our show. Be ready to be critiqued and ranked among your Tmog peers. More information will be added as the date comes closer! If you have any questions or are interested in modeling please add Lailah#1872 . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Any Guild is welcome to donate to our events. Donations vary from Mounts to Gold, anything helps and in return your Guild will be able to have a 255 Character Guild advertisement during the intermission of the show as well as special seating for the Guild! If you are interested in donating please add Lailah#1872 ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job Opportunities: [Fashion Battles™] is looking for permanent Judges(3) for our shows! This is a paying job for one night. Judges must be open minded and unbiased, we are looking for people with a good attitude, and a basic knowledge of WoW Lore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to crew members of Fashion Crafters, Stealthstar, and the many supporters, volunteers and sponsors for making these events possible!Namine5 5d
5d Evil Shamans? I'm thinking about this possibility, but I've seen Shaman being stereotyped often on the good spectrum of alignments for both horde and alliance. Of course, I don't mean the Twilight Shamans or Dark Shamans who bend the elements forcefully to their will, as this seems to be another kind of subject. But I mean... I've seen elementals being pretty malicious, or with ill behaviors. It's possible for an evil or chaotic character serve/pact with same-minded elemental spirits to be granted powers?Shion6 5d
5d From the Ashes, Civilization RP Sign-ups(OOC) From The Ashes is a bit of a spiritual successor to the last Civilization Roleplay some of us were doing on the forums(Wasteland). However, these sign ups are open for everyone. We need you, World's End Tavern, to join us on this endeavor once more. Don't worry if you've never been a part of a Civilization scenario before, it's pretty easy to get the hang of and incredibly fun. You just may need to digest a bit of information before we delve deep into Azeroth. Firstly, the scenario. What exactly are we going to be doing? Well, it's been 175 years since the Legion Invaded Azeroth. So horrid was this course of action and its following that it left Azeroth crippled. Factions dissolved and as such there is nothing really left of the prior world but memories and relics of ages past. What sort of civilizations may have risen out of the rubble in that time-frame? It's up to you to create your own and find out. And Although I'll give an explanation below, you could also check out Meep's, it's quite detailed and will give you all the information you need to know as we will be following a similar format manner. In fact if you read that, aside from the scenario you should be quite ready to create your own based on the template I'll provide, likely in another post. (And if you were in the last thread, you can just skip all this. You pretty much know the rules already.), There's the link to the last threads OOC. Also might be a good idea to check that out, see what people thought up last time, might give you some inspiration!Pärker102 5d
5d [RP Resource] Directory ... ... ... ... ...Cannibal3 5d
5d Need some roleplay help! Hello all! I would love to roleplay my Tauren Druid <3. Only issue is... I know nothing really about the taurens and their connections to Druidism. My Tauren is 27 years old, All I got now lol. He is a balanced, I'm not sure what the boomkin is all about either. Just that it's a chicken lol. Do any of you want to help me out on creating a story? I'm gonna do some research tonight on both subjects and try to tie a story together! Maybe one of you guys could proof read it :). Thanks!Abragru1 5d
6d Quick check about holy priest spells Already asked in LFG but figured I'd see what anyone else has to say about it. If Sel were to be killed somehow would Spirit of Redemption kick in or no? Not that I'm planning on having her killed off anytime soon but it'd be nice to have figured out. Already know it wouldn't revive or heal her in any way already if it does.Selintha2 6d
Dec 4 Quick question Is there a difference in meaning when someone includes the word "would" at the start of their emote? For example, "X walks out of the tavern" and "X would walk out of the tavern"Selisto6 Dec 4
Dec 3 True powers of a demon hunter So... i was wondering about the real power of a DH, like Illidan, He was able to cast the same spell guldan used to kill varian and other things what do you guys think about what we can really do?Kroldan4 Dec 3
Dec 3 The Biggest RP Resource Ever Pretty egotistical title, huh? In all seriousness, this has been an enormous and surprisingly challenging project for me. Essentially, I am compiling together five main lists of resources for RPers to use, each published ICly with articles written by my RP characters. It was a little touch I wanted to include to allow those in-game to have a means of access to this knowledge. They will include: Miner's Prize: Rare minerals, gems and crystals. Written by Cannibal the Corebreaker. Plants of the Planets: All herbs, fungi and species of plant. Written by Arcanist Zevozz. Hunter's Guide to the Wilderness: All the uses of various animal parts. Written by Survivalist Iloe. Gills for Gold: Every species of fish and where to catch them. Written by Captain Grebble. Hidden Treasures: Every canonical location that isn't represented in-game. Written by Lorekeeper Tainu. I'm actually very, very excited to reveal these things. I'll have two lists each for three of them, the Minerals, Herbs and Fish. One list will be by their use, another alphabetically organized and then detailed maps showing their locations. The Animal Parts one will just be one list; the species, the body part and what it's used for. Similarly, the Canonical Lands list be the just the zone names and the canonical areas in these zones with all the lore I could find on the subject. In these guides, I plan to put some speculation into the gray areas. I will clearly mark and designate these gray areas and they'll just be considered my characters rambling or guessing. It's just to add some flavor to it all. I'm still pretty far from done, unfortunately. I have all the data I need, thankfully, after reading just about every quest description in the game. I'm in the process of organizing the information and mapping it all out, and will soon get to the actual journals. When the time comes, I will probably flood the forums with posts and just leave one large master post with links that, if you guys enjoyed the work or would like to keep for others to see, I would love to get some bumping and upvoting. -- What do you guys think? Any critiques? Ideas? Thoughts?Cannibal8 Dec 3
Dec 3 Inscription in RP? Hey everyone, I was just wondering how the inscription profession fits into roleplay. Is it something rigid that is always seen as a magical type of thing, or is it seen as a fluid profession that sort of changes depending on the race/class of the scribe? I have an orc shaman and a forsaken warlock and I'm debating which will get herb/alch and which will get herb/inscription. Obviously forsaken herb/alch is pretty cool lore wise, but I've been trying to figure out if inscription would fit an orc shaman from an RP standpoint. My thoughts of a shaman scribe would be writing down messages and words of power obtained by communing with ancestors and visions of far sight and that sort of thing, but I'm not sure if that's what inscription really is intended to be. I suppose I'm just sort of foggy on the lore behind the profession in general, because it seems a pandaren monk scribe and a forsaken warlock scribe would be very different. Any advice or thoughts would be great!Draeveth5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Kaldorei and "An'she"/Sun Since An'she is in reference to the Tauren mythology, do the Kaldorei have an equivalent word when referring to the sun? Would it be possible for a balance-minded Kaldorei Druid to take notice and want to take reverence in the sun since so many of his brethren already adore Elune?Pachyderm4 Dec 3
Dec 2 IC questing journal? I've done this for a few different games, Oblivion and Skyrim come to mind. I kept a little journal next to me and wrote down my IC experience in between quests, when I got to towns and was able to sit down at a tavern/inn or while I was out in the wild and needed to camp out for a bit. Both times, I quit the journal if my character died. But I'm wondering, since the lore in WoW is so wide, would an IC journal be interesting at all? Would I learn anything if I read the quests and kept notes? Would anyone be interested in reading such journal? I'm a heroic raider that logs on generally in the evenings after work to work on rep, with Friday and Saturday nights being raid night. I think a change of pace would be a great thing. I could probably get some decent questing RP out of it as well. Has anyone else done this?Celosy4 Dec 2
Dec 2 LF trolls beating drums in world i remember trolls beating on some drums somewhere but cant remember the zone. I need to find them to make this rp video! thanks for any help!Maverïck9 Dec 2
Dec 1 RP Mage: Human or Nelf ? Most powerful race for mage (ally) from azeroth? i don't want play with Draenei (Eredar descendant / powerful sorcerer). You know storyline ? (spoilers bellow) Black troll + well of eternity = Nelf (first lineage) with affinity for arcane magic. [Begin Ancient war] .... you know this history.... [End Ancient war] Nelf (want druidism) VS "High elf" (want enjoy magic) [High elf banished] [High elf migrates for eastern kingdoms and found Quel'talas] High elf = quel'dorei? i think so.... idk [Arthas kill many quel'doreis and destroy quel'talas] 90% Quel'dorei survivors want join with Horde (want revenge) = Sin'dorei = Blood Elf 10% Quel'dorei want stay with ally = High Elf But, this is High elfs is "hated" for Sin'dorei/Belf and Nelf. So, is good race for mage? have affinity and vast knowledge of the arcane but is so lonely. Ps: this High elf faction is The Silver Covenant i think. So, for mage, better human or nelf ? (for rp, High elf have same appearance)Aethyus9 Dec 1